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Just not meditation, but learn how to create goals & quicken the manifestation process too!!

A unique & powerful combination of Mindfulness, Meditation & Manifesting is here from ZivaOnline. Remove toxins from your body, sharpen your mind & achieve all your goals.


Ziva Meditation Online!! Learn meditation online!

A unique & powerful combination of Mindfulness, Meditation & Manifesting is here from Ziva Online. Remove toxins from your body, sharpen your mind & achieve all your goals.

What is Ziva online?

Ziva online is an online meditation course established by Emily Fletcher, easily one of the most well-known teachers in meditations space. (Read more here!)

One of the great reasons, why Emily has been an extremely effective teacher, is mainly connected to her own life story.

She learned meditation because she was suffering incredibly. Before being the founder of Ziva online meditation, Emily Fletcher was a performer for Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers & A Chorus Line.

But she wasn’t happy, she used to be anxious all the time, a chronic insomniac, she started growing gray at the age of 27, started falling sick quite frequently. And she really didn’t know if there is a way to get out of these.

Life went on like this for long, but, in 2008, she somehow signed up for a meditation class, and the very first day itself was extremely surprising for her. She felt deeply relaxed, and that night she had one of the most beautiful sleep after a long time.

She continued with her practice, and that effect was surprisingly shocking!! She stopped falling sick, suddenly started loving her work, and started performing at a maximum of her abilities.

By then, she decided that she will become a teacher. She went to India, Rishikesh to become a trained teacher. In 2011, she came back and founded the Ziva online meditation.

Why should you meditate?


Meditation has surprising benefits, which are numerous, and all these have been proven by science.


Let’s talk about them in detail…

Gets rid of depression and anxiety

Meditation boosts the level of happy neurotransmitters which lifts your mood. Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that carry information via billions of neurons. When the level of happy chemicals in our brain goes down, we feel depressed.

Taking antidepressants is not a long term solution at all. it has its side effects and also the impact is just temporary. It does not solve the problem at its root.

But, thankfully we have a solution that can fix the depression issues from its root, and that is meditation. This works for everyone without any side effects.

Sharper focus

Meditation sharpens your focus by multiple times, this fact is proven many times by science. here is an interesting study which talks about how meditation increases your focus and keeps your brain healthy.

In this research, participants underwent various types of meditation training, like focusing on objects, practicing mindful breathing and generating positive feelings of joy and kindness. The immediate findings showed that the participants had an increased level of focus and attention, in every task they performed.

Get rid of migraines

There is enough evidence to suggest that meditation can probably the only cure for migraines. Medicines again have negative effects. Instead practice meditation, as this can actually inhibit the part of the nervous system responsible for stress.

Gets rid of Insomnia

Research on a group of middle-aged people who had trouble falling asleep proved, how meditation can improve sleep quality and cure insomnia.

Increases productivity

Meditation has tremendous healing impacts on your brain. One great thing it does is that it keeps your mind in one place. This helps to lower your brain frequency which means healing, restoration, and deep learning.

Your ability to focus at this moment is much higher, which means you do less to get the most done. There is enough evidence to prove this fact!!

Meditation heals your brain & strengthens your immunity

Meditation has mind-blowing positive impacts on your brain. Please read this to understand what I am saying.

Meditation can shrink the area of the brain which is responsible for fear and stress and increases the volume in the area where it is responsible for learning, memory, and cognition.

A healthy brain translates to great immunity as well. You can read more here on how meditation improves your immunity.

And there are many other incredible benefits…

It just teaches you to be at ease all the time, no matter what situation you are in life, it just immunes you from all the negativity of life. This is very difficult to explain, but it is a certain type of ease, mixed with unbelievable confidence and positivity that you have never felt in your life.

Benefits of learning meditation online?

Learn from the comfort of your home, choose your place and time. No need to travel to another place.

Why Ziva online the best online meditation course?

There are 2 crucial reasons why this course is probably the best online meditation course online.

First reason – I honestly didn’t find many online courses, which I can consider to be good. Meditations are traditionally taught in a classroom, not everyone is comfortable enough to teach online.

Also, online courses need to be well thought and well-curated.

Ziva Meditation Online has done a great job in that regard. You can sense that from the amazing feedback her client has shared.

Second Reason – The Ziva meditation offerings are a little different from others. And this is where it gets extremely unique.

After teaching 100s of people over the years, Emily realized only meditation alone was not enough for her clients to perform at the top of their profession. So, in 2017, she developed a new powerful technique which has 3 important features.

And they are Mediation, mindfulness, and Manifestation. You learn how to remove all negative thoughts, increase the level of focus and manifest what you want.

This is not only about meditation but meeting your desire as well.

What are the clients of Ziva meditation saying?

Ziva meditation online graduates come from diverse social backgrounds. The list includes Grammy, Emmy award winners, NBA players, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, parents, students, etc.

You can find some amazing comments from her students here on her site.

The amazing offers that you get from Ziva online:

  • Mindfulness from Day 1 to 3
  • Meditation from Day 4 to 12
  • Manifesting from Day 13 to 15
  • And then Bonus downloadable
  • And then you get access to live monthly coaching calls with Emily
  • Connect with other Ziva meditators
  • Other important content sent to you for 6 months after you finish your 15 days course

Read more in detail here from Emily


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