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The Most Amazing Science About Positive Affirmation That No One Is Telling You [A unique method]

A unique and scientific approach towards eradicating negativity

Want a MIRACLE that is real??Repeat these Positive Words every night before sleep and once you wake up. Just 21 days, without miss.

Keep repeating these words before you go to sleep and once you wake up. These individual words themselves are great positive affirmations to begin with. read them and notice the influence they have on you.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are basically a series of positive thoughts or statements, which have the ability to generate an incredible amount of positive sentiments within you.

They are made of words, Words form sentences and we use sentences to convey our emotions or our intentions to the world. In that sense, words and their meanings are extremely powerful.

If used properly they can have an unimaginable impact on the human psyche.

Now the question is, why words could be so powerful and special??

As I explained already, each word has its own meaning and meanings convey intentions. We human beings communicate using those meanings and put forth our intention.

Intention is energy. And that’s why you should choose words carefully that can create positive intentions.

Why intentions are so important?

Intention is everything, isn’t it?

If we are in mars today, it’s because of our intention. If we have traveled to the moon, it’s because someone intended to be there for whatever the reason maybe.

The intention is the starting point of everything that gets manifested in the physical world. First, you have an intention, that you want to do this, then you dream about that intention, dream sets you on fire, it motivates you to set goals, then you take inspired action to achieve those goals.

If you pay little attention to your life, you will see, that whatever situation you are in today in your life, it’s because you have intended for it in a certain way, either consciously or unconsciously.

Most of the time, unfortunately, it happens unconsciously. We do not know what we are doing or why we are doing this even? We just do it, because we learn from our parents or teachers, then we teach the same thing to our children as well, we think that is the best way, and it goes on and on without even questioning.

So, what’s the best way?

The answer is hidden in our subconscious belief system, the master program.

We all love our belief system, which was being shaped while we grew up, without being aware of it. Numerous factors like our parents, neighbors, family members, our religious affiliation, what we see, hear, etc. contributed to shaping our belief system, eventually became part of our subconscious program. This program is like a blue-book, it has all the parameters or guidelines which guide us through our life.

Anytime, whenever we are faced with a situation in life, our mind starts evaluating based on the information from the blue-book. if there is any contradiction, our mind will issue an alert, it will ask us to quit or avoid.

That’s the power of our belief system.

For an example, we are often told, from our childhood, that we need to struggle to become a successful human being. That word “Struggle” becomes ingrained in our belief system so much, that anytime we think of success or imagine being one, we think of the struggle too.

Mind equals success with struggle. Every time you want to do something to become successful, your mind will also produce struggle in various forms and shapes in your physical reality.

Our mind is the most fascinating and intriguing machine ever created. Be extremely cautious about what you do with it ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

Now imagine, if our subconscious is tuned to the belief that anything is possible then what happens?

Our mind is like a balloon, can't fly if you weight it down with sadness or dejection. Instead fill it up with inspiration, happiness & faith. Positive affirmations work like the gas in the balloon.

Inspiring and motivating words can change our life, loosen up our mind & lift us up.

If we were given a different perspective in our childhood, instead of equating success with struggle, if we were told, “you know what, my Son, if you want to be successful, you need to become happy first. You need to become joyful and become excited about the endless possibilities that life has to offer”, how would that be?

Every time you take a step towards success, your inner mind will produce more happiness, excitement, joy, and that is enough to inspire you and power you towards success. Why do you need to struggle??

So, what is the point, I am trying to make?

Words are extremely powerful. What we hear or speak repeatedly can have a profound impact on our mind and personality. Positive words create positive intention/energy/emotions, whichever way you want to name it.

That is why the power of affirmation comes to your rescue. Strong and powerful words of hope and encouragement can get rid of negativity, repeated and intentional usage of it can transform your life, give rise to determination and grit, and fire you up towards glory.

Why Positive Affirmations are must these days?

Positive affirmations can be the magic pill, it can bring you that miracle that you are looking for. It is a potent weapon, destroyer of any negativity, extremely necessary in this age of madness, anxiety & depression. Too many negative affirmations exist around us. People hear, see and talk only negative, in our news channels, in our televisions, movies, in media & advertisements, almost everywhere.

Basically, we are living in a war zone, 24 hours a day, injured and bleeding.

Or, imagine yourself getting caught in a heavy downpour on a dark, cold stormy night, shivering terribly, getting pierced by icy cold drizzles, as if thousands of needles are pricking you continuously. How horrible is that feeling?

That’s the reality we are living in.

This reflects on how we think, how we decide, how we act, and in the end, all that determines the type of outcome we receive.

To undo this negativity, we must take the help of our conscious mind. Our conscious mind can send instructions to our subconscious. Our conscious mind has the ability to command.

That is what positive affirmations are all about

A series of positive statements or positive affirmations directed to your subconscious to re-program your mind, so that it turns its attention towards the positive side of the life.

If you do not decide who you are, someone else will. ~ Unknown Click To Tweet

Before you proceed further, ask yourself the below questions:

Are you generally unhappy, tired and insecure?

Are you blaming and complaining all the time?

Do you live only on weekends?

Are you doubtful about your future?

if the above statements are true for you, then you are not alone. And, the good news is that this can change.

Here is the most remarkable and excellent guide on Positive Affirmation, which also works as a great personal development strategy:

I strongly suggest you, to go through this entire page carefully and consume all the info.

I have gone into a lot of details here in this guide and tried explaining my point of view which I learned from numerous trials on myself. So, I am aware of things that worked for me and things that did not.

Also, I spent countless hours, understanding & reading different points of view, journals, scientific studies.

And finally, I derived a method which I call the “TRIPLE A” method, which has done wonder to me.

A simple, unique but a very powerful solution, which has the potential to change your life, A very simple exercise, believe me, extremely simple, but e x t r e m e l y effective.

Here you go…….

I call this the “Triple-A” method.

A= Assessment (Assessment or Identify the problem)

A= Acknowledgement (Acceptance of the problem)

A= Abolish (Abolish the problem with a solution)

Why do I say this is unique?

There are 100s of blogs that talks about positive affirmation, you can find many. Then what is the new thing about positive affirmations that I offer?

Please understand that just some standalone positive statements will do nothing. You got to know the trick, just like learning to play the piano. There is a method to everything.

I offer you the method, FREE…

Here is the method…

#1. Assessment or Identification of the problem:

Get a pen and paper. Think and write down your problems one by one.

Do not hurry up, be calm and note down as many as issues that you have currently in your life. Be honest, do not be shy or guilty. It can be anything, even a dark secret that no one knows.

Write down all your thoughts, emotions or feelings. Then write a positive statement or a positive affirmation against all the negative emotions that you have

The key is to be very honest with yourself. No one is going to see what you write, even if it’s a scandal, so don’t worry.

Here are few examples~

I feel anxious & depressed most of the time.

I feel frustrated and irritated for most part of the day.

I feel insecure about my future.

I have low self-esteem, I am not happy.

Writing helps to establish a connection between you and the thoughts you have.

#2. Acknowledgment of the problem:

Once you have noted down all your issues, it’s time to acknowledge them. This is the most crucial and one of the most powerful secrets that many of us miss all the time in our personal development strategy.

Repeat each statement in your mind and acknowledge them one by one.

For example:

“I feel anxious & depressed most of the time” – yes, I do feel anxious & depressed, I accept this thought and I will work towards changing this.

Repeat a similar method for all the issues you have listed and acknowledge them one by one. Make sure you are calm.

Now, once you have acknowledged and owned them up, write down a statement at the bottom saying, “I accept all the problems that I have listed here, these are my problems and now it’s time for me to change”

Acknowledgement of a problem is the first step towards its solution ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

You might have heard of the above statement earlier. Identifying and admitting the problem gives tremendous clarity to your mind, it removes unnecessary chaos and provides a direction to your life.

Instead of avoiding, we should embrace our negativity. We should say “Dear Negativity, I know you are there, I will not ignore you, instead, I will accept you as a part of me, and then change you slowly to the positivity.”

It can change only in inclusion, not in exclusion.

#3. Abolish the problem:

Now, as you have identified and acknowledged that these are your problems, it is time to replace those negative thoughts with the positive ones.

This is very crucial:

Write down exactly an opposite statement (basically a positive affirmation) beside each problem that you have figured out.

Here are the examples~

I feel depressed most of the time = I feel cheerful every moment.

I feel frustrated and irritated most part of the day = I feel happy and joyful all the time.

I feel fearful about my future = My future is bright, it’s just the way I think

Also, you can elaborate it a little further, add as many as counter statements possible, like below.

I have low self-esteem = I have high self-esteem, I respect everyone and everyone respects me, I am talented, I have supreme confidence, I am intelligent, etc.

What happens?

Basically, you are identifying issues one by one and working on each of them. Each of the sentiment requires special attention because they are special in a way, they are harmful but very special.

Accept all types of emotions with equal regards, identify and then change.You have nurtured them for so long, now suddenly you want to displace them, would they like it?

NO, they won’t, your inner mind will not like it.

Your inner mind would love to cling on to them because that’s the reality it identifies itself with.

Here, in this method, while you write down your sentiments, you establish a connection with each of these sentiments.

Identifying and acknowledging these negative sentiments make you become inclusive, you really become who you are, otherwise, you are in endless denial. It’s a reality, negative thinking is part of your persona.

Identifying, acknowledging and replacing the negative emotions with the positive ones one by one, can rewire your brain, create a new thought pattern.

Only when you know yourself, when you truly know what you are today, you can figure out what you can be tomorrow.

Also, apart from this method of identifying and acknowledging issues, there is one more boost that you need to give to your mind, which will specifically work on your subconscious.

Create a list of positive affirmations, put them in places that are easily visible all the time, like in the bedroom, kitchen, Hall room, on the refrigerator, so that you happen to see them all the time. This makes sure a continuous supply of positive thoughts.

Here are some daily affirmations examples:
I am strong, I am confident, I am fearless. I am an extremely intelligent being with endless possibilities. I am a winner, I never give up, I love to persist, I love to work for my goals. I am dead focused on my goal, I see only my life objectives and nothing else. Nothing can distract or annoy me. I am wealthy, I am rich, I am healthy. I respect everyone and I get respect wherever I go. I am a magnet, I attract money, riches, respect, joy, happiness. I am a creator, I create my own life, I create my own reality. I am happy, strong, joyful. I am excited, I am inspired. I can become what I want to.

You can write your own positive affirmations as per what you require and use them.

Now, before you proceed further, here are a few important things about positive affirmations that you should know:

You would have read many websites or you will read many, and primarily you will find two distinctly different points of view on how should the positive affirmation be. But the first one is more popular and widely believed to be the right method while doing your positive affirmations.

The first category says, positive affirmations should start with “I am” as much as possible, should be in the present tense, should not use any negative words. Like, I am wealthy instead of I will be wealthy, for it to be in present. Do not use “I will” or “I am going to”.

Do not use, negative words, like can’t, won’t, not, etc or any other negative words, try using as much as positive words possible. Like, instead of I am not fearful, say I am brave.

What is the logic behind it?

Many will not give reasons, I am sure even they do not know why it could be in that way? Few people do try explaining, and as per them, it seems the brain does not understand the future or past. Your brain is hooked to now. And rest of the explanation looks hazy.

Some logic looks logical like when someone says, do not say “I will be wealthy”, because you intend to be rich in the indefinite future which may never come. “I will be wealthy” sounds like you are hoping to be there, or a desire you have but not sure when it will happen? It can be great positive thinking but might not be an ideal positive affirmation statement.

Instead “I am wealthy” sounds certain, you are there already, your body-mind starts behaving like a wealthy man.

Now, while I do agree with this to an extent, but might not be quite right all the time.

What’s wrong with the below statements?

I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. I will devote myself to be successful. I will never lose. I will be brave, I will be wealthy. I will be happy. I will not allow anyone or anything to distract me from my path to success. I will not stop, I will walk, crawl or run, but I will move forward.

Aren’t these wonderful statements? They are quite powerful statements, aren’t they? But these are not at present, they do not start with “I AM” phrase and there are negative words in few sentences. For example “never”, “lose”, “Not” etc.

Let’s take one by one,
“I AM”:

The Internet has gone berserk in recent years on “I AM”. You will find 100’s of youtube videos, websites promoting “I AM” to be the most profound thing that humanity has ever found out. I beg to differ a little here, while I do acknowledge the power of “I AM”. “I AM” is extremely important for the manifestation process or for positive affirmations, but there is one thing that is completely overlooked.

“I AM” versus “I Will”:

Notice the sentences which start with “I will” in earlier examples, it has the word will in it. Will signifies determination, it signifies resolve. When you say I will, it’s the human will on the play, the human will is boundless, human will has the ability to produce limitless possibilities.

When you say, “I will be wealthy”, you are telling the world, that you are determined to be one. You will do whatever it takes to be wealthy, you will put all the hard work and effort to be there.

Repeat those sentences with I will, and see a different impact it will have on you. See how the sense of determination surrounds you. Determination to do something is one of the most powerful positive sentiments.

That’s the power of I will. We must use “I WILL”. When you say “I will be wealthy”, it gives a reason to your mind to start working on finding out all the possible ways of achieving that. So, when you say, “I will”, add the determination to it, say it with full passion and energy.

So, “I will”, no doubt has a profound power to fire you up, to start you off in a direction to achieve all the good things in life. I have never seen a website or anyone talking about “I WILL”, I think no one understood the human emotions well. So, do not ignore the power of “I will”. That’s the starting point of manifestation, remember the word “WILL” in it.

Importance of “I AM”:

“I AM” means you already achieved what you wanted to achieve. When you say, “I AM”, a sense of accomplishment surrounds you. sense of accomplishment has a very unique impact on your psyche. When you say, “I am wealthy, I am rich”, you psychologically become one, all the chemical activities get fired up accordingly, that wonderful feeling of being rich, wealthy starts happening in your body & mind.

For example, when you repeat these sentences like, “I am happy, I am excited, I am blissful all the time, I am so inspired every moment”, see what happens.

You start feeling happy and excited, dopamine, serotonin kicks in and makes you feel that way. And then the principle of like attracts like (Law of attraction) kicks in, being happy attracts more happiness, feeling rich starts working to make you rich. “I AM” when properly said, can reprogram your subconscious. Continuous repetition of “I AM” followed by certain positive words, can do wonders.

“I AM” is supreme, it has the power to hypnotize you, provided you know how to exactly use it.

 Read the complete page to know how to use “I WILL” and “I AM” for manifesting your desires and also use them for a great personal development strategy

So, in summary, you got to be very clever using “I will” and “I am”.

So here are the rules for “I WILL”:

“I will” should be used for creating determination, desire and drive actions. These sentences may contain certain negative words, but the intention should be positive.

For example, “I will not allow anyone to make me distract from my goal”. This sentence has certain negative words like “Not”, “Distract”. But the intention is extremely positive. So, this is okay.

Remember, it’s the intention which is important.

Another example would be like this,

“I will never do anything that distracts me from my patch towards success”, this has a word called “never”, “distract”. But, look at the determination it has, it’s a positive determination, you are promising yourself not to be distracted, whatever may come.

So, go ahead and use “I will” and use “never”, “Not” etc. along with “I Will” to create the determination to stop something negative or start something positive.

Few other examples to create the power of determination:

“I will be fearless, I will be brave and courageous. I will not be anxious, I will never allow my mind to be sad, I will be excited, inspired. I will be rich, I will make myself rich & wealthy, healthy.”

Here is a BONUS tip: When you use “I WILL” statements, imagine a picture of a LION, especially a roaring one.

Now, this works like magic. This has an astounding impact on our minds. Try it for yourself and see, this is life-changing.

When to use?

Whenever you start feeling down, low, uninspired, angry or frustrated, whenever you feel as if you are getting stuck, delayed or out of place, or feel unsettled or distracted from your vision, you must use “I will”.

Those are the times when you must add determination, to fire up your engine. Remember, it’s stimuli, so use it whenever necessary. There will be times in your life you will know when to use.

Personally, there was a time, when I kept using this trick, for the most part of the day, to keep myself charged up to power through the day. Now, I use this at times occasionally, when I feel the need. I am now in a position where I can control my emotions very well, I am self-motivated most of the time, I am focused on my goal. I am hypnotized in such a way that I hardly get distracted these days.

How to use “I am”?

“I am” as the words signify, is in the present tense. It should be always in the present as if it’s achieved, it’s a game of imitation, imagination and behaving like the one which you are not in reality yet but you aspire to be.

How good an actor you can be?

The most crucial factor in this is to use only positive words. This is a very special trick. Instead of “I am not poor”, say “I am wealthy”. Instead of saying “I am not scared”, say “I am brave”.

Repeat the affirmations and feel the difference. When you say, “I am not poor or scared”, you are still feeding your mind with the negative connotation of being poor and scared. The mind usually ignores the “I am not” part and gets hooked to “Poor” and “scared”, because our subconscious is so well programmed to identify them quickly.

So, use “I am” to create confidence, a sense of achievement. Brainwash yourself with continuous repetition of “I am” sentences with positive words.

When to use?

“I am” is very special and it has a profound impact on our mind. If done correctly, it can create some visible changes in our lives in a very short span of time. As said earlier, a continuous repetition of “I AM” mantra has the ability to create a new belief system.

A positive belief system will drive all positive thoughts and positive actions. Positive actions will result in a positive outcome.

So, here are the 3 most crucial times in the day when you must do this “I am” meditation if you want to truly benefit from the power of affirmations. These are times when positive thoughts work like a magic pill.

#1. The most crucial time is just before you fall asleep:


Cause, you are not thinking much, your conscious mind is going to sleep any moment, yet working in a very subtle way, which is enough for you to think those positive thoughts.

At this moment, brain frequency would start falling to theta level, which is a relaxed state, an ideal state to look inward and talk to your subconscious. Any new thought at that moment directly gets embedded in your subconscious, like a print.

Here is an excellent scientific article on brain frequencies, if you want to know more.

Just relax, notice your breathing, calm down and say those affirmations in your mind.

#2. While you take a shower:

Few things happen when you take a shower,

First, being in the bathroom is like being detached from the world. It’s a small world that belongs to you, no distraction, nothing to do, only focus on bathing.

Secondly, the flowing water makes you feel happy & fresh. That happy feeling increases the dopamine level in your body. Feel-good hormones do aid in creative thinking and calming mind.

Third, for just those few moments you are alone with yourself. You are in direct communication with your inner being, your subconscious. No doubt, great concepts are often born in the bathrooms.

Here is a link if you want to find out more in detail.

#3. When you are getting ready for the day, in front of a mirror:

I call this “Mirror meditation”. Look into your eyes, see yourself, and start repeating those affirmations.

Vision is the most powerful sense among all senses. Eyes are mysterious, they can generate intense amount of focused energy of positivity.

Look into your eyes and hypnotize yourself, repeat your affirmations

This has some amazing effect, looking at yourself in the eyes has a hypnotizing experience. It’s like someone is casting a magic spell on you.

Your girlfriend might hypnotize you, just looking into your eyes, isn’t it? You might have even heard, that the eyes are windows to the soul. Vision is the strongest sense that we have, most of the understanding and sense that we have about the reality is through our eyes.

Read this excellent article on the impact of constantly looking into your own eyes. Lots of scientific findings are available to prove that our eyes are more than just seeing things.

So, harness the power of positive affirmations today, make a list of uplifting quotes and provoke your thoughts. Fool your subconscious to believe that you’re unstoppable.

On the next page, we are going to do learn Creative Visualisation, one more step towards making the law of attraction work and manifest our desires.

If you liked reading it, please help me reach others which in turn will encourage me to write some wonderful blog posts. Also please go to the blog area to post any valuable comments/suggestions or advice.

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