How To Be Fearless?

How to be fearless

How To Be Fearless?

Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweating like hell and your breath is quickening…

These are all the symptoms of fear, that we are all aware of. I am sure many of us would have gone through these similar situations a few times in our life.

Probably that’s why you are here…

There is something bothering you every day…

You are looking for an effective solution to overcome fear in life, and you have been searching online for the same, but honestly, most of the information that you find online do not work, or at least they don’t provide any permanent solution.

That’s because they don’t tell you the science behind fear, where does it originate from, how do they slip into our psyche? If we know the root of the problem, we will be able to devise an effective strategy.

I will talk about these in detail before that let me give you my solution to become fearless. All the below methods are effective, but if you are looking for a quick and everlasting impact, then the last method is mandatory.

How to be fearless

So, how to be fearless?
  1. Identify all the different types of fears that bothers you
  2. Find out the source of those fears
  3. Are they real?
  4. Accept your fear
  5. Learn from your fears
  6. Use positive affirmations
  7. Show courage and optimism
  8. Use Gratitude
  9. Visualization and Imagination
  10. Intense exercise
  11. Use positive images
  12. Breathing technique
  13. Use a mantra
  14. Mirror meditation
  15. Cut the negativity
  16. Learn Meditation from a professional (Most effective solution)

Now, let me go into details, but before that few things, you must understand….

We are born with 2 innate fears…

Before even branding fear as a completely negative one, let me tell you Fear has its positive sides, fear keeps us safe. This is not a new phenomenon, fear has been our friend from the time immemorial. It was a powerful tool to keep us safe.

Our ancestors did not have the privilege of the luxury that we have today. They had to live in jungles thickly populated by wild animals. Fear kept them alert and warned them about any impending danger.

That’s how they kept their survival on, otherwise, you and I wouldn’t be here…

Isn’t it?

So, think of fear as a tool that keeps you safe. In fact, fear is a powerful tool, fear can make you wise and visionary. Every time you are fearful, ask your self why and what can you learn from it?

This will help you find out the root of the fear and then devise a strategy to overcome it.

Do you know that all human beings are born with 2 innate fear, loud sound, and fear of falling? All other fears are learned, contributed by the environment, or the culture we live in…

There are 100s of different types of fear that we simply pick up as in when we grow up…

  • Fear of heights (I had it)
  • Fear of darkness (I had it)
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of flying,
  • Fear of riding (I had it to some extent)
  • Fear of driving (I had it)
  • Fear of needles (I had it)
  • Fear of public speaking (I had it)
  • Fear of spider, or bugs
  • Fear of being insulted (I had it)
  • Fear of being embarrassed
  • Fear of being harassed (I had it)
  • Fear of being left alone (I had it)
  • Fear of being looked down upon (I had it)

These are just a few to be mentioned, then there are many more…

Do you know anxiety is also a type of fear??

How to get rid of fearAnxiety can be due to many reasons. Fear of the unknown, fear of darkness, insecurities of future, fear of global doomsday, perceived financial threat, all these may contribute to your anxiety.

Most of the time, they are more perceived rather than being real.

Phobia is also one type of fear, if your anxiety becomes long term, some sort of continuous thing, then it becomes a phobia.

Now, there are different types of fears and their source, we might not be able to get into lots of details here in this post, but I will make sure I give enough details to make it better for you.

So, how to deal with fear?

To overcome fear in life, and become fearless, we should first understand what is fear and how do they sip into our psyche and what is the source of the fear?

Let’s start….

What is FEAR?

Fear is a type of feeling, which generally arises with the threat of physical, emotional harm. This threat might be real, but in most cases, they are perceived, this constant feeling of “what will happen” also keeps producing fear.

Fear changes us first psychologically, then ultimately there are behavioral changes of different kinds like horror, anxiety, restlessness, constant insecurities, freezing from perceived danger, etc.

Though fear is seen as mainly negative emotions, fear is also an important aspect because it empowers us to cope up with the danger. Have you ever experienced that “fight or flight” situation when in real danger?

The science of fear or how do fear work?

Imagine yourself to be suddenly confronted by a hyena in the forest, what would you do? You will mostly run away, that’s what fear does, it’s the safety mechanism. You very well know that you cannot fight the Hyena, so you run away to safety.

How it works…?

The moment you face danger, your sensory organs pick up all the information and sends it to the amygdala, the amygdala is located close to the hippocampus, in the frontal portion of the temporal lobe and it processes fear.

It processes all the information received by the sensory organs and analyzes how much threat do we have, now please understand that this is an extremely complicated process which I am narrating in the most simplified manner.

Amygdala soon releases stress hormones and activates the sympathetic nervous system. These events lead to behavioral changes, the brain becomes super alert, pupils start dilating, breathing accelerates, heart rates increase and so the blood pressure.

All these sequences happen almost instantly and prepare us t0 either fight the situation or flee from there.

Overall you can notice a sudden burst of excitement, high energy, and adrenaline rush.

Another important fact is the hippocampus, which resides near the amygdala, the same sensory inputs are also picked up by the hippocampus and processed.

The hippocampus analyses the intensity of the threat, this is higher-level processing, where the brain tries to understand the context…how real is the threat?

For example, seeing a hyena in the wild may evoke a strong sense of thereat, but seeing the same animal in a zoo would have a different response from the brain.

This is what the hippocampus does, it does the contextual analysis. Hippocampus holds the thinking circuitry which tells the emotional Amygdala that we are okay. The initial fear generated by Amygdala is later inhibited by the thinking Hippocampus.

What is the source of fear?

As I have already pointed out earlier that we are born with 2 innate fears, loud noise, and fear of falling, but what about others?

All other fears are learned. We pick it up from our environment, the culture we follow, from our parents, other family members, some might be part of our DNA, etc.

They hide in our subconscious.

For example, I have always grown up seeing my mother hating reptiles, she had extreme Herpetophobia, would react in a peculiar way whenever she sees one of them…

A reaction mixed with dislike, hatred, and disgust…

Believe me, still after many years of my childhood, that is exactly how I feel, even when I look at their google images…

How deep seeded it is in my psyche, isn’t it??

Get rid of fear, or it will kill you.There are many fears like these, we pick up from our childhood. Many irrational fears are actually picked up in our childhood while growing up when our conscious thinking or our logical mind is not fully developed yet.

Our subconscious is wide open, we get easily impacted by anything we see, hear, learn whether positive or negative.

For example,

I wanted to be a professional artist, I remember having those arguments with my father while growing up, who always advised me against it saying no one in the family had done so, its safe bet to land a decent job, because ultimately you will fail, and your life will become miserable.

The same thing was repeated to me at different times and situations, and honestly, it became part of my belief system, that it’s not possible. So, no wonder I got the so-called job, with decent pay, which eventually I started hating, but I always thought it is safe. The problem is that no job is safe on earth, but we think it is safe, because that’s our comfort zone, it matches our belief system.

But, If I would have been told to believe in my dream and passion, I think my world would have been different now, I would have been happy in what I do, my life would have been fulfilled and I would have made a significant achievement in my life.

See how fear can clip your wings!

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. ~ Einstein Click To Tweet It’s not the talent, but it is our self-belief that can change our life, and that comes only when you become fearless and leave the doubt behind.

So, talk to yourself, and ask why are you fearful? What is the source of that fear? Is it real or perceived? That will bring immense clarity to your life.

Now, let’s talk about each of those methods that I spoke of earlier to become fearless.

#1. Identify all the different types of fears that bothers you:

Take a notebook and pen, talk to yourself, and find out all the issues that bother you.

Write them down one by one. Make sure you sit in silence for a few mins and become meditative. Because only a calm brain can think better and focus without any thought distraction.

Spend good quality time with yourself, learn yourself before you learn the world. The answers are hidden deep within, only when you silence the conscious chatter of your mind, you can deep dive in the inner ocean and find solutions.

Go to the next step once you think you are done…

#2. Find out the source of those fears

Try to find out what could be the possible source for each of them? Where did it originate? Do you find any possible reasons behind these fears?

Got to the next step…

#3. Are they real or perceived?

Make 2 different categories of them, are they real or perceived?

If they are real, then try to evaluate how did they become real and what it means for you, what is the solution? How big is the problem? Is your fear real or unreal?Analyze the impact it has on your life, if the impact is large then we need to act fast…

If they are perceived, then why are you perceiving them? Do you really need to think that way? Can you just junk those away? What kind of impact do they have and do you really need to attach so much of importance to them??

Most of the time the fear we perceive has no real reasons, or the reason itself is perceived to be a threat, give it a thought…are you not giving too much importance?

Reduce them as much as you can, it will lessen the burden on you. Go back to this exercise every time you feel confused and fearful, it will add more clarity to your life and give direction.

#4. Accept your fear

This is one of the most powerful techniques which you can do easily…

It sounds hard for many people though. You know why?

For example,

If you are afraid of darkness, simply say I am fearful of darkness, this simple acceptance actually makes you feel so better and calm. Don’t scream against it and say “I don’t fear darkness”, this will add more resistance to it.

Because your inner mind knows it’s not true, even though your logical mind is saying you don’t fear.

Now another problem most of us face is the shame and ego that is involved while accepting. Even in real life, we hardly accept our mistake, so this is hard-wired in our psychology, this belief that I can not do anything wrong and it is someone else’s mistake is a major problem.

Naturally, the same ego resistance will appear when you try to accept your fear too, you feel somewhat uncomfortable while saying “I am fearful of darkness”, isn’t it?

But you got to remove your ego here, don’t worry no one is hearing you, you are alone, just accept your fear…

Say, “I am fearful of darkness” or “I fear failure”, it can be anything.

#5. Learn from your fears

How can your fears become your biggest Guru? For example, your fear of failure can teach you to become more careful so that you don’t fail at all or minimize the possibility…

Go back to the question mode and ask yourself, why are you fearful of failure and rejection and how to embrace the failure in case it happens. This will add tremendous value and wisdom to your life.

As I said, fear is a tool which empowers us to fight the extraordinary situations. So, use this tool wisely and prepare yourself for life.

#6. Use positive affirmations

This can be an extraordinary tool if used in the right manner. Make your own positive affirmations, you must read this wonderful article here and here and learn the power of positive affirmations.

For example, if are afraid of darkness, then say – “I am not fearful of darkness at all, in fact, I love spending time in darkness”, or “I love to be in the darkroom, it helps me to become meditative” or say “Darkness helps me to appreciate light more” …

Always find out the positive side of it, and highlight that…

#7. Show courage and optimism

Just awaken the inner optimism and courage. Get up in the morning using affirmatory words, like I am courageous, I am brave. Utter the same before you go to sleep. Think and act like one.

#8. Use Gratitude

See the positive sides of your life and appreciate them more. Be happy about the things you have and stay excited about the amazing possibilities in the future. This will enable you to be more positive, & courageous in life.

 #9. Visualization and Imagination

VisulizationUse the power of imagination. Imagination gives you wings, you can achieve everything in life in your imagination.

When you imagine something your subconscious thinks it as real, as it does not have the ability to differentiate between reality and imagination…

It activates the mirror neurons and impacts your body and mind the similar way how it does in reality…

Visualize yourself seating in a dark room, being happy and joyful, imagine yourself being in a dark room with your friends and having a good discussion, imagine yourself walking through a dark tunnel, and just enjoying the adventure…

Just imagine yourself that way…

10#. Intense exercise

Go out for a jog, run on the treadmill, push up or weight lift, just increase the level of all the happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, Adrenaline, etc.

Endorphins – As hormone it blocks pain, has an analgesic effect. As neurotransmitters in the brain, they function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system.

Serotonin – Serotonin boosts our mood and makes us more agreeable and sociable, works both as hormone and neurotransmitters, the optimum level of Serotonin is extremely important to be positive, confident, and incredibly hopeful. It is also known as a “calming chemical”, helps in regulating our mood, happiness, appetite, sleep, memory, and decision-making behaviors.

Adrenaline/ Noradrenaline – It’s not a happy hormone per se, but it helps us in a fight or flight situation, it alerts us, keeps us active and helps to maintain excitement and strength, both mental and physical.

Dopamine – It gets stimulated when we strive towards a goal. It’s a pleasure hormone, which motivates and inspires us so that we can feel the pleasure of reward. Is also has a significant role in keeping our attention in place, and for memory & learning.

11#. Use positive images

Use images of courage and positive sentiments wherever you spend a significant amount of time. Use positive quotes, wall frames at your home, stickers on your fridge, every possible place. You can get some of the most awe-inspiring posters, printed mugs from here.

12#. Breathing technique

This is to calm you down. Inhale through your nose on a count of 1 to 3 and exhale through your mouth on 1 to 3, do this regularly to keep yourself calm and relaxed.

There are various other advanced breathing techniques which fill you with energy a

Chant OM mantra to remove fear

nd optimism if you want to learn more, read here.

13#. Use a mantra

Mantra can be a simple affirmatory sentence like “I am fearless”, repeat it many numbers of times, I would say 108 times, take a mala bead and count, ancient Indian mantras are always chanted 108 times.

This repetition technique is an effective way to reprogram your mind with this new belief.

If you are really serious about some extraordinary benefits, then I suggest you chant the most powerful and one of the most ancient Indian mantras called “AUM” or “OM”. This mantra is also known as the sound of the universe.

You can read about the 11 incredible benefits of this mantra here.

Read about 2 of the most powerful money mantra here
14#. Mirror meditation

This is another powerful technique to get rid of fear. Seat in front of a mirror, a life-size one. Look into your own eyes, and say “I am fearless”, “I do not fear darkness”, “I am unnerved”, etc.

Do this every day for 10 minutes, this is a powerful exercise, let me tell you.

15#. Cut the negativity

Reduce all the elements from your life which produces fear for some time. It’s like going to a doctor with an IBS problem, the doctor will advise you against having any Caffeinated drinks till you get better.

Apply the same technique here as well. If you are scared of darkness, avoid watching horror movies, dark movies which have violence, crime, murder, etc. Instead, watch movies that are inspirational, read positive news, etc.

Remove all types of negative emotions from your life.

16#. Learn Meditation from a professional (Most effective solution)

This is by far the most effective, quickest solution exists on earth when it comes to overcoming your fears and be free of any negative emotions.

Let me give you some examples here, some of the benefits of meditation are listed below.

I have attached all the scientific journals and research outcomes here to prove how meditation impacts your mind positively and heals.

Your brain changes on meditation, it awakens the true you, the inner divine being which is connected to the source, the endless source of power and inspiration.

Once, you are able to access that hidden source, then there is no fear, no phobia, no anxiety…

You will face all the possibilities of life with endless inspiration and enthusiasm…

Meditation is the tool for you, a real one if you are really looking to make a difference in life…

I recommend you check out 2 of these wonderful courses, both of them are wonderful teachers of meditation.

The first one is Ziva meditation online from Emily Fletcher and the second one is from Live and Dare from Giovanni Dienstmann.

So, take these techniques and apply them in your life, and just get rid of any fear that you may have within. Life happens only once in this form and shape, let us not waste this opportunity to live fully and freely.

Best Paid meditation course onlineBest meditation course online

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I could contribute to your life. Please comment below and share this article with others.


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