Master Your Mind (Intermediate)

Intermediate Meditation Course

This course comes from Giovanni Dienstmann, the founder of Live and Dare, one of the top 5 most popular meditation blogs out there today. He is also an author who has been featured on popular publications such as Daily Yoga, Elephant Journal,, etc. His work is to help people move from anxiousstressed and scattered to calmcentered, and focused

He is a Registered teacher through the Meditation Association of Australia, as well as a sought-after consultant to award-winning meditation apps. Giovanni’s clients range from stay at home parents to entrepreneurs, C-level executives and pro athletes. His acclaimed program Limitless Life has helped thousands of people master their mind, find contentment and clarity, and become unstoppable.


Benefits you get are below:

  • This course is a sequel to Master Your Mind Beginners Course
  • The beginner’s course is not mandatory from taking this course. However, if you have no experience with meditation, I recommend you take the beginner’s course first.
  • This is a 40-day online course which will take you on a journey of learning 10 different types of meditation techniques
  • Choose the ideal technique for you
  • Better integrate meditation in daily life through practices of breathing, acceptance, focus, witnessing, etc.
  • Develop 10 key personal strengths (virtues) related to meditation

So, are you ready to experience life to it’s fullest possibilities? Are you ready to live truly & effortlessly and manifest your desires and goals??

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