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Best mantra to manifest

Extremely Powerful Mantras to Manifest Your Desires

Mantras to manifest

Caution: I am talking about mantra here and not affirmations. Please be mindful that Mantras are highly powerful, affirmations are no match to the mantras when you compare their effectiveness and power.

I am increasingly seeing blog posts and articles where the writers, mainly the ones from the west, refers to affirmations as mantras. Honestly, I feel insanely irritated, they do it either due to their lack of knowledge or they just want to devalue the power of mantras purposefully.

So, before you go ahead and read this article further, please be mindful of this fact. If you are interested to know more about all the amazing differences between the two, please read it here.

So, let’s talk about mantras here…

In this article, I will talk to you about certain mantras and how they help you manifest specific desires. If done well with complete focus, you will see magical results for sure.

Before I go ahead and explain why they are powerful and the true science behind it, let me list you few mantras.

Best Mantras to Manifest:

There are mantras for various purposes, depends on your desire, simple to tough. Below are a few simple ones.

  1. For long & healthy life – Chant Shiva mantra
  2. For wealth and Prosperity – Chant Laxmi mantra
  3. To remove obstacles & worry – Chant Ganesha mantra
  4. Chant OM mantra – For mind power & extreme healing.

Let me explain each mantra in detail and tell you how they help.

1. The Shiva Mantra for health and long life:

Lord Shiva is one of the most important figures among the trinity, along with Brahma (The creator) Vishnu (The preserver) and the Shiva the destroyer. He destroys the universe at the end of each time cycle in order to create a new one.

Anything that exists in this universe, including the human body or an atom or the universe itself, follows this simple principle of creation, sustenance, and then destruction.

Shiva represents the destruction of the universe, in simpler terms, it also means the destruction of the impurities that you have within you, the negativity, sadness, depression or anxieties, and any negative beliefs or emotions, ego, etc.

Only when you destroy these negative traits within, you can surge ahead with full confidence towards success and have excellent mental & physical health.

There are at least 11 or more than 11 mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva. Some of them are long and difficult to chant, especially if you are not an Indian.

shiva mantra for healthThe simplest one is the Panchakshari Shiva Mantra.

The mantra is: ॐ नमः शिवाय – Om Namah Shivaya (I bow to you Lord Shiva, bless me)

Panchakshari or Pancha Akshari means 5 letters or sounds. They are NaMaShiVa, and Ya. You just add the OM before that. Every Sanskrit mantra starts with OM.

These 5 sounds also represent the Five elements of the universe, which are the Earthly elements, Water elements, Fire elements, Air elements, and the space elements.

The entire universe or anything that exists in this universe is made up of these 5 elements. The right balance of the energy elements is vital for a healthy human body and mind. Thus, when you invoke this mantra, you invite health and vigor, the sound vibrations also help you to align with the cosmic energy and balance the elements.

The 108 times repetition of this mantra also subconsciously programs you to destroy the inner hurdles that you have set for yourself, consciously, or subconsciously. Make sure, before you chant, you know what to get rid of.

The most important part of chanting is clarity. Ask what you want to manifest. In this case, you want to get rid of ill health, a certain ailment, or a certain mental ailment that you have.

Find a comfortable place, seat in meditation pose, talk to yourself, identify what is that you want to get rid of. Say you want to destroy a specific fear and manifest fearlessness, then identify them. Once you identify, mentally tell yourself and seek Lord Shiva’s assistance for the removal of the ailment that bothers you.

Once you are done with all these steps, then chant the Shiva mantra 108 times using a mala. To begin with, 108 times may be difficult, you can start with small numbers like 21 times, then increase it to 36, then 54 and then 108 times finally.

2. The Laxmi Mantra for Money and Wealth:

This is indeed an extremely powerful mantra if you want to manifest wealth and abundance. My wife has been a regular practitioner of this mantra, for a few years now, and we have seen steady progress in terms of generating income and savings both, even in difficult economic times.

The mantra is – ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्मयै नम:॥ Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namah॥

Phonetically, it is “Ommmm Shrimmm Hrimmm Shrimmm Maha-laksh-mi na-ma-ha”…

This mantra is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, she represents money, wealth, and prosperity.

Let me break down the mantra for you…

lakshmi mantra to manifest moneyOM = OM does not have any specific meaning. OM is the primordial sound of the universe; this is an extremely powerful vibration that has major health benefits. You can read about the life-changing benefits of chanting AUM here in this guide.

SHREEM = SHREEM is again a sound, this is called the “Bija” sound. Bija means seed, or the key sound to access the energy of Lakshmi. When you chant Shrim, you assimilate the same energy in you. It is also associated with third eye chakra.

HREEM = HREEM is pronounced as Rihm, is also a Bija sound. Many experts consider Hrim on per with OM. Hrim is the sound of higher consciousness. Hrim sound promotes healing and creativity.

Mahalakshmi = Another name of Lakshmi. Maha means supreme or all-powerful.

Namah = It’s a way of paying respect

In brief, the meaning of the mantra is “Oh Goddess Lakshmi, I bow to you and pay my respect, please bless me with your energy to attain all my financial goals”.

If you find the mantra to be lengthy and difficult to pronounce, you can simply chant “OM SHREEM”, or “OM SHREEM HREEM”.

3. Ganesha Mantra to remove obstacles from the path to success:

There are different types of obstacles we face in our lives when we try to accomplish something, a goal, or desire. A little self-dialogue will reveal, that most of these obstacles appear due to our own inner nature.ganesha mantra to remove obstacles

We are always programmed negatively from our childhood; this negative program keeps running at the back of our mind subconsciously and creates hindrance in the external reality. We are all waiting to react to something because we love to show our ego, our anger, our judgments, we are all anxious, fearful, and we react without thinking.

It is our inner ego and negative thought patterns that create a problem.

This powerful Ganesha mantra will heal you from the inside. Just find out what obstacles you want to break or get rid of. As I said clarity of thought is important.

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place, speak to yourself about the problem you are facing in life, seek Lord Ganesha’s help to remove the problem, and chant the mantra.

Here is the mantra – “OM GUM Ganapataye Namah”

Phonetically, it is “Ommm Gummm Gana-pata-ye na-ma-ha”

The sound GUM is the Bija sound or the key vibrations to assimilate the energy of Ganesha.

Use this mantra to open the door to financial opportunities and remove any obstacles from the path of success.

I have been using this mantra precisely from 2012 onwards, and it has helped me through many challenges. At times, I have seen many bigger issues of my life that were resolved, that includes family issues, buying the car I wanted, landing a promotion, etc.

4. OM mantra (AUM mantra) for extreme healing and mental power:

This the simplest mantra of all, and undoubtedly the most powerful mantra that you can chant, more specifically this is referred to as the “sound of the universe”.

The science of this mantra is amazing. It works on various levels of your mind and body.

The mantra s generally referred to as OM, but the actual pronunciation is AUM. It is the 3 letter syllables; each word represents a sound or vibration of its own kind and leaves a specific type of impact on you.

The ‘A’ sound: It sounds like Aaaaa, like the ‘Faaa’ sound in “Father”. The vibration of this sound happens around the abdomen, massaging the internal organs, including the digestive systems, stimulating the necessary chemical processes which are vital to maintaining great health.

The ‘U’ sound: As in when you start closing your mouth, the “Aaaa” sound transforms into “Uuuuu”, the vibration of this sound starts traveling from the abdomen towards the chest area and then the throat area.

The vibration of this sound Uuuu has a positive healing effect on your heart, blood pressure, and then the throat area too.

OM Mantra to manifestThe “Mmmm” sound: When you close your lips, the “Uuuu” sound transforms into the “Mmmm” sound, and the vibration happens in the head region. This vibration has an amazing impact on your brain and in turn on your mind.

Remember: AUM is not a word, it has no meaning or definition, it is a sound, the divine sound which represents the sound of the creation. It is always referred to as the sound of the universe.

Fun fact: it is the only sound which human beings can utter without the use of the tongue.

There are numerous health benefits of AUM chanting, which include powerful and quick healing of the mind, brain, and overall health. People with depression and anxieties must chant this mantra.

In short, below are the research-backed benefits of OM mantra.
  1. Connects you with your inner self
  2. Induces fearlessness
  3. Unblocks your mind
  4. Instills extreme calmness & expanded awareness
  5. Reduces brain frequency, meaning deep learning & restoration
  6. Stimulates your nervous system
  7. Works like vibration therapy results in deep healing
  8. Can alter your gene
  9. Synchronizes the left & right hemispheres
  10. Changes the molecular structure of cells
  11. Activates CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) & cleans your brain

You can read more in detail by clicking this link here.

Chant this mantra when you are fearful of anything, anxious about the future when you are restless, dejected. Chant this mantra when you are in confusion when you have self-doubt. Chant this mantra if you want to manifest intelligence and clear thinking, strong immunity, and extreme resilience.

This mantra has mind-boggling power, which you can realize only by practicing it.

So, how to chant these mantras correctly?

There are a few crucial points you need to keep in mind before you start chanting any mantra. Remember, mantras are highly powerful, and they have divine vibrations, and it requires you to create the right surroundings for it to be effective.

They are …

  1. Find the right spot:
    Find the most peaceful spot in your home. The place should receive a decent amount of sunlight and air, in that way the energy flow in that area would be good, this is highly recommended. The second point is to have absolute silence. The external silence is a must for you to have no distraction, otherwise, you will not be able to concentrate in the inner world.
  2. Seating properly:
    This is important, be connected to the ground and seat in meditation pose. If you are not comfortable seating on the ground, then use a meditation cushion or a yoga mat.

Seating straight, first of all, has many excellent health benefits. Modern science says that the CSF fluids travel to and fro from your brain via your spinal cord, supplying all the important nutrients uninterrupted, which is extremely important to maintain a healthy biological process within.

CSF cleans the wastes in your brain and supplies neuropeptides and electrolytes.

  1. Silence your mind:
    Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth to relax. For a few mins during this practice, make sure your mind is calm and relaxed, irrespective of the challenges you have in your life.
  2. Set your intention right:
    Why are you chanting? Ask yourself this question before you start chanting. Chanting will not yield any benefit if you haven’t set the intention clearly. This is important, because every time you chant, the intention keeps getting repeated at the subconscious level simultaneously.
  3. Chant 108 times:
    This can be difficult if you are just starting out, start with smaller repetition, and then keep increasing it each day. Chanting 108 times has many benefits, one important thing is, that your subconscious gets enough time to program itself with the intention you gave it.

    mala bead mantras

    Take the help of a mala while chanting. It has 108 beads and can help you count effortlessly.

Apart from these, there are few other reasons, mainly come from ancient Indian astronomy. The diameter of the sun multiplied by 108 gives you the distance between the earth & the sun. Also, the diameter of the moon multiplied by 108 gives you the distance between the earth and the moon.

And that is almost accurate. As per the modern calculation, the sun’s diameter is 864340 miles, and the earth’s diameter equal to 12742 miles. 864340/12742 = 109.16, almost accurate. The total distance between Sun and Earth is 92960000 miles, which is again 107.56 times than the Sun’s diameter.

This number 108 appears quite often in the design of the universe. We can explore more of this in a different blog post, but this is something to ponder upon, seems like 108 has certain impacts, or carries certain power or vibrations.

So, the idea behind chanting 108 times has a specific reason, this is not just because it’s a fancy number.

Interesting isn’t it??

Now, let’s come to the power of the mantras.

Why mantras so powerful?

The science of the mantras is just amazing, and you must also note that these mantras didn’t happen in one day, but over a period of 1000s of years, after keen observations of nature and its relations with human body and mind.

Here are a few amazing reasons behind the power of mantras –

  • The sound, vibrations and the language
  • Meaning & intention
  • Power of repetition
  • The ancient nature of the mantra
The sound, vibrations, and the language:

In the world of language, Sanskrit is probably the most ancient language or at least one of those extremely old languages which are still not dead. The Indians still use it in all their rituals, prayers, marriage, and festivals, etc.why mantras are powerful

But the most important aspect, which makes this mantra extremely unique, is its vibrational quality. Any word in Sanskrit when spoken almost sounds like a poem, its rhythmic nature makes it wonderful to hear, that is the beauty of Sanskrit language.

Many experts refer to it as a collection of sound rather than it being a language. When it comes to mantras if you notice all the mantras are mainly sounds and vibrations, the key vibrations which were carefully crafted to yield a specific result.

Every sound and vibrations have a specific impact on you, in fact, we are all surrounded by all types of sounds and vibrations in modern days, we are being gravely impacted by their negative nature all the time unconsciously.

These carefully designed sound of mantras can immensely help us. How they were designed and how it impacts on our health positively, will require a separate blog post, for me to completely talk about, which I will do soon.

But, the key takeaway for you should be the impact of vibrations in your body and mind. A little knowledge of science will tell you that the vibrations have the ability to change the molecular structures at the atomic level.

The entire universe is in fact, created out of vibrations or it is a combination of different types of vibrations. The human body is no different, every organ in our body has specific vibrations.

In ancient times, Yogis in deep meditation was able to discover these true hidden gems, the specific sounds or vibrations which has powerful positive impacts on us.

In fact, the chakras or the energy centers in our body holds certain energy, or specific vibrations, there are specific mantras for each chakra, when chanted can activate that specific energy center.

Like OM can activate your third eye chakra, the third eye represents sixth sense & intuition. People with the activated third eye are also extremely visionary, in fact, many extra sensory perceptions are directly related to the activation of the third eye, likeability to read others’ minds, clairvoyance, ability to sense things around, etc.

So, chanting these key sounds can unblock certain vibrational aspects of the human body and mind.

Meaning of Mantra:

Meaning or the intention of the mantra is highly important, once you understand the meaning or the intention, you will know what purpose that mantra is chanted for.

For example, what is the meaning or intention of the Laxmi mantra? It is the mantra for wealth. So, when you chant the same, the intention also gets repeated, if you do not know the meaning of the mantra, even if you repeat your chant 1000 times, it will have no effect.

Meaning gives the purpose, and when you chant continuously it is the purpose that your mind fixes its focus on, and that, my friend, is crucial to subconscious mind programming.

Power of repetition:

Repetition is another extremely crucial factor. In general, the mantras are repeated 108 times. Now, for a beginner, it can be a lot, but please understand that the repetition technique is extremely helpful for your brain.

A new habit is always formed by repetition, your brain rewires due to constant repetition of something. Many of our habits, either good or bad, are formed because of repetition, knowingly or unknowingly.

Another powerful aspect of repetition is, that it helps to sharpen your focus immensely. A one-pointed, sharp focus has numerous strong benefits as I mentioned already that its important for subconscious programming & brain trainingOtherwise, an unbroken and unwavering focus helps you to become more productive, and it is also imperative for a healthy brain.

The ancient nature of the mantras:

Mantras are unchanged, the same Laxmi mantra is being chanted for the last 1000s of years, this makes the mantra highly charged with the vibration of that specific intention. When you chant, it is like plugging a pen drive and downloading all the files directly from there. While in deep chanting, the energy/vibration & intention of the mantra gets downloaded into your

Also, there is another aspect of these mantras, it is about the time of the day you should chant. Ideally, these should be chanted at the dawn or dusk, these 2 specific times when the day and night conjunct are powerful, in terms of energy.

Mantras are ancient

Mantras are ancient. The same mantra is being chanted for many thousand years, that is what makes mantras highly powerful

Also, there is another powerful benefit. When you chant on those 2 prescribed times, remember, there are 100s of people, whom you do not see, are also chanting the same mantra at the same time.

This makes the mantra chanting absolutely powerful, this means you are chanting the same mantra with 100s of people around the world. There are many sciences backed research, which proves that a specific mantra when chanted in a group in unison, accelerates the manifestation of the specific desire of that mantra. Read here an article on this one.

So, when you repeat the Laxmi Mantra with 1000s of other invisible people, the desire or the intention takes shape faster in the environment.

These are some of the amazing reasons why these are powerful mantras to manifest and why they would yield results in the fastest time possible.

Don’t delay further, start chanting these mantras today and reap its benefits.

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