Power of self-talk story

The secret power of self talk

A True Story: How Incredible is the power of self-talk?

This is an excerpt from the recent book I wrote named “The Secret Power of Self -talk“, based on the true stories of my life. This book is about hope, courage, and transformation of life after a long terrible phase of suffering. Through this book, I will show you how it is possible to keep your spirit up even in the darkest phase of your life, by leveraging the power of positive self-talk. 

There are 3 aspects of the book, you get a glimpse into the unimaginable sufferings that I had gone through due to all the unconscious negative self-talk I had, how I used the power of positive self-talk and the science which proves it’s power.

Let’s begin, 

~What is Self-talk?~

Power of self - talk

“The real change comes from within, just like a beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysalis” ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

Have you ever spoken to yourself?

If u haven’t then you don’t know how pleasurable, Positive and shockingly self-devastating it can be at the same time!!

It is just painfully vitriolic if you do not know how to control this enormous power….

It is like a monster, if you do not know how to control it, it’s going to destroy you, but if you know how to command it at your will, then it’s the wish-fulfilling genie.

Genie can materialize anything for you…

I am not sure if you have ever experienced it, but many in the world have the habit of talking to themselves, I am one of them.

This may happen for multiple reasons and at various intensity.

In fact, you will find the smartest of the people in the world talking to themselves, many scientists, actors & creative people regularly talk to themselves, that’s how they ideate, find solutions and create new ideas.

I am not talking about the people who talk to their voices in the head, that’s a mental disorder, but yes at times, it really becomes difficult to distinguish, because there is a thin line in between. You may just happen to hop over unconsciously at times to the other side…

And if you consistently keep crossing the line, you may slowly end up becoming a maniac.

The important thing you should know is that there are 2 types of self-talking, one you do consciously, and another one you do unconsciously.

The conscious self-talk:

This happens when you are consciously trying to resolve something or create something, this is where I said the smartest of the people talk to themselves. This is how you ideate, find new ideas. Albert Einstein talked to himself, as per the Einstein.org report, he “used to repeat his sentences to himself softly.

This habit of self-talk is a powerful tool to find the answers to life’s problem, in fact, this is one of the most underutilized, yet the most insanely powerful tool that human beings possess.

Most of us never even realize that.

The second one is the unconscious self-talk:

This kind of self-talk just happens, without any control, this is more impulsive. This kind of self-talk can reveal a lot about your personality, your thought process, the inner you.

This type of self-talk stems from your subconscious mind. All the suppressed thoughts, emotions often come up to the surface of our conscious mind and creates the mental chatter.

You may have noticed yourself suddenly humming a song many times without any specific conscious preparation. You just happen to hum…

How does that happen?

You had listened to this song earlier, somewhere in a coffee shop, or on the FM while driving, you just liked the tune, and instantly it got registered in the subconscious as a piece of important information.

Suddenly, the next morning when you got up from bed, it just came up to the surface of your conscious mind, you started humming it.

I am sure, you would have had these types of similar experiences many times in life. Suddenly a thought pops out of nowhere, and you start talking to yourself.

This is called subconscious self-talk, if this becomes intense and goes out of your conscious control then this will become a disaster, and eventually may worsen the condition of your brain and mind so much, that you may go crazy.

I will tell you more about how conscious and subconscious are related to each other in more detail in the next segment of the book.

For now, let me tell you my own story on how this uncontrollable mental chatter took me down to the misery lane and then how the power of conscious self-talk reversed it …

~The Self-talking Loner~

The Secret Power of Self Talk

I started talking to myself purely due to loneliness.

Loneliness started sneaking into me slowly and steadily when I realized that I am not able to connect to the external world anymore.

The idea of life, sadly for most of us is just materialistic most of the time. We have this extremely narrow vision for life, a decent job, a so-called good life, a nice-looking house and beautiful looking car, etc.

For most of us that’s the definition of life we grew up with, that’s what our societies have taught us, our whole education system, unfortunately, does the same thing, our teachers, our parents are no exception either.

No one is teaching you the value of life. No one is telling you the extraordinary beauty of life beyond this, the vast unseen world, the true wonder.

This is the world I always loved, I enjoyed being there, I loved to unfurl the secret of this world whenever I could, it is always mesmerizing.

Even now, when I close my eyes, silence my mind, I get transported to this world of magic, where the possibilities are just endless, where there is only hope, joy and creativity, this is when you connect with the divine, the universe, the inner ocean of life which is thriving inside of you.

Is anyone talking about it??

Sadly, very few.

The problem was, I was one of the very few. Whenever I sat with my friends, my colleagues, even my family member, all I heard was this gibberish, the same old narrow-minded perspective of life.

I used to feel enormously disgusted, most of the time.

This problem even took an extraordinarily larger shape, when I left my home town and reached another city for higher studies, which was another part of the country.

The distance from home, the unknown people around me, and my intense love for my own idea of life further separated me from others. The world was not much different here either.

I started losing it now, whom do I talk? I was hungry for an excellent conversation, I wanted to learn more, enrich myself.

Finally, I hit the wall, there was no other way now…

What do I do now?

This is the time when I started talking to myself, and it just increased with time, up to a point when it almost reached the point of insanity.

I would talk hours and hours together, I would have whatever topics I would like to have the discussion for…All I needed was to imagine the perfect atmosphere, all the perfect characters, and I would initiate a discussion.

The tremendous satisfaction that I received was magnanimous, this is the satisfaction I was looking for so long, finally found it in my solitude.

Naturally, I became addicted to it, the high that I used to get out of it was even better than Marijuana.

The tremendous pleasure of imagination was of such magnitude, that I would start ignoring all the other areas of life slowly…

I would turn out to be a loner, I would run away whenever I see someone around me, someone calling me, I would just love to be alone…

I just hated everyone I guess, I was running away fast from everything else, just to spend time with myself.

I just loved it, it was the moment of enlightenment, time for salvation, because whatever happened to me throughout out the day, be it my failures, my struggle and the sense of inferiority of being a naive village boy in a city filled with all the so-called smarter human beings, my depression of being exceedingly different than others, all were taken care when I was alone…

That’s when I turned philosophical, I didn’t have to read it and learn, the struggle of life was enough and hours of self-talk that I did was enough to infer anything into meaningful ideas…

You see, even though I was caught into this trap called loneliness unaware, my habit of self-talking was helping me from going into the abyss of depression…

Though little did I realize at that time, that I need to be up for a long fierce battle.

Who knew, this will go on for long, for many upcoming years of my life and much of the precious time will be lost from my life…


~Beginning of A Long Battle~

The Power of Self-Talk

Initially I enjoyed it, but then it became like any other addiction. I have seen people around me destroying their lives with addiction, I was doing the same with the addiction of thoughts.

I was completely withdrawn from the society by now, I lost focus, I lost interest in any other useful activities of life, I would keep myself imprisoned deliberately in the world of thoughts and live through it.

Due to this self-imposed isolation, I started losing out on every aspect of life, I was seeing myself being destroyed bit by bit, but I just couldn’t control my mind. Depression grew multiple times by now, because of the realization of all the negative things that were taking place in my life, and how I was not able to take control of the situation.

I lost out on studies, my grades were horrible…

I lost out on friends, I was much lonelier now….

I was just an insignificant man in a place where I knew no one…

To make the matter worse, my father retired from his job, he was living on his pension, so no financial support anymore…

It was the year 2002, when I was out of college, I remember, the first time in my life, I was convinced that I am going nowhere from here. There was no direction in my life, and I had no idea what I am going to do next…

This was probably THE END…

But no, this was in fact the beginning of an amazing story of my life. Are you interested to read more? Buy this book from here to stay inspired…

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The secret power of self talk

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