Inspiring Poems

Unrelenting Fire

There is something inside me,
Can’t really comprehend what it could be,
an unrelenting fire lingering deep within||
Flickering, glittering & glowing,
Longing to explode into eternity||
In the quest of reality,
In search of true meaning,
I am dreaming, and brimming||
Brimming like a river,
With hope and shiver,
I am a shining star,
And I am goanna glitter forever…||

                            ~ A poem by Rushal Kashyap


Why do I sorrow?

Life is calling me
Where am I
Buried under my own thoughts
wondering why?
Why am I here and who am I?
Nothing but a speck of dust
on this endless sky
Might be here today, might not be tomorrow
How does it matter even, why do I sorrow?

Cause, it’s Maya, a brief illusion
A little wait, till comes the great unison,
With the endless sea of the divine,
My true home, my real shrine,
Then, why do I sorrow?
For what and why? 

                          ~ A poem by Rushal Kashyap


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