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Just not meditation, but learn how to create goals & quicken the manifestation process too!!

A unique & powerful combination of Mindfulness, Meditation & Manifesting is here from ZivaOnline.


Ziva Online Meditation


Do you want to change your life? Do you want to become fearless, free, feel amazing all the time? Do you want to meet all your desires? Then you are in the right place.

Ziva online meditation, a real gem which many of you are not aware of. An amazingly unique program that you must know about and this is the purpose of this article. I will tell you why you must enroll in this one!

So why you should do this course from Ziva Online meditation?

Let me tell you…

This course is a powerful combination of 3 Ms, it’s a trifecta of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting. In the words of Emily (She is the founder of Ziva), Mindfulness is the appetizer, Meditation is the main course and the manifesting is the desert.

What is the most important thing to notice is the manifestation part. Who offers manifestation with meditation? I doubt you have a single course where anyone teaches you manifestation.

Generally, a traditional meditation course will never talk about manifestation, in fact when Emily launched this course in 2008, it was about mindfulness and mediation.

But, after years of experience and feedback from her students, she realized only mediation will not help her students to perform at the peak of their professional life and achieve their life goals.

There must be something where she trains them and teaches them the right technique which enables them to manifest their desires quickly, and that is when she added the manifesting part, which makes it a deadly combination.

I will tell you why it’s a deadly combination in detail!

Every aspect of her course or the 3 steps have their individual impacts and she has quite carefully designed it, it’s a step by step procedure.

Manifesting is at the end…

The first thing you learn is mindfulness, that is when you develop your focus and learn how not to get distracted at all whatever reason it may be…

Then you learn deep mediation, where you take your mind to the next level, where you have removed anxiety, depression, fear, insecurities, the mind right now is in an extremely healing zone, there are tremendous clarity and vision…

This is the ideal mind for manifesting anything into your life, any goals can be easily achieved, almost effortlessly….

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This is what makes this course so powerful, you expected to learn only mediation, but what you get here is a bonus in form of manifestation.

Emily has years of experience and knowledge to hand-hold you and take you through the entire process…

In brief,

Here is the break up….

Mindfulness (From Day1 to 3):
  • She teaches what is Ziva Technique
  • She teaches you about correct posture
  • She tells you how to find the right place of meditation
  • You learn the effective “unstressing” process
  • You learn what is mindfulness
  • 4th state of consciousness
  • Difference between mindfulness and mediation
  • Roles of your left and right brain

In this first step, you groom yourself to go to the next one, which is deep meditation. Without learning the first step properly, the 2nd one will be meaningless.

Meditation (From day 4 to 12):

The main course where you learn deep healing meditation techniques…

Below are the few things that you can expect….

  • Learn how to use Mantra
  • How to handle thoughts
  • Guided meditation
  • 5 most common things that happen during meditation
  • Learn personal integrity & commit yourself for daily practice
  • Concept of creation, maintenance & destruction
  • Becoming self-sufficient

In brief, you are going to learn deep healing meditation, which will help you to sleep deep, recharge your brain quickly like how you charge your phone, detox your body, remove stress from the cellular level, fill yourself with an endless amount of energy and optimism.


Now that you have prepared your mind, it’s the most effective time to do the manifesting…

Below are some of the items, which you can expect in this segment.

  • Getting clear on what you want so that nature can deliver them
  • How to use the power of imagination effectively
  • 3 important steps to manifestation
  • Learn the art of detachment
  • Why meditation is a must for manifesting
  • Learn to celebrate success

Apart from all these, you get the cherry on the cake too…

  • The Neuroscience of Stress audio: Emily talks about how stress affects the brain and body and how meditation gets rid of them.
  • ZivaSLEEPS audio guided visualization: Fall asleep quick and go deeper for more restful sleep.
  • ZivaRELEASE audio guided visualization: Learn how to remove stress
  • ZivaPERFORMANCE audio-guided: Learn how to perform at the top of your game.
  • ZivaTRAVELS audio guided visualization: Learn how to reduce jetlag and just start quick.
  • Pep Talk in Your Pocket audio: Listen to this audio whenever you need inspiration. This quick (but powerful) pep talk is just the amazing booster you would need at times to get you going with full confidence.

In brief, this is what you get, this is way more than anyone will offer you. This is evident from the amazing feedback that she has got from her students.

And the people whose comment I see on the site, are authentic people, they do exist, you can search their names online, they are there. You can check all the fantastic feedback on her site here.

Now, let’s talk about the science of mediation and manifestation. Below are the points I will talk about….

  • What is mindfulness and how it helps?
  • What is meditation and how it helps?
  • What is manifesting and how the other 2 methods prepare you?

I will give you all the scientific details…

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being immersed in the present moment or being completely involved with each moment, without getting distracted or being judgmental about anything.

It’s a moment when you are completely at the present moment, you are fully aware of what’s happening around you, but those events do not force any thought upon you.

What does mindfulness do?

There are many benefits of being mindful. The major thing that it does is sharpens your focus. It powers your focus, the more mindful you are, the stronger your focus becomes.

And that singlehandedly can change your life, the focus is the most powerful ingredient of a successful life, you might not have talent, you might not have the necessary finances to start a 6 figure business, you may not have the necessary support system in your life, but if you just invest in strengthening your focus, there will be a magical change in your life…

Sadly no one in the business world, the world of sport or art, talks about focus. This is largely ignored, we do not realize what we do not see, it’s a human problem. We love quantifying things, measuring things, how would you measure focus?

That’s is why it has been ignored always.  But many successful people will tell you that the secret recipe has been the focus.

There are different levels of focus, a deep level of absorption is when you are fully taken by the task at hand, that’s an amazing state to be in, and very few people would have experienced in their life.

If you can do that constantly, you will achieve anything effortlessly.

So, mindfulness strengthens your focus. Apart from that, mindfulness does the following for you…
  • Reduce stress significantly
  • Reduce anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder
  • Reduce insecurity
  • Induces relaxation and joy
  • Awesome self-belief and confidence
  • Heals your mind and brain significantly
  • Better control over emotions and ego
  • Become less self-critical and critical of others
  • Become more restful and confident
  • Feel motivated and inspired
  • Reduce headache, migraines and all other stress-related complications

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What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

You will understand this difference more clearly when you become a practitioner of both, but in simple if I can explain, then mindfulness is the awareness of something, while meditation is awareness of “nothing”.

Did you understand??

Okay, let me elaborate on this one a little.

Mindfulness is the beginning or the first step that you take before you mediate. In mindfulness, you always focus on something, there are many ways you can perform this, while sipping a hot cup of coffee, while having your favorite deserts, or seating and focusing on your breath, are few examples.

In this you train your mind to be in one place, like now while writing this article, my focus is completely here, it means I am mindful about my writing, there is nothing in my mind right now.

I am fully present at his moment though I am aware of the rain outside, and the cold nice breeze blowing slowly through the window, gently touching my face…

I am aware, I can feel the beauty, but my focus is entirely on my writing. That’s mindfulness.

In meditation or rather in deep meditation, you do not focus on anything at all. At this stage you are focused but not on any external object or thing, you are just with yourself.

This is when you have started looking inward, you have started withdrawing from the external world. This experience is fascinating only, and this can only be experienced, no one in the world can explain this amazing feeling…

So the best thing to do is to join Ziva online from here and experience this by yourself, also due to the coronavirus pandemic Emily is giving you a sweet discount, check it here, you might not have the discount for long.

How meditation helps you?


Meditation has incredible benefits, the value that it brings is for your life is priceless. You can never evaluate these incredible benefits with money, so the price you pay for this amazing course here are like peanuts.

Meditation is a powerful practice, it has a life-changing impact. There are physical benefits along with tremendous spiritual benefits…

Let’s talk about the benefits of meditation now…

Add all the benefits of mindfulness, and then multiply the benefits…

And there are numerous other benefits and an endless amount of researches to show you the benefits of mediation. But I am sure these points have given you enough understanding of the benefits of meditation.

How meditation help you manifesting?

Along with all the other benefits that I spoke off, this is another major benefit that you are going to receive.

I have already spoken about the significant increase in FOCUS, which is the main ingredient behind manifesting. Apart from the focus, there are other factors that quicken this process of manifestation.

Let me tell you how it works?

The biggest obstacle we face whenever we try to manifest anything that we desire is our subconscious belief system.

This belief system is dangerous and also helpful at the same time. Let me tell you in brief what this belief system is and how do we acquire this one. I suggest you read this article here on the power of mind.

This belief system is like the operating system of our computer, which is the master program, under which all other software and programs function. You may not be able to install a specific software if the operating system does not allow it.

Our belief system also functions the similar way, it dictates what we can do and what we can’t.

But where do we get it from?

It happened to us while we grew up. The image will tell you what happens with a child, the child does not have the conscious layer of the mind, he is just growing up, at this stage, he is open to instructions and information.

He is curious and hungry. Whatever he hears, observes, reads, smells, tastes are information. They go directly into his subconscious, as he has not yet built the logical mind.

There is no filter, so everything goes directly in and leaves an impression. That is the belief system, it’s part of the subconscious side of the mind, or you can call it the unconscious mind.

This is where all the conditions, all the judgements are hidden, anytime you decide something in your life, there will be feedback from the belief system.

If in your childhood, your parents told you that you don’t have the talent to become wealthy, that will become part of your belief system. Mostly, most of the negative things are not directly told to the child, its seen and heard, mainly picked up from various sources. This just happens.

These are the limiting beliefs that you need to break, remove these conditions and filters from your mind and explore life with unlimited possibilities.

Meditation helps you to remove the conscious layer of our mind, it’s a no-mind state, meaning there is no conscious thought at all. This is when you can plant a new seed of thought to your subconscious, your mental ground is fascinatingly fertile now.

Mediation enables direct access to the subconscious, no hindrance at all. But you need to make sure you learn from someone who really knows it well. It will never work otherwise.

So, embrace this power and change your life.

Why Emily is a great teacher?

The most important reason is connected to her life. She was an insomniac, a stressed-out performer at the Broadway, she was going gray at 27, she was an under-achiever at work, basically, she was living a sick life.

In fact, this is the same with most of us.

But, eventually one day, by happenstance she was introduced to a powerful meditative practice, it was in 2007. That night she had the most beautiful sleep in a long time. This incident left her astonished.

And that is when she seriously considered learning meditation, in 2008 she landed in India, Rishikesh and took intense training for 3 years. Once she finished her certification, she came back to the US and launched her first online program.

First started with purely Mindfulness and meditation and later manifestation was introduced to help her students in achieving their desires.

How this course will change your life?

This course is powerful and will benefit you in a major way. You are not only learning meditation, but you are also learning manifestation.

Both are 2 powerful aspects of this course. You can read about all the incredible feedback from her students, and they do exist, you can find them in just one simple search online.

You can also find her speaking in many events, like TEDX and in many other platforms, just search them in YouTube.

So, my simple suggestion to you is, do not waste this opportunity. You have a tool to change your life, use it. Sign up from here.

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