How to become thoughtless

How to become thoughtless

How To Become Thoughtless?

Thoughtlessness has an amazing healing impact on your brain. In today’s modern world of complication and stress, our brain is constantly being overused or I would say being abused. There are major challenges in front of us today, like anxiety, insecurity and then depression.

These types of negative thoughts are extremely damaging for our brain, so it is imperative that we practice thoughtlessness for at least a few moments in the day and provide respite to our brain, the most fascinating tool in the known universe.

I have written about all the major benefits of being thoughtless. Do read it here if you are interested.

So, how to become thoughtless?

There are 5 great methods…and they are below …

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Thought numbering
  3. Breathing exercise
  4. Mantra chanting
  5. Brain healing music
  6. Meditation

Now, before I go in detail, let me tell you, being thoughtless is not really very easy until and unless you are a real Yogi or a Zen monk. But the above methods will certainly take you much closer to being thoughtless and that I feel will be awesome.

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How to become thoughtless (Methods in detail)?

#1. Mindfulness:

Mindfulness (Read this fantastic guide for more details!!) is a great focus enhancer, so you can refer to this as focus enhancing exercises as well.

This method helps you to focus on one thing, a single-minded focus to an object.

Pick an object or any item in your home. It can be anything, like a flower vase on your center table, or an image framed on your wall.

Seat in a comfortable place, make sure you can see that object clearly. Now, try to figure out all the details about that object, even the minutest ones, the colors, the shape, the curves on it, try to learn as many things as possible about that object.

What this practice does is, it keeps your mind focused at one single place, this itself is an incredible achievement. At this moment, the mind is not thinking anything, not processing any info, it is just focused at one point. This means, your brain has very less work to do. 

After a few minutes of this practice, you will see how light and fantastic you feel. Suddenly, there is a surge in happiness quotient.

The reason behind the surge in happiness is the lower range of frequency. The lower level of frequency represents a lesser thought process in the brain.

#2. Thought Numbering:

This is an extremely effective method to reduce the number of thoughts drastically. Be comfortable, sit or lie down. Then start noticing what thought you are getting and number it.

As soon as a thought appears number it 1, the moment another one appears, number it 2, keep numbering every thought like this.

Be still and quiet even there is no thought, at this moment, there might be a thought which is, “I do not have any thought at this moment’, that is also one more thought. Number this as well.

Anytime if you forget the number, don’t worry, start at number 1.

The objective is to not follow any thought, just number it and leave it.

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#3. Breathing exercises:

There are different types of breathing exercises. In fact, there are a series of Yogic breathing practices from ancient India, known as Pranayama.

We certainly can’t discuss so much here… but I will talk about one simple exercise.

Exercise 1: inhale and exhale through your nose. The time taken to inhale, and exhale should be the same.

The entire focus should be on your breath, just notice the sensation while you breathe in, hear the noise while you exhale. See how your chest inflates while inhaling and how it goes down while exhaling.

This will keep your focus intact only on that activity of breathing.

Intact focus means, your brain is happy, doing only one thing. Our brain at this moment does not have much to do. It does not need to think anything or process any other information.

Do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes daily, if possible at several intervals.

If you want to know more about Pranayama, read it here.

#4. Mantra Chanting:

This is another incredible, extremely effective method. In this method, you keep all distracting, negative thoughts far away from you and almost empty your mind.

Apart from these 2 important facts, Mantra chanting has many other unbelievable benefits, most of them on our brain and mind.

A simple mantra to chant for you would be the all-powerful “AUM” or “OM” mantra, this ancient Indian mantra can remove all your sufferings from life, and also heals your brain at a rapid rate.

There are numerous videos on youtube on how to chant this mantra. And, if you are interested to learn more, read the post on 11 extraordinary benefits of this mantra.

This is certainly a powerful method for you to consider if you want to silence your mind. Read more here and be amazed.

#5. Brain healing music:

Have you heard of brain healing music or been exposed to it earlier? They could be extremely beneficial for you. This is for them who find the other methods to be difficult to practice and need some help to initiate the process of thoughtlessness.

In this, you do not need to put any conscious effort at all. You just need to plug in the headphone and swim in the ocean of mind-calming sound. Many of them will have binaural beats, the sound of nature, etc.

This is an excellent method for beginners with a tiny amount of investment. There are many free videos available, and many of them are quite effective as well.

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***Hear the sound of nature below. The gentle sound of the Ocean (White noise) will silent your mind and renew your brain.


#6. Meditation:

Meditation is a huge topic, there are different types of meditation at different levels. This is not only about silencing the mind, but along with it, Meditation has numerous health benefits. Mediation is the ultimate healing tool and has life-changing benefits.

Few of the jaw-dropping benefits of mediations are…


These are all proved by various scientific researches.

If you are seriously finding it difficult to cope up with life’s challenges, please consider meditation. You will thank me later I know.

But, getting a good teacher honestly is a great headache. Isn’t it??

A great start would be here. Emily Fletcher is a great teacher, with awesome feedbacks from her students.

Or otherwise, you can just start off with this FREE download from her site, this is a 27 minute long guided meditation, which I found to be extremely beneficial. Check that out.

I just liked it!! It’s amazing how 27 minutes of guided meditation can do so much. Just imagine doing this regularly guided by an experienced teacher.

So, I advise you to go ahead and try all the methods I spoke about. These are all effective methods, all are great, but my best pick would be meditation because the change is permanent and it has numerous other healing benefits.



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