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10 Eye-opening Powerful Secrets: How to use the power of our mind?

Can the mind shape reality? Can we use the power of the mind and attract only the best in life?

…if you read the previous page, by now, I am sure you know about the importance of our mind..let’s continue on this page to learn more on the inner nature of our minds…

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So, how to use the power of the mind?

There is no easy answer to this question. Before we can answer this, we need to understand the below concepts…

And they are…

  1. What is the mind?
  2. what is the power of mind?
  3. The crisis that humanity is in.
  4. Structures of mind (The Freudian model)
  5. Importance of our subconscious mind & belief system.
  6. how to harness the power of the mind?

Let’s start…

** This entire article is divided into 6 chapters, which will make it easy to read for you.

~ Chapter 1: What is mind? ~

What is the mind??

Now, we are getting into uncharted territory honestly. This is the most puzzling question that human beings are trying to explore, and we still do not have much understanding of it.

If someone asks about mind, invariably the next question would be what is the relationship about mind and brain? How different are they? Or is the mind merely a product of the brain, an offshoot or the outcome of the neurochemical process of our brain?

The mind is not an independent object or thing, mind exists only when there is a mental process. Does the mind exist without thought? You would have heard about yogis talk about no-mind state.

What is a no-mind state?

It is a state where there is no thought, no mental imagery, no picture or visualization, no mental process at all. That means the mind does not exist independent of these activities. Mind occurs when these mental processes take place.

So, in a way, our mind has a lot to do with our brain. The question is if our brain is damaged, will mind function? No, right? So, Mind is understood as an output of the cognitive activities that take place in the brain.

The mind is an output of the machine called the brain, which gets input from all the sensors that our body has, which are via smell, touch, vision, hearing, and taste.

If you are really interested to learn more on the concepts of mind, have look at the below resources:

Wikipedia is a great place to start, click here for Wikipedia, otherwise, you can read another article on Psychologytoday.com written by Gregg Henriques Ph.D., professor at James Maddison University. If you want a yogic perspective in mind, please read here.

Also, it’s of paramount importance to understand how the brain really functions, a blog post on the same coming soon.

Now that we are clear about the definition of mind, let us move on to the next topic…

~ Chapter 2: What is Power of mind? ~

What is the power of mind?

Before you understand this question well, let’s understand two important concepts…

  • First one – Profound impact our thoughts have on us
  • Second – The context or the reality the humanity is in currently

Let’s explore the profoundness of thoughts with the below question.

Who are you??

Have you analyzed this before?? Let’s keep it simple. Let’s not get into things like where we came from? Or the purpose of life and why are we born? Blah blah…

In simple terms, what defines us or adds personality to us? It is our thoughts. Isn’t it?

And how we think can be based on several factors, how we grew up, what belief system we carry etc.

I will shortly cover that.

Let’s do a simple exercise…

Say, you are walking down the road.

Now, just imagine you are depressed, just think of some sad incident or think something from past or some trauma you encountered. Notice, how you walk.

Next moment, imagine something happy or something exciting, see how you walk.

The next moment, think you are very angry at someone, you see your style of walking will change.

Same person, three different feelings, and three different ways you walk.

The point I am trying to make…

Our thought process has a profound impact on our behavior. How we behave determines the quality of our life.

Please note,

There are only situations in life, but It’s your reaction to that situation which can turn that to a problem.

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem ~ Captain Jack Sparrow Click To Tweet

So, we need to fix our thought process.

This course here increases the power of mind & helps to manifest any damn desire you have in your life.

~ Chapter 3: The Crisis That Humanity Is In ~

What is the biggest crisis plaguing your life??

Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem? You feel insecure all the time; some unknown fear bothers you all the time? You are always cribbing about your money situation?

You face obstacles every time you want to do something new? Do some unknown reasons always stop you? Even when everything looks to be fine, you are still not happy somehow? Do you lack self-confidence?? You are feeling worthless, trying to be someone else?

But you think it’s only happening to you?

No, it is the same with almost everyone.

Humanity today is on edge, the edge of a cliff, waiting to fall. We are like those lost children who got swayed by the pied-piper of our false ego.

There is an enormous amount of uncertainty in our lives today. Severe depression and anxiety have almost engulfed our existence. Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, the false sense of success has further poisoned our mind.

Humanity is imbibed with negativity and its spreading like wildfire.

If we do not diffuse this raging fire of depression and anxiety from further advancement, it will burn the entire humankind.

Anxiety, worry, depression not only polluting our mind but also taking shape of various diseases at a physiological level. There is a steep rise in deadly diseases like Cancer (Find more) for an example, and there are many more. Read a scholarly article here on how stress can kill your immunity completely.

Here are excerpts from the article…

Neuropeptides secreted under stress (e.g., corticotropin-releasing hormone) activate glial cells in the brain to release inflammatory molecules that result in brain inflammation and worsen MS pathology [].

But, it is unfortunate that Instead of rooting out these mental diseases, we are just fighting it, further suppressing it, and when suppressed, the same negative emotions turning into toxins, spreading throughout the body, creating anarchy.

But we all seem to be stuck in this endless cycle of misery, isn’t it?

How to Use power of mind?

Remember, getting rid of the negative emotions is of paramount importance. Negative emotions like anxiety & depression are like termites, they eat you away slowly.

Is there a way out??

We need not be living in misery, a self-perpetuated trickery. Trickery of treacherous mind, mankind is all blind. ~Rushal Click To Tweet

Yes, that is where the power of the mind comes into play. It is the negative thought pattern that needs to change to a more positive one, A new neural pathway that is tuned to thoughts of prosperity, happiness, abundance and wealth.

So, how do we create new beliefs?

I will answer that shortly, but before that, let’s understand where are these negative patterns stored? And how do we get them?

Let’s understand the structures of our minds in detail.


~ Chapter 4: Mind Structure ~

Structures of our mind (The Freudian Model):

The human mind is undoubtedly the most powerful tool or gadget that we have encountered so far. In fact, we are still not aware of the tremendous possibilities which it can create. Just by paying attention, being aware and conscious about life in and around you along with usage of your creativity and imagination, you can alter the reality that you live in.

In the icy mountain model, the ice on the top of the hill, which is 10% of the overall mountain, represents the conscious mind. The rest of it is the dominant mind [subconscious + Unconscious], something which is hidden behind our conscious mind.

Power of mind and it's extraordinary abilities

Important things to note:

The conscious mind has two components,

Logical Mind = Ability to use logic, compare. It helps you to survive in your daily life, do calculations, maths, etc.

The job of the logical mind is to question. It tries evaluating in terms of right or wrong, true or false.

Creative Mind = Power to imagine, visualize, creative thinking, art, painting ability, etc. This portion of the mind is the most powerful area of our overall mind.

It is boundless, unlimited in its ability, it can reach anywhere it wants to. It only creates imagination, creative thoughts. It has no logical ability. This mind uses all information that is gathered via 5 senses and creates pictures and mental imagery as per your instruction.

Subconscious or the hidden mind = Stores belief system, memory, comfort zones, faith, basically the master program which drives you throughout your life.

It stores and retrieves data, has no logical ability at all and makes sure you react to life situations as per the program stored.

Let’s understand these in little more in detail:

Whenever you face a situation in life, your conscious mind (Logical mind) goes into your subconscious and reads all the stored information that it has.

Once it reads all that, it evaluates the present situation that you are facing, in terms of negative or positive.

It might be good or bad, yes or no, or shall I do it or not do it? Shall I run or face it? Etc.

Anytime you consciously (in this case Creative mind) think of a different response to a situation that you are facing, the other conscious mind or the logical mind will protest, because as per the stored program, that response is not right.

That is why it is so difficult to get out of any habit.

Do not become a slave of your own belief system, do not become a victim. ~ Rushal

Why is it so difficult to break any habit? It takes time…                                                          

The resistance comes from the comfort zone. Most of us in the world, if you notice, we live the same life every day. This repetition gets so hard-wired in our brain, that it takes a lot of effort to change that practice even if it’s harmful.

For example, have you noticed that you always take the same route while going to the office every day?

Try taking a new route. You will see resistance. Because you are subconsciously driven to the same route, it’s part of your habit or comfort zone. The moment you want to take another route, your inner mind will stop you.

Many of the successful people, you will see, have this amazing quality of embracing change, embracing new things in their life. They are good at change.

That is what being open-minded all is about. You got to let it happen, do not resist any change. You will see a lot of resistance, but the trick is to hang in there. Once you keep repeating this habit of not resisting and allowing it to happen, it slowly becomes part of you. It becomes a new belief system, a new neural pathway, and new connections in the brain.

That is why we should do new things all the time, new activities, new places to visit, new people to meet, etc. It opens up our mind, creates new possibilities.

How do you create a new belief system?

This is where the creative mind comes to rescue. The creative mind can create a new belief system using the power of imagination. The logical mind might resist, but the continuous repetition of a new belief or thought does create a new neural pathway.

That is where the repetition of carefully crafted positive affirmations & creative visualization does wonder.

Imagination is more important than knowledge ~ Einstein Click To Tweet

The creative mind is a hacker, it can overwrite the subconscious program.

When you imagine anything, if you notice, it would transport you to the world of imagination.

Right now, Imagine, something that you desire strongly in life and notice that it makes you feel happier and excited. You believed this to be true for some time.

It becomes part of your belief system for some time at least, till the logical mind takes control and says -“Come on! It’s just an imagination, cannot be true”

That’s the power of the Creative Mind.

Right now, imagine yourself being in your favorite holiday destinations where you always wanted to go. Even a moment of imagination makes you feel so relaxed and happy.

Or imagine, you are living a life of complete freedom, a life where you are financially successful, free of any worries.

How does that make you feel?

That’s the power of the mind, the creative mind can trick the subconscious mind believing something to be true, as subconscious has no logical ability, it cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Have you ever wondered why dreams seem so real??

When you sleep, your logical mind sleeps too. Whatever you dream, it seems real, because there is no one to evaluate it logically.

Once, I suddenly screamed with joy and got up from my sleep completely overjoyed, you know why? My supervisor called me and broke the news of promotion with a 30% hike in my salary, in my dream obviously.

It was so real that I had the feelings of euphoria almost throughout the day. In fact, when I reached the office, I met my boss with an unusually bigger smile. He was really surprised.

Why was I feeling that way almost throughout the day?

For that moment in my sleep, it was not a dream, it was a reality. It was really happening to me in another world.

Only when you wake up, your logical mind calls it a dream.

Just, imagine now, you get a lottery of million dollars, what will happen to you? You will be ecstatic. Your mind interprets it being something positive, it sends certain neuro-chemical feedback to your brain, and all over the body. In response, all happy hormones get released, etc.

The same thing happened to me, even though I was sleeping, an increased level of happy chemicals in my body, kept me cheery throughout the day.

This is how the mind works…

Imagining an altered reality and living there mentally, changes you neurologically and chemically and tunes you to that reality. That way, a new neural pathway is created and slowly that thought starts becoming an intrinsic part of you.

Now, as we have little understanding about how different mind works and their relationship, let’s get back to the iceberg model.

Let us look at the most important part of our mind, the subconscious.

~ Chapter 5: Importance of Belief System ~

Why is the subconscious mind so important?

It is where our belief system is stored, or which I call THE PROGRAM.

Just like the hard disks stores the operating system, or the master program which governs all other actions and subprograms. The operating system determines the ability of the computer to perform certain actions.

Obviously, the hardware is very important too just like our physical body. The healthier we are and the better optimized our organs are, the better will be our thinking.

How do we acquire this belief system?

Mostly in childhood. A child is open to receive any information or instruction from anyone for that matter because it is important for him to learn now. He creates a base or a system that will govern him through the future challenges when he grows up and no one is there to really protect him inform his parents or loved ones.

All the information is gathered via 5 sense organs. What you hear, see, touch, smell, and taste, all this information goes into your memory or the subconscious mind.

Till a certain age, say till first 15 years of your life, whatever you hear or see, goes directly to your subconscious mind, it treats everything as important instructions, because your conscious mind is still not fully developed, you don’t have a gatekeeper of a sort to protect.

Most of the time, unfortunately, we see and hear a lot of negative things from our childhood, from our parents, our neighbors, family members, etc. How many times have you heard your parents saying – “What a beautiful day it is today?” Most of the time, it’s about whining, complaining, accusing other people, venting frustration and anger, isn’t it?

Most of our psychological behavior, likes, dislikes, preferences, self-esteem, comfort zones, fear, anxiety, depression all get shaped in the tender age of our childhood when the logical mind is not in full force.

This is human nature, it’s important to have a guideline about how to live. That’s what the subconscious does, it keeps the guideline based on what input it has got from surroundings.

The real change comes from within, just like a beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysalis ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

So, we have to change the guidelines

And we have a fantastic tool which can help us achieve that, our creative mind, our imaginations.

use the hacker (creative mind) to hack the program (Subconscious), change the program as per your need and change your life.

But, how do you hack your mind??

The only course I found which can hack your subconscious & reprogram it (The real science).

~ Chapter 6: How to use the power of mind? ~


Here comes the Subconscious mind reprogramming method

Click here to turn the page, these methods changed my life, 33 days of practice is what you need to do, but for amazing results, you need to put some amazing effort, isn’t it??

But, I guess that’s worth, considering the vast big life you have in front of you to live.

These methods have changed my life in a remarkable way, unbelievable at times, when I look back at my life, those darkest days when there was no hope…

Here is a glimpse on how you can reprogram your subconscious mind:

1.Food: Change your food habits. The most important aspect of subconscious mind programming is to first energize our body and mind. There is a concept of Chi (Chinese) and Prana (Sanskrit). Prana is the universal energy that is flowing everywhere. You can explore more on Prana here.

A quick note on how to increase Prana by using a careful selection of food?

Include more different colored vegetables and slowly reduce the intake of red meats, the animal with higher emotions must not be killed and eaten. You should fast weekly once for half a day to detoxify your body. read in detail on the next page.

2.Lemon Water with Honey: Drink this magic drink in the morning on empty stomach. This has numerous health benefits, and you will notice the increase of prana (cosmic energy) in your body in just a week. There are unending benefits of this drink, read here for more knowledge.

3.Cardio Exercise: Increase the level of happy hormones in your body with cardio, stay fit and be positive. Help the brain to stay clear. Boost your body and mind with loads of serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, etc. These hormones have incredibly positive impacts on our thought process and immunity. 30 mins of intense cardio can increase the level of positive emotions by multiple times, which is extremely important for subconscious reprogramming. I am the greatest example of it.

4.Mindfulness Meditation: Practice Mindfulness every day, it helps you to get rid of negative emotions instantly and helps you to stay focused on one thing at a time. Also, it helps you to tap into the unknown subconscious, by reducing the conscious chatter.

This is one of the most powerful and the first step towards your subconscious mind programming. Click on the link here to explore more.

5.Pranayama: Ancient breathing techniques from India. This will change your life. Pranayama fills you with unending energy, optimism, and positivity. This is the method through which you increase the level of Prana, or to be more specific you pull in the cosmic energy into you, I am talking about cosmic power here, imagine what will happen once you start harnessing the power of Prana. Click on the link and explore more, I have written the same on the next page briefly on the same.

6.Positive Affirmations: This is powerful, but needs to be repetitive & targeted. First, you need to identify what is that you are suffering from and then craft them accordingly. You can go to the next page or the positive affirmations page to learn more.

To be specific, ask yourself what you want, or what problem you want the healing for, write it down on a notebook, write positive affirmations for the same and keep repeating them on specific times throughout the day. In brief, it is about assessing, acknowledging & abolishing the problem, which I call “Triple-A” method. 

7.Mantra Chanting: Chant AUM and alter your brain. Yes, this may sound insane to you, if you do not know about it, but many studies have shown this. This is considered as the sound of the universe. This originated in India, thousands of years ago. Extremely beneficial.

I have listed 11 incredible benefits of AUM chanting, which includes its impact on brain frequency, nervous system, Synchronization of left and right hemispheres of brain, and it’s overall extraordinary quality to enthuse your mind-body with unending positive feelings, it’s just incredible and super important if you want to skyrocket your manifestation process. 

8.Creative Visualization: Imagination is the most powerful tool human beings have. This is the most powerful tool beyond doubt, if used properly with focus and daily repetition, can manifest even the wildest desires of your life. This is a must-use tool but will work wonder if you use the other methods in conjunction with this one.

9. Positive self-talk: Keep talking to yourself. Remind yourself that you are rich. Say “I am wealthy”, or “I am prosperous” etc. just before you sleep and once you get up in the morning. Remind yourself the same, several times a day…

Buy this powerful positive affirmation posters (designed by me carefully with lots of positive intention) and paste it on the walls inside your house, keep it in several places so that you can see them, inside the bathroom, bedroom, in the kitchen, on the refrigerator, in the hall or dining, fill your home with only positive words…

This is an extremely powerful practice. Read a more detailed guide on Positive Affirmations here. [You can get the world’s most powerful Lion’s posters with exceptionally motivating quotes for fearlessness and courage]

10. Mirror meditation:

Seat in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and keep uttering yourself all the positive words. If you want to become rich, say “I am damn rich, I am freaking wealthy, I have all the money I want at my command”.Use power words (like extremely rich, incredibly wealthy, etc.) to induce determination.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself these powerful words have some special effects…

Something happens to us when we look at ourselves through the mirror, something which cannot be explained scientifically, but it feels like concentrated energy from your eyes directed at you. (Check something powerful here).

This is another super powerful method I am giving you. Try it and see the power it has. The mirror should be a large one where you can see yourself completely.

Click & go to the next page to read about manifesting wealth &  how our brain works on its pattern matching ability to manifest the same reality again and again.

I request you to explore, click on each link to understand in detail. It takes time, but it is worth because this might revolutionize your life, the same way it did to me.

I have done all of them. If you ask me about my personal favorites, then it will be Mantra chanting, positive Affirmations, Creative visualization and some form of exercise and also a few mins of Mindfulness. You got to find your own style, which you will eventually, but to start with exploring all of them, they are all important.

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