Neuroplasticity And LOA

The Magic Of Neuroplasticity: The Real Secret Why Law Of Attraction Works!!

Lets straight get into answering this… The question is, is there any relationship between Neuroplasticity and Law of attraction?  A lot of people are intrigued by this question. Let me answer…

Neuroplasticity and Law of Attraction:

Neuroplasticity is the science behind the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a catchy, brandable term that captures people’s imagination. But the secret behind is the brain’s special flexibility to rewire itself, whenever a new belief is introduced. A new experience, if repeated at regular intervals becomes part of your belief system, which is crucial to LOA.

How does that happen?

At the backend, it is our neuroplasticity that is on, all the time. That’s the mystery behind our comfort zone. If we have always taken a specific route for going to our workplace, then we would always take that every day unconsciously. On a certain day, if you have consciously thought of taking the other route to work, you will see so much of resistance.

Because it has become part of our comfort zone, that’s the wiring our brain has, and due to repetition, now it has become part of our memory or our belief system… That is what the subconscious program is all about…

…and to break that, you need to work consciously. And whenever you try breaking that consciously, you will face stiff challenges. That aspect is in fact, important for human survival.

Your brain (or we can refer to this aspect of the brain as subconscious mind) by itself does not know the difference between right or wrong. It holds that as memory, it learns from repetition, it knows what you eat every day? What do you like or dislike? How do you like your house to be? Where do you keep your car key? Etc.

Our life is generally a combination of many comfort zones. We love comfort, that is the best state because your brain does not have to do anything new, it does not like doing so. Whenever you try doing something new, it warns you, because it thinks you are deviating from the normal schedule to something unpredictable…

And that is when it comes to the conscious level, the question arises in your mind.

On the example of taking a new route to work, you see, the moment you try taking another new route to work, your subconscious pattern will resist. But, if you keep taking the new route every day, for a few days, there will resistance, but then slowly it will become a usual thing to you. You will become comfortable with the new reality. That’s how neuroplasticity works.

So, what does neuroplasticity offer you?

It offers you an unprecedented opportunity to better yourself every time. You can change your reality anytime, just by changing your neuronal wiring, your subconscious pattern changes too… That’s the secret, my friend. That’s the real secret… There may be many other factors to creating your reality, but no doubt, your neuroplasticity plays a major role in shaping your reality.

So, what is the role of neuroplasticity in the law of attraction?

As per the principle of the law of attraction, it is “like attracts like”. The reason behind it is that your life is mostly driven from the subconscious level, all the time, from our childhood to death, we are slaves of our own system.

Read more here on the power of the mind, and how to attract wealth using the subconscious mind. We do not realize that, and instead of realizing that our life is at our hands, we blame our destiny, or some higher power, etc.

What neuroplasticity can do to us, that it can change that very code of our subconscious mind by altering the brain’s neuronal wiring? And once the program changes, so change your behavior, your behavior changes your action and approach to life, and that changes your reality.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Let me tell you in detail…there are 3 important things you must know… 2 great ways in which neuroplasticity can be accelerated…and they are… #1. Mirror neurons #2. Human biochemistry The 3rd important thing can help you in Law of attraction a lot, once you have taken advantage of neuroplasticity…and that is… #3. Brain’s pattern matching ability.

What are mirror neurons and what do they do?

Mirror neurons are the same set of neurons which fire up both when a human being performs an action or observes another human being performing the same actions. Have you ever copied a file and pasted it on your desktop?

That’s how it is… …For example, a certain set of neurons fires up, when you play tennis. The same set of neurons fire up when you observe someone playing tennis too (obviously it depends on how engaged you are with the game), it evokes the same emotions. This aspect of human behavior is important, have you ever wondered how engrossed you become with the favorite character on TV.

Imagine watching King Leonidas in 300. Every time you see him or hear him speak, it just grips you with strong determination and unlimited power of will. You feel so pumped up when he speaks.

When he goes in the battle, you feel his pain, his courage, you become one with the character, that’s mirror neurons at play. …his journey becomes yours, his success & failures to becomes yours. This powerful phenomenon is continuously happening at the backend without our awareness. Focused attention to one day of your life, will tell you how…

From the moment we wake up from bed till the time we hit the bed… Be it the newspaper you read, or the news on TV, the things you hear every day, or have been hearing from your childhood, stories of murder, rape, shooting, killing, etc. these are continuously getting ingrained into your psyche, due to the mirroring ability of your brain.

That’s how powerful the mirror neurons are… For example, if you always believe, that you are unworthy, or you can never be wealthy, or you are always with people who think and speak the same way all the time, your mirror neurons will copy the same behavior, and fire necessary biochemistry inside your body.

For example, you will always find a low level of happy hormones in people who are generally depressed. If you observe a depressed person, you will see him be always slow in movements, lethargic, a poor decision-maker. That’s because of the increased level of cortisol in their blood. At the same time, if you always see and hear positive stuff, if you spend time with successful people, if you think that you can become successful, mirror neurons will copy the same sentiments and fire bio-chemistry as per that belief.

A happy person will have a higher level of happy hormones in their body and brain, they are generally spirited, joyful, efficient thinkers… So, mirror neurons play a major role in shaping up your neuroplasticity, in a positive or negative way. So, feed them with only positive stuff.

Now the 2nd aspect is biochemistry…

We are the slave of our biochemistry Everything that happens chemically inside our body, represents the type of thoughts we carry…

I had already spoken about it while talking about mirror neurons. A depressive thought will always slow you down, give you a headache and make you a poor thinker… There will be sadness and very little joy in life…

Do you think, you will be able to achieve anything significant in life with this type of mental state?

Similarly, if you can invigorate yourself with positive thoughts and emotions, it will only create joy, increased level of happy hormones (serotonin, dopamine, etc). And, what you should know is that our brain functions extremely well on happy hormones.

Brain’s plasticity increases so increase the rate of neurogenesis, and its ability to repair the damaged neurons. All these three are crucial to your overall brain and your life. I am sure, by now, you have understood the tremendous importance of both your mirror neurons and your biochemistry in your life, and how are they affected by the type of thoughts you carry and in turn its impact on neuroplasticity…

Now, say you have achieved the desired program at the subconscious level with the right type of neural wiring, what happens next…?

There are many ways, it brings positive results to your life…

If the code changes at the backend, so will the output…if he subconscious pattern has changed, then will change your outlook about life, if you were fearful and anxious in the old program then you would always hesitate to do or explore anything new, but if the new programming does not have the fear language at all, if it has only success, will and confidence has conditions then you will never back off from taking steps to explore.

So, there are many ways it works, but one of the most fascinating, and not much heard off facts, is the brain’s pattern matching ability.

Our brain is a pattern-matching machine??

YES, Our brain is a gigantic pattern matching machine in terms of its scale of operation. It’s sort of puzzling, but, whatever idea or desire you conceive in the mind, your brain starts looking for a replica in the external world.

I have noticed this phenomenon numerous times in my life, I have always been a keen observer of things, so it caught my eyes effortlessly. And generally, it happens when you are consciously desiring something…

I am sure many of you would have noticed this too… Let me give you a personal example… If you have been desiring for a particular type of house for some time, you will suddenly start noticing the same type of houses everywhere in different ways, like either a similar house will be on a newspaper ad, or in Tv, or a friend will inform you about the same, etc.

Now, this is a mystery…

How exactly it works? We do not know completely… But, one of the great reasons is our brain’s pattern matching ability… Whatever thoughts our mind conceives, it treats this as an important command, and then start finding the same pattern in the outer world. Somehow, our attention or awareness is subconsciously guided to finding our desires in external reality…

So, somehow, if you can convince your mind about your goals in life, your brain will start working towards finding either that or anything similar which can help you inch closer to your goal.

So, what did we learn so far?
  • Increased level of happiness increases brain plasticity, meaning it easier to program your brain with new goals and beliefs.
  • We need to convince our mind with our goals and desires
  • Neuroplasticity is the fundamental science behind the law of attraction (a major one)

Happiness If we can achieve all of them, we will be able to easily accelerate the process of law of attraction. How do we achieve faster neuroplasticity and increase the rate of the law of attraction? Here are the few steps, as we are aware that happiness is like a catalyst, which increases the rate of rewiring, we need to do everything that will keep us motivated and peppy throughout the day…

#1. Exercise:

Go out jogging, running on a treadmill, do push-ups, etc. Make sure you are working out 30 mins a day at least. Intense work out boosts your happy hormone levels significantly… Happy hormones play a major role in keeping you motivated, keep you working towards a goal and also increases the level of gratitude, and reduces negativity from your life.

#2. Use Positive Affirmations:

Keep using positive words, tell yourself, how worthy you are, how capable and deserving you are. Read this awesome guide here and learn how to create the world’s best affirmations (Must read). Positive affirmations are extremely effective if used correctly and regularly. Why positive affirmations are so powerful? If you want to learn in detail, then here is an amazing guide for you, click here

#3. Mirror Meditation:

Stand or sit in front of the mirror (Life size), you should be able to see yourself completely. Now look into your own eyes and start motivating yourself, use “I am” affirmations. Something like this: “I am wealthy”, “I am unbeatable”, “I am extremely deserving”, “I can achieve everything that I want”, etc. Do it every day…this exclusive exercise has incredible power, something that can transform your life. I do this every day. And why it’s so powerful? The reasons are below…

  • It is extremely meditative, the brain becomes calm, generates happiness and peace
  • You have your focus entirely on you for that moment. (Focus is a powerful tool) 
  • It has a hypnotizing effect, the affirmations go quickly into your inner mind
  • This exercise boosts your confidence level quickly
  • And, the last but the most powerful reason is, it is the worlds most advanced intention setting exercise
#4. Free-writing:

Freewriting is a great exercise for mental programming. Keep writing about your goals, why you want to achieve them, how you want to achieve, and what challenges you foresee, how will you overcome them, etc.

Get a nice looking diary and pen for this. Do not restrict yourself, just keep writing about yourself, your plans and how you think you can achieve them, or what are your challenges, what are you bad at and how you can overcome them. I have personally got some fascinating insights while doing this activity.

The special reason behind this is, that your brain is in a specific state at that time. It is calm, low on frequency, more focused and happy. This state is an ideal state, where the connection with the deeper level of mind is stronger.

#5. Use Mantra Chanting:

Ancient Indians used these techniques, and these are still in practice. Mantra chanting rewires your brain in the most powerful way, this is the most powerful technique among all other techniques so far, I have seen. Because it works on the repetition principle and sharpens your focus like a nail… I have got tremendous dividends this way…if you are interested to learn how to manifest wealth using some of the ancient mantras from India, then click here

#6. Find Your Purpose:

This should be the first activity, you should do this before you start doing anything else. A life without a goal is like a drifting boat without a captain in the middle of the ocean. You must know who you are, and what do you want to achieve in life? Use the free writing method to do so.

#7. Goal Planning:

Once you have figured out the purpose, you will be well aware of the goals in your life. Once you know your goals, write them down and put a date beside each of them. Put a date which you think is ideal, don’t worry, it might change many times in the future depending on many factors but have a date. It gives you a sense of purpose. Put all your might to achieve that by the timeline, again date might change and that’s okay. But, this will give you an opportunity to evaluate yourselves.

#8. Cut the bigger goal into smaller ones:

This is called chunking. Cut the bigger goals into smaller pieces and achieve them one by one. If you have a big piece of cake in front of you…you will obviously cut them into smaller pieces to eat them effectively. Achieving smaller pieces of goals is easy, and they will keep motivating you.

#9. Do more creative stuff:

Freewriting is one of them, but do other stuff like my favorite is painting, or writing poems, abstract thinking, etc. find yours, they keep you inspired and makes you feel content. Feeling contented is good for your brain…

All these methods are incredibly powerful and keep the flow of happiness and motivation constant, the happier you are, the more motivated you will be, better the neuroplasticity. And that is necessary for your subconscious program, which in turn accelerates your law of attraction process, by shifting your focus from negative to positive… And that’s how neuroplasticity is related to the law of attraction. Once, you have programmed yourself, the rest of it falls into place…


So, what do you think? Did you enjoy reading it? Do you agree or disagree? Please comment below, in whatever you think? Also, let me know, on what topics should I write next?

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