How to increase brain power?

How To Increase Brain Power Naturally?

There are excellent ways to increase your brainpower, naturally. In this blog post, we will discuss various safe, natural and powerful methods by which, we can increase our brainpower significantly.

But, Before I go into all the crucial details of each method, let me list them down here in brief. Please note that these methods are quite powerful methods and work 100%, if only you do it regularly.

So, how to increase our brainpower naturally??

Below are the 6 amazing methods proven to power your brain…

  1. Cardio exercise to boost the level of happy hormones
  2. Breathing exercise to increase oxygen supply
  3. Practice Mindfulness to lower brain frequency
  4. Mantra for increasing brain power
  5. Creative thinking & imagination to light up your brain
  6. Using natural herbs which enhances your brain’s performance


We will talk about each of these methods in detail and find out how do they impact our brain in the coming section, but before that, we must know few important facts about how our brain performs all the complex tasks.

Let me give you some quick facts about the brain…

Our brain carries only 2% of overall body weight.

But, uses 20% to 25% of total calories and 25% of our body’s oxygen.

It has 86 billion nerve cells or neurons as per the latest estimates by Dr. Suzana Herculano-Houzel against the previously believed number of 100 Billion.

It’s lower than the previous estimate.

BUT, think about the number, 86 BILLION!!!

WILD…isn’t it?

That is almost 12 times more than the world population (as per the Nov 2018 stat, the world population is around 7.7 bil)

These neurons are again connected to each other through synapses, knowns as synaptic connections, which are estimated to be around 100 trillion to 1 quadrillion.

I can’t even imagine that number, can you?   

To add to that, there are billions of glial cells, these glial cells provide diverse types of physical and nutritional support to neurons.

If you add all of them together, it will be one unimaginable number of cells that our brain has. if I must draw an analogy, a correct and comparable analogy would be the UNIVERSE and the stars present in it.

With all these seemingly endless numbers of connections, your brain performs a humongous amount of work every moment…

It maintains your body temperature, you’re eating habits, breathing process, it makes you think, cry, laugh, worry, it thinks about your future, regrets about past, imagine, dream, visualize, solve math problems, make paintings, it holds your intuition, etc. etc. An endless number of events taking place at every single moment.

Our brain is just too incredible and beyond any comprehension…

Think about the below…

Have you ever put your hand on a hot stove unknowingly? Your hand is pulled back almost immediately, in a split second.


Imagine yourself seating in a library, engrossed into your favorite book, without much awareness of the immediate surroundings, suddenly you sense a mosquito bite on your left arm, now just see the right hand flying instantly with your palm open like a frying pan, smashing the mosquito completely.

Lightning FAST….

How does it work really?

There are combinations of things that science knows…

…and then there are things that science knows not, and what it does not know is HUGE.

So, we are going to talk about what little science knows…

How does the brain work at the deepest level (Neurons & Neurotransmitters)?

I have already pointed out, that our brain has 86 billion neurons and they are again connected to each other through billions of synapses.

Neurons are connected to each other via dendrite of one and axon terminal of another neuron. But, they are not attached to each other, instead, there is a gap in between called synaptic cleft.

Neurons communicate with each other by releasing neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) into the synaptic cleft. The axon terminal releases neurotransmitters which are received by dendrites of the other neuron.

The image of the neuron is extremely detailed, just concentrate on the synapses where the orange axon terminal meets the maroon colored dendrites and the image inside the circle.

What happens if somehow all the neurotransmitters are taken out from your brain??

You will be DEAD

What role do neurotransmitters play in human thinking?

Neurotransmitters play a significant role in your everyday life, Scientists do not yet know exactly how many neurotransmitters exist, but they have discovered more than 60 types of neurotransmitters so far, but still, there are many uncovered.

These powerful neurochemicals play extremely critical and complex roles in our cognition but might go little awry at times like below…

  • Neurons may not manufacture enough of a specific neurotransmitter
  • Too much of a specific neurotransmitter may be released
  • The certain neurotransmitter may be deactivated by enzymes

And there are many, depending on factors like stress, disease or drugs and in turn deficits in certain neurotransmitters may cause issues like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, or Parkinson’s for example.

What are some major neurotransmitters and their functions?

There are many of them. But for the topic here, I will talk about 3 of the important ones just for you to have a sense of what they are doing inside our brain, even at this moment while you are reading this post or for me while I am writing.

And they are…

  • Acetylcholine: It’s a learning hormone, plays a huge role in our memory, Language skills, Logical abilities, attentiveness, and more. Just imagine what happens if somehow, we can enhance the functions of Acetylcholine?
  • Dopamine: Dopamine is a pleasure chemical, it motivates us, helps in decision making, attention, memory & learning. Dopamine also works as a hormone
  • Serotonin: Serotonin is a “calming chemical”, helps in regulating our mood, happiness, appetite, sleep, memory and decision-making behaviors. Serotonin also functions as a hormone in the peripheral nervous system.

There are numerous other neurotransmitters that are playing astounding roles in keeping us alive and functioning.


Can we grow new neural connections?

Yes, it is possible.

The earlier thought was that we are stuck with the brain after we became an adult…

No, research has proved it beyond doubt that we can grow new neurons even after adulthood, the rate might decline as you age. This is called neurogenesis, and in this process, the brain generates new neurons in the hippocampus region which is responsible for learning, long term memories & emotions.

How stress can kill your brain or more specifically the Neurotransmitters?

What happens when you are under stress?

It releases cortisol, cortisol helps to maintain our response in a “fight or flight” situation. When there is a danger, cortisol increases your blood pressure & also glucose level. It also shuts down anybody’s functions that are not needed at that point, like the digestive system, reproductive system, even the immune system, etc.

Once the threat has passed, the cortisol level should come down naturally bringing all body functions to normal, but if for some reason the stress level sustains and continues, it will create horrible consequences for you.

And that list includes

  • Anxiety, depression & troubled sleep
  • Weak immune system & digestion
  • Irregular blood pressure contributing to the heart disease
  • Muscle weakness, diabetes & weight gain
  • Damage to the hippocampus regions of the brain which impairs the creation of new memories
  • Research also suggests the shrinkage of dendrites & reduced neurogenesis

And many more…

Now that we have gathered enough info, let’s get into the real question…

How to increase brain power naturally?

Below are the methods in detail…

1). Cardio exercise to boost the level of happy hormones:

Do 30 to 45 mins of intense cardio exercise every day. This has two major brain-boosting benefits, it releases mood-enhancing hormones like Serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins and removes the effect of cortisol, thus giving a major positive boost to your overall wellbeing.

I have already spoken about Serotonin and Dopamine, which act as neurotransmitters in the neurons as well, they have the same impact as hormones too.

A positive brain means a positive mind. Dopamine especially has the inspiration factor, if the Serotonin has the joy factor and then the Endorphin fights against pain & creates exhilaration.

2). Breathing exercise to increase oxygen supply:

There are few amazing breathing technics from ancient India, these are extremely powerful practices. You can check out more on these here. The first incredible impact is that these breathing methods can oxygenate your brain by multifold. Oxygen is the main food for your brain.

Second, it creates certain sense of meditativeness, because of the continuous focus on breathing (that’s the main criteria) which quickly brings down the level of stress(cortisol), keeps you only at the present moment (with yourself, no past & no future), and also reduces the number of thoughts (major killer of your brain).

A study by the University of California and Australian National University says that long term meditators had a better-preserved brain than the non-mediators as they aged. A 2018 Jan scientific study also shows that breathing exercise can organize your memory, emotions, and awareness and another research by Trinity college of Dublin shows how breathing exercises like Pranayama directly influences the chemistry of the brain.

You can learn more on Pranayama here, I have listed a few easier ones. Please keep in mind, Pranayama should be learned properly before you perform, preferably from a Guru or a qualified master, this requires a certain amount of guidance, advice, and discipline.

3). Practice Mindfulness to lower brain frequency

Meditation is a huge subject, you can refer to this one as the first step towards your meditative practices. This is essentially an incredible focus enhancer and has an amazing ability to keep you grounded to the present moment.

Mindfulness practices boost your brain with serotonin and reduce the cortisol level instantly due to the increased level of relaxation & reduction in stressful thoughts.

An interesting study by Yale University says that mindfulness decreases activity in the DMN (Default mode network) area of the brain, responsible for mind wandering.

A wandering mind also referred to as “monkey mind”, generally associated with being less happy or unhappiness (a study from Harvard), like an anxious mind which is also wandering all the time from past to future.

So, make mindfulness a daily routine. You can learn more on mindfulness and its wonderful benefits here, I have written about 5 awesome mindfulness methods, which also activates all your 5 senses.

There are other ways of being mindful as well, you can walk mindfully, breathe mindfully, shower mindfully and perform self-inspection.

In fact, you can be mindful of every activity you do in your daily life. Don’t ignore this powerful practice, which brought fascinating changes in me.

4). Use mantras for increasing brain power:

Use mantra for increasing brain power, this is an incredibly powerful tool, beyond your understanding. I can keep writing on this endlessly, due to the unbelievable benefits I have harnessed from this.

AUM is an ancient Indian mantra, dedicated to the supreme power of this universe from which everything began. AUM (OM) means the sound of the universe or the sound of creation.

The OM sound has an amazing healing effect on your brain and body. Interesting research proves that the vibration from OM chant can stimulate the Vagus nerve which is used in treating depression and epilepsy. Another amazing study shows how this sound can increase mental alertness & synchronicity of certain biorhythms.

Also, this powerful chant can put you in alpha mode easily, and a deep OM chanting of 5 mins can even put you in Theta state. [Read 11 incredible benefits of OM chanting here]

5). Creative thinking & imagination for an excellent brain:

Any form of creativity, especially imagination lights up all your brain areas, just not one single area. You can do any creative activity you like, be it writing, painting, or a simple drawing, playing an instrument, anything you like.

Just be casual about it, enjoy it thoroughly without being bothered much about the outcome. And that detachment from the outcome would ultimately give birth to tremendous joy & relaxation.

This state of mind has some of the incredible healing benefits, including low thought waves, which helps in neurogenesis and repair of neural network.

A relaxed state of mind coupled with the joy of creation also boosts the level of happy hormones in your body and as neurotransmitters in your brain. These chemicals have tremendous benefits for your brain.

6). Using natural herbs which enhances your brain’s performance:

There are many natural herbs if taken regularly can significantly help you to boost your brainpower naturally.

The few are listed below…


Brahmi (in Sanskrit) and Indian herb, extremely important in the Ayurvedic system of medicine, also known as Bacopa, known to promote new neuronal growth.

This herb is used to treat Alzheimer’s, ADHD, also helps fighting stress and improves memory. You can read a research article here. Overall this herb as an excellent effect on our brain, if used regularly for over a period, can significantly improve the performances of your brain.

Cat’s Claw:

This is a vine from the Amazon rainforest, which has properties that can protect your neurons from damage. A detailed research guide can be found here.

Oat Straw:

It is responsible for increasing the Alpha-Theta waves in your brain which is the awake and alert state associated with relaxedness & ideal for learning. Find another article on the same here.


Centella Asiatica also called Jalbrahmi, is being used in Indian Ayurvedic as well as the Chinese medical system. The use of Jalbrahmi in the Indian medical system is extremely ancient, in fact, listed in the historic ‘Sushruta Samhita’, an ancient Indian medical text.

Jalbrahmi is useful for mental fatigue, anxiety, depression and memory loss along with many other types of benefits. You can find an article on real lab experiments that proves these points.

There are many brain supplements in the market which you can buy, will have one of them or there are special brain supplements where each of these are stacked in the right proportion to have an accurate impact on your cognitive abilities.

Noocube is one of them, there are many you can find and research on. I recommend Noocube (You can research more here innoocube detail).

Noocube has many of those natural herbs stacked with each other, so, I feel the chances of any side effect is extremely low, and the positive impact on your brain is long-term.

Please don’t expect an overnight change, you will need to be regular with the methods I talked about, for faster results, you always have that option for a supplement like Noocube.

So, choose your method and let me know in the comments below, what worked and what did not.


Note: Some of my links here on this post might be my affiliate links, this means if you buy from here, I earn a tiny amount of commission which helps me to maintain this site. As always, I recommend only the products which I use personally or hear lots of positive feedback about.

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