how to make your subconscious mind believe something?

How to make your subconscious mind believe something? [Infographic]

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Alright, now that I have got your attention…

Let me request you to read this page till the end with caution and care

Because of 2 Important reasons…

#1 reason: To help you. This is part of my mission statement, this is what I have set out to do, if you had read this blog page here, you would know.

This is my life’s purpose.

Yes, I have found my life’s purpose and that is to help & guide people to find their inner voice, understand what they are, and find meaning in life, through my personal stories of struggle, miseries, and how I became victorious.

#2 reason – Methods that I am going to share here are extremely effective and has the power to transform your life.

These are things, that I learned the hard way through trial & error, but have transformed me immensely since then. 

So read on, because what I am going to unleash here TODAY, are the simple yet most powerful & effective method on how to make your subconscious mind believe something…

Follow this amazing & scientifically proven 8 step process for 33 days and see how magic starts happening in your life at every moment. Before I start elaborating on these wonderful steps, let me first show you what they are in the below list.

How to make our subconscious mind believe anything?

  1. Careful selection of food to increase Prana
  2. Lemon water with honey in empty stomach in the morning
  3. Cardio Exercise
  4. Mindfulness/meditation
  5. Pranayama [Ancient Secret]
  6. “TRIPLE A” method [A unique method of using positive affirmations]
  7. AUM Chant
  8. Visualization (Power of Creative Mind)

..and also, apart from this, a powerful BONUS trick is waiting for you at the end of this post…a secret magical hack which has brought fast & profound changes in my life…

So, why should you even bother to reprogram your subconscious?

Ask yourself the below questions…

  • Do you want to become rich??
  • Do you want to create new financial opportunities??
  • You wanna accelerate the natural healing process of your body??
  • You wanna learn anything quickly?
  • Do you want to banish all negativity from your life?

Almost anything you want to achieve is possible. Our subconscious has unimaginable power and capacity to get us out of any situation in life.

So, if you are really interested to transform your life, if you want to unshackle the chain of misery and experience the life with full force, to the fullest, then keep reading till the end to explore many of the unknown facts of our hidden mind which can completely change your perspective about how you see life.

Get your subconscious mind hooked to something ONCE….that’s it, you have achieved your goal by 90%…

So, how to make your subconscious mind believe something?

I am writing this from my personal experience…

Once upon a time, there was this phase in my life, when I was going through an incredible amount of misery. And for some time it seemed like endless horror as if I was destined that way…

But, then I refused to believe in destiny…

…somewhere there was this ironlike faith lingering deep inside me, though shrouded in sporadic diffidence, but quite powerful enough to propel me to question my existence, my sufferings…

Believe me, that incredible misery has contributed to my life immensely, because, I wouldn’t otherwise ask myself, who am I, or what is my purpose?

..these contradictions of life went on for some time, but eventually, I realized that the life’s happiness or misery is being decided by someone else, that most of us have completely overlooked….our subconscious which hosts our belief system, our thought patterns, emotions, and feelings..etc..

That is where I needed to work on to banish all the sufferings from my life…

That’s is where the journey began, it was trial and error for me, I learned a lot in the past couple of years and today I am going to share exactly what helped me and how I applied these methods to overcome fear, poverty, and sufferings…

But, before I unleash the step by step guide on how to make your subconscious mind believe something…

..I have to set the right context…You must have the below concepts clear in your mind….

  1. What is subconscious?
  2. How does subconscious influence our behavior?
  3. The secret power of pattern matching & predictions.
  4. And finally, how can we change the conditioned mind & attain the prosperity of all kinds? Or how to make your subconscious mind believe something?

Please note,

All the information that I am going to share here with you today are,

  • Tried & tested on my own life, I have gained huge benefits from them, as I already stated, it didn’t happen in a day, it was developed over a period of time…
  • These are well researched through scientific studies & also through observations of different life situations, that I encountered myself.

But, before, you jump on to this one, I suggest, you go through this awesome post on Power of Mind (Must Read) to know the stunning abilities it has to transform our lives right now.

On this specific page, we are just taking it one step ahead, diving a little deeper into the ocean of mind to explore the unseen.

Okay now,

Let’s put ourselves in the first gear and start moving. The first question….

What is our subconscious mind?

In simple,

How to make your subconscious believe somethingIf I have to refer to the iceberg analogy, then the conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg, the rest 90% is hidden underwater, a massive portion of our mind buried under our logical mind.

Conscious (Logical) mind can only evaluate things to be true or false, whereas the subconscious cannot make any distinction between them, it’s like an innocent child who will do things as he is instructed.

It is this very special ability by using which we can make our imagination seem to be real. In the creative visualization process or while using positive affirmations, we use this very same aspect of our inner mind to replace the negative pattern with a new positive one. (I will talk in detail about these shortly).

If you notice little clearly, you will be amazed to find that 99% of activities of our daily life is actually driven by our subconscious mind, all our unconscious body process, our heartbeat, body temperature, habits, choices we make, beliefs, preferences, and instincts, etc.

Even, most of our conscious decision, that we think are consciously taken is actually guided by our subconscious thought pattern.

Whenever we are faced with a situation in our life, our conscious mind goes back to the subconscious database and tries to find the correct reaction.

For example,

I have always grown up seeing my mother hating reptiles, she had extreme Herpetophobia, would react in a peculiar way whenever she sees one of them,

a reaction mixed with dislike, hatred, and disgust…

Believe me, that is exactly how I react looking at even their google images. I am approaching middle age by the way; just imagine the deep-seated disgust I carry for them…

Repetition of my mother’s reaction programmed me subconsciously to react that way…

This is how we all get programmed at the various levels by various encounters we make in our childhood, it’s much easier at that moment in life to be conditioned either in a positive or a negative way…

Ever wonder why a child is so curious? Because their mind is hungry for a belief system or a guide book, which will help them once they turn adult…

How does our subconscious influence our behavior?

I have already answered that in the previous question to some extent. But, lets deep dive here.

Difference between Emotions & Thoughts: 

We cannot think our emotions, we can only feel them.

Subconscious is the seat of the emotion, whereas the thoughts are workings of the conscious mind. It’s incredibly important to know that the subconscious mind cannot think, but It can house emotions and give feedback to our conscious mind about things we need to pay attention to.

Emotions are unbelievably powerful, their impact on our thoughts are enormous. It can even hijack our thoughts at times.

For example,

What happens when you are crippled with uncontrollable fear, you really do not know how to think at that moment right?

Or, when you fall in LOVE for the first time, love is blind after all.

What happens when you happen to meet your dream girl, she is almost perfect and matches all the criteria that you designed in your dream,

There is a sudden spurt of emotions, like a huge volume of water gushing through the flood gate, and logical thinking is lost at that time…

.. you are not bothered if this is going to work in the future, or, if this is going to put you in mental agony in the coming times, you are longing to be with that person is just inexplicably strong.

That is the power of emotion.

So, we need to go beyond thoughts and fix our feelings, on the contrary, what so many, so-called law of attractions experts are telling you. Fixing thoughts will never yield any damn result.

Thoughts are the product of the conscious mind, whereas the emotions are deep-rooted in the subconsciousness, change your emotions and manifest the reality that you want

Having said all that,

We can still keep the emotions under check by using our thoughts, but not for long. It’s a temporary solution.

Somehow, somewhere they will show up, in different forms and shapes, either in the form of depression or anxiety. That is why we should not repress our feelings constantly for long, instead, we should take immediate note of it, recognize and fix the negative emotion at the root.

Do thoughts create emotions or emotions create thoughts?

Emotions happen when there is a communication between conscious and the subconscious, anything in line with the subconscious program will yield feel-good emotions, otherwise, it will be negative emotions if it is not in line with our subconscious program.

My fear of lizards is a fitting example…

The secret power of pattern matching

Want to how to take advantage of the brain’s pattern matching ability to manifest everything you want??

The subconscious is an incredibly powerful pattern-matching machine, primarily this is a survival process that has been wired in us through human evolution from ancient times, mainly attuned to identify danger.

Probably this is one of the major reasons, why we identify sorrow, dejection, or insecurities so fast, we are programmed to identify a threat, its survival instinct at the end. But, the other way is to identify the positive side of life is by using the same pattern matching ability.

[Artificial intelligence is ultimately based on the same principle of pattern matching, in fact, they are being made to identify emotions now]

Another crucial point is that our subconscious also has the predictive ability, based on the pattern it has already (note this point, this is extremely important to understand).

This is like predictive statistics, where a statistician will try predicting an outcome based on historical data. Probably what we know as 6th sense, arise from the same predictive ability of our subconscious. (I will write a separate post on sixth sense as well)

Our subconscious is firing all types of possibilities all the time, based on the pattern (belief system or paradigm) we have already, creating situations and events in the outer reality.

Learn more on how the brain works at the neuron level & what can we do to accelerate our cognitive function here

How do you feel when you see dark clouds?

Your subconscious will immediately alert you to either walk faster towards your home or look for a shelter…


Our subconscious learns from experience and based on the information in the long-term memory, it predicts a possibility of rain, thunder & lightning.

Whatever we experience or information we gather through our 5 senses are processed by our subconscious and a pattern is built and stored in the long-term memory for future reference.

Do you know your brain is starving most of the time? Boost your brain with this powerful dose of natural ingredients, a science-backed formula developed by neuroscientists

These patterns in long-term memory are responsible for creating emotions. Emotions are triggered to tell us if something is right or wrong.

How do you feel, when you see that red delicious and succulent apple?

You feel nice, the moment we see it through our eyes, that information goes directly to our subconscious, and then, as it finds a positive emotion in regard to eating an apple, it yields all the positive emotions associated with that experience.

Now, most of these patterns making process happens till a certain age, whatever we hear, see, touch, smell & taste from our childhood, contribute to our belief system, or creates our paradigm, and the same pattern drives us through the rest of our lives.

And surprisingly, both (Creation of belief system & pattern matching based on the belief system) happen without any conscious effort at all.

The subconscious belief system is like a constitution book of a nation.

Now, probably you know why people say you are a slave of your own mind.

But there is good news for you,

These patterns can be changed. You can make your subconscious mind believe something else, something new, something that could enhance your life.

We are all slaves of our habits, hidden deep inside our inner mind, the key to success is to break the negative habits.

So, how do we break those negative habits?

Before that, let us recap what we learned. Below is the take away from reading so far.

  1. The subconscious mind holds the key, it is the seat of emotion and holds the master program (Belief system/paradigm or the pattern).
  2. The subconscious mind works all the time in our wakefulness and in our sleep.
  3. It has a superior pattern matching ability & has the power to predict.
  4. Subconscious matches the pattern based on the information it has. if there are negative emotions in the belief system, then it will always try to find out the same in the outer world.
  5. Negative emotions and feelings can be changed to more positive ones by conscious interference.

***Listen to the below sound, in 16 minutes your conscious mind will vanish, an ideal state for accessing your subconscious mind. Put on a headphone while you listen to this for an awesome effect.

So, without further ado here are the 8 Step by step guides on how to make your subconscious believe something.

STEP#1: Food

Yes, food is of extreme importance, we become what we eat. You would have heard this many times before.

Modern science so far has evaluated food only in terms of vitamin and minerals, but not in terms of prana, the word Prana [Chi in Chinese] comes from an ancient Indian concept, which says that these entire so-called blank space that we see is filled with cosmic energy and is flowing & reverberating within us.

There is a list of food items that are high on Prana (A separate post on that will come soon), but for our purpose here, let’s do the below.

Exclude read meat from your diet immediately (at least for these 33 days, it will be good if you can stop it forever): Fish is a great non-veg food if you want to have non-veg. Any animal with higher emotional ability should be avoided, like a goat, cow, etc. When you kill an animal with higher emotional ability, the energy of sufferings and pain is stored and also gets transferred to you when you consume their meat.

If you can stop any non-veg item for 33 days, that will be awesome. Why? Because it helps to break the subconscious pattern and introduce a new habit. This will be difficult, but if you can force the subconscious to accept this new belief, it will help to create flexibility and will be great for future practice that we are going to do.

Also, try fasting for half-a-day weekly once, force this new habit, do something else when you are hungry. Take advantage of neuroplasticity and force a new program. Fasting is also great for physical health.

Increase the amount of different colored fruits and vegetables: Generally, fresh fruits and vegetables are considered high on Prana and have the ability to detoxify your body. 

STEP#2: Lemon water with honey in empty stomach in the morning 

Squeeze at least half of the lemon in a glass of water, mix two teaspoons of honey in it, stir it to dissolve properly. Make sure it has a good mix of both sour and sweet tastes.

This soluble of lemon and honey has astounding health benefits, this the magical potion which will bring surprising & visible changes in your mental and physical health.

Extremely high on Pranic quality, breaks down dirty & negative energies within your system which affects your internal organs

Unblock the Nadis to ensure the steady flow of Prana

Cleans the liver from toxins, the most important organ which purifies the body

Improves digestion, purifies the blood, decongest chakras and expels toxins

Infuses tremendous amount of energy & cures you of hypertension

It has numerous other health benefits, please read here more.

Step# 3: Cardio Exercise

The most important thing the cardio exercise does to you is, that it immediately enhances the level of all happy hormones, in turn making you super optimistic, infusing you with motivation and positivity.

This is the first step towards making your subconscious mind believe something.

No one will really suggest this, but this is the most crucial step towards your law of attraction journey. Find more on this page about the physiological and mental changes that happen during an intense cardio session…

The upliftment that the happy hormones provide you is just amazing…This has done a world of good to me, and I cannot emphasize enough how powerful this step could be.

Below are the hormones that work its magic inside your body and most importantly in your brain too, they work as neurotransmitters.

In short, below is the list of 4 of the important ones…

Endorphins  – As hormone it blocks pain, has an analgesic effect. As neurotransmitters in the brain, they function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system.

Serotonin  – Serotonin boosts our mood and makes us more agreeable and sociable, works both as hormone and neurotransmitters, the optimum level of Serotonin is extremely important to be positive, confident, and incredibly hopeful. It is also known as a “calming chemical”, helps in regulating our mood, happiness, appetite, sleep, memory, and decision-making behaviors.

Adrenaline/ Noradrenaline – It’s not a happy hormone per se, but it helps us in a fight or flight situation, it alerts us, keeps us active and helps to maintain excitement and strength, both mental and physical.

Dopamine – It gets stimulated when we strive towards a goal. It’s a pleasure hormone, which motivates and inspires us so that we can feel the pleasure of reward. Is also has a significant role in keeping our attention in place, and for memory & learning.

SO, why not take advantage of these 4-wonderful life-transformational hormones and use them to power your life today, start doing cardio.

For me it’s 30 mins Jog and sometimes a 50 mins intense jogging, to get those runners high. So, put on your sports shoes and get out of your house today or just get a treadmill and start using it effectively. Get those hormones working for your benefits.

Step# 4: Mindfulness

You want to get your mind to focus on one goal at a time, then practice mindfulness. This is the 4th crucial step that you are taking, an extremely powerful tool which will bring an ocean of change in your life…just doing this alone daily & effectively will transform your life & take you to the path of abundance.

Focus is a beast, if you feed it, it will hunt for you ~ Rushal

Focus is concentrated energy to one point, like laser cutting a steel sheet. The power of concentration can achieve the most seemingly impossible goals can attain a superior ability to focus through the practice of mindfulness, also mindfulness helps to reduce the unnecessary thoughts of the conscious mind, eventually helps to activate the dormant subconscious.

There is enough science to prove that mindfulness or any other form of meditation benefits you in numerous ways, including treating depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, stress (80% of the doctor visit is actually due to stress-related diseases), restoring self-confidence, a sharper brain & incredible mental health & awesome immunity, otherwise helps to communicate with your inner-mind, and helps to achieve astounding focus which you have never realized possible.

Whatever it is, start mindfulness today, you can check this amazingly powerful mindfulness course here, which teaches mindfulness, meditation & also manifesting your dreams, it’s a little costly, almost $75/month for 6 months, but it deserves that price. Otherwise, you check for different types of mediation & mindfulness courses here too.

Learn meditation from 2 of the best online teachers of the world

Best Paid meditation course onlineBest meditation course online


Please remember, that you can self start the journey of self-development, but don’t shy away from taking expert help and don’t delay. Be decisive, that’s the only way you can transform your self.

Step# 5: Pranayama [Ancient Secret]

Pranayama is a set of ancient breathing techniques, which is far more powerful practice than mindfulness. This is probably one of humanity’s biggest gifts from ancient India.

If you want to deep dive into the vast ocean of cosmic energy, then you must embrace the practice of Pranayama. Read the article that I wrote here, this is an extremely powerful practice among all yoga methods (Difference between Yoga & Pranayama), it awakens your Kundalini, once that happens, you become an unstoppable force of this universe.

But, this needs expert help, don’t do this just by looking at some youtube videos. You can check out an A-Z guide on Pranayama from Richard Freeman—who is widely considered one of the world’s foremost Western instructors of Ashtanga yoga.

Caution: Don’t do this without a master. With a master, however, it will completely change your life.

Step# 6: “TRIPLE A” method [A unique method I am introducing]

It’s a combination of three wonderful techniques….

Identifying issues, goal setting, and targeted positive affirmations.

When you start identifying issues and write them down, you establish a deep connection with your subconscious, and then you replace that negative emotion with a specific positive statement. The new suggestions, if given at a regular interval can build a new belief system.

This method is magical, it’s like planting a new seed and then watering every day to see it finally bloomed.

Please click here now and learn how to identify the negative patterns and transform your life.

Do you know that a goal set properly is already half achieved? And that can not be done in your mind, set your goals scientifically, go and buy some fantastic goal planners, I personally use this one regularly because it’s reusable.

Step# 7: AUM Chant

This SUPREME & extremely ancient mantra can have an unbelievable impact. This has the power to induce deep relaxation and joy, which can make you feel extremely calm and triumphant, and most importantly, you can achieve immense clarity of thoughts. The best time would be early morning or in the evening before you sleep.

This instantly reduces our brain frequencies by lowering the number of conscious thoughts, which helps the subconscious to be activated. Many of the greatest insights of life are reported at this stage when we are at theta state of brain frequency.

This is one of the most, or probably the most powerful and unique method of changing your life. This brought a huge change in my thoughts, brought wisdom, and gave me unmatched clarity of vision.

This one thing, along with few targeted positive affirmations is enough to reverse your life….

This is damn POWERFUL…click here now, become FEARLESS and get rid of any negative energy or emotions.

Step# 8: Visualization (Power of Creative Mind)

..if you have read the page on the power of mind, you will know the most powerful quality that a human being has, is the power of imagination..this is a privilege, only given to us, this differentiates us from other animals.

…and what exactly is the reason for our creative mind to be so powerful..??

The creative mind can use the power of imagination to dream….

you can imagine almost anything..isn’t it??

Right now, imagine this…

You are on a roller-coaster, along with fellow passengers, slowly approaching the point from where you are going to descend, there is strong anticipation & excitement in your heart.

You reached to the point, the track is visible and you can see a steep fall, seems like someone is about to push you down from a hill…just a momentary pause up there, you are still considering if you should get out of this unbearable excitement right now, but your ego is not letting you do so…

…before you could think anymore, it just starts moving and within a moment, all that you hear is, you are screaming yourself for life along with ear-deafening screaming from other people around you…rolling down with a fiery force through the slapping wind, piercing your hair and skin…

How do you feel?

Or imagine seating by the window, on a thunderous night, and heavy downfall…hearing the pitter-patter sound of rain on the rooftop, while you sip away your smoking hot coffee on that cold chilly night..feeling cozy and blissful…ohh what a joy!!

..did your imagination transport you to another world?

That’s the power of creative mind…it can make your subconscious believe something to be true…

Let me repeat, imagination is the most powerful privilege given only to human beings, use it effectively (we hardly use it). In fact, stronger & vivid imagination for 30 to 45 minutes a day can even bend the reality (Check here how for an extremely advanced, well researched & comes from a premier organization called Mindvalley)

Otherwise, you can also check this from Joe Vitale (star in “The Secret” movie, author and expert in creative visualization)

..Daily visualization can alter the subconscious pattern and create new possibilities…

So, your time starts now…

Do not give up on this…first few days you are going to face resistance, that’s your inner mind at work, anything new you want to do, you are going to see your subconscious telling you to STOP…because that’s the pattern or program it has got…even though your logical mind will ask you to continue…

..But, the trick is to continue…no matter what…

Make your mind believe something

Start NOW..take the first step at a time..little effort TODAY will change the rest of your life. Invest in your mind.

Anytime you seem to stop, or have any doubt of success…use positive affirmations or look at positive quotes from famous people…or make your own.

Just keep doing it…it’s just matter of time…take the first step…and stick to it even if you are crawling…keep moving…

..That’s the secret sauce…the secret spice, which separates you from others…

Now, it is time to unleash the secret BONUS trick on how to make your subconscious mind believe deserve a gift from me for reading this page till the end…

Apart from those 8 step process, below is an amazing trick, which belongs to ancient India…

Power of Water:

Yes, sounds stunning!!

What if I tell you simple water that you drink can bring huge changes in your life??

Water has memory, the water molecules can be changed or altered by using sound, vibration or even by our intention. Our intention is focused energy, just by looking at a glass of water, you can change its quality positively or negatively.

Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan has demonstrated this fact already and Recently, Dr. Jacques Benveniste has further expanded Dr. Emoto’s work and shown a demonstration that water can actually carry memory. (Read this related page on OM for a fascinating & new perspective)

This knowledge has been part of Hindu tradition in many ways in day to day life in different forms & shapes…

So, let’s do this:

Take a copper vessel, or copper glass, copper bottle anything which you will use daily for storing drinking water. Make sure its copper for a better result, otherwise other metal will do or even glass is ok. Avoid plastics…BUT, copper has some special effect…

Every day, you will hold that water in your right hand once in the morning and at night before you go to sleep, and utter certain positive words, or positive affirmations based on what you want to achieve in life, or what areas in life you want to see change.

Focus on the water when you say those powerful words, something which evokes strong positive emotions, like success, wealth, joy, beautiful, healthy, strong, etc..

Or else, be more specific, use positive affirmations, like “I am wealthy, I am rich, I am capable, I am worthy, I am confident” etc..

if you are having any sickness, use the same method, say “I am healing” or “I am getting better fast”, “I have super strong immunity” etc…

Visualize that emotional energy or feelings getting transferred to the water through your palm. Do this for three days, and every fourth day, keep drinking that water throughout the day if possible or else have half of it in the morning and rest at night before sleep.

While having the water, feel the same emotions which you have been saying to the water, imagine it going inside your body, and transferring that power to you.

..I call this water tantra, something which can be done to fix any situation in your life…

How long does it take to see any result?

Well, this is is not like having paracetamol when you have a fever, and then see fever climbing down…

It depends on how dedicated you are, but this will definitely work…it takes time to remove all those years of negative nonsense which got piled up for so long, they are so hardcoded. So, I think we need to be reasonable here.

But, honestly, I would say, to begin with, do this at least 21 times..which is about 10 weeks, considering 3 days rituals and 4th day you are going to drink that blessed water, which is twice a week.

You will see a visible result in and around you, lots of amazing synchronicities will start happening, it will definitely reprogram your subconscious mind…

This is a wish-fulfilling spell, that I gave you.

Best of luck…let me know if you have any question…

If you liked reading it, please help me reach others which in turn will encourage me to write some wonderful blog posts. Also please go to the blog area to post any valuable comments/suggestions or advice.

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