How can I use my subconscious mind to attract money?

How Can I Use My Subconscious Mind To Attract Money?

Lots of people are asking this question (including me a few years ago). And being a blogger who is interested in these types of subjects, more specifically someone who has spent quite a lot of time not only researching but also applying it on his own life, I felt I must answer this in a detailed guide.

Let me answer this question first in brief…

So, how to attract money with mind power?

  • Be thankful for whatever you have
  • Calculate how much you have now?
  • Set goals, how much, and by when?
  • Give a purpose, why do you want to achieve that?
  • Figure out what options you have?
  • Devise an action plan
  • Remove negative beliefs about money
  • Re-program your mind with positive beliefs


The negative things we hear from our childhood are, money is evil, money is the root cause of all the problems, it is hard to earn money, etc. These are the negative beliefs along with many others, eventually, create obstacles in our life.

Most of these beliefs are formed in our childhood (or even before birth in our mother’s womb!!) when our brain and mind is still at an initial stage.

No wonder why a child’s mind is so hungry for knowledge, the child wants to know every damn thing about this world. Unfortunately, this irresistible curiosity is fed with only negative views, most of the time.

We have also gone through this stage, while we grew up…

“A man is what he believes“~ Anton Chekhov

What is your belief system? Ask yourself and find out where did it come from. Because it is important to know this if you want to change your behavior.

Fortunately, there is something called neuroplasticity (nicely explained here), which means even after we turn adult, the brain can still develop new neuronal pathways if we force ourselves with a new habit…

…And that’s great news, otherwise, we all will be stuck in this paradox lifelong, this illusionary reality shaped by your belief system.

How does our belief system work?

Our belief system works like a guiding book, or like a GPS, deep-seated in our subconscious, or you can probably refer to this as long-term memory.

It’s like planting a seed. If you want a full-grown tree and you want the tree to give you beautiful flowers that smell wonderful, you must plant the seed properly, and take care every day. You must be careful about the soil, you must make sure you add correct measures of manure and water, etc.

Similarly, seed should be planted in the human mind with a lot of care. And that seed is your belief system.

It is unfortunate that most of the time, this planting of seed happens unconsciously by what we see and hear around us, be it our parents showing their frustration for every little thing that seems to go wrong, or how ungrateful are they about everything, or the news of suicide on TV, rape, negative politics around the world, brutality and mass murder, religious beliefs, etc.

There are so many other ways we are bombarded with negative junks and conditioning, every day…

For example, I have always heard my father say – “I don’t have enough money, let’s not dream much, let’s be wherever we are, Money is hard-earned, it’s extremely difficult. We need to toil hard for a little bit of money.”

That is exactly what got framed in my mind for years. I truly believed them. No, wonder why I lived in such a way for a long time…

I always believed that it’s difficult to earn money, I truly believed in it. I just toiled harder….that’s all.

How beliefs affect behavior?

Our bio-chemistry responds to our belief…

Our biochemistry is like a customer feedback machine, it captures your experience as a customer whether you were “very happy” or the experience was “poor”, whichever button you press, it captures the same sentiment.

Reality is mostly the inner reflection that you have within you.

Reality is mostly the inner reflection that you have within you, driven by your belief system.

Our thought is like that button …

If you think you can never be happy in life, it will eventually create depression, your biochemistry will obey that command unquestionably and manifest that reality.

A thought is like a trigger that fires up the neurons in our brain, they, in turn, start talking to each other via neurotransmitters, in turn triggering massive activities at a cellular level that controls your muscles, then your body movement, your gestures, etc.

A depressive thought, for example, fires up lots of cortisol neurotransmitters in your brain. This, in turn, sends the signal to the body asking it to manifest the same as an important command. Invariably, your body produces a large amount of cortisol hormone (stress hormone) in your body.

A sustained level of cortisol hikes the heart rate and blood pressure, decrease the performance of the brain, reduce your thinking ability resulting in poor judgment. This eventually turns you into an inferior quality of life with poor outcomes., it is our belief which can either create or ruin our life…

To prove how powerful our beliefs can be, let me talk about “Placebo” at this juncture. There are records of several cases in medical history where “Placebo” was found to be profoundly effective.

One of the staggering cases was about a lady who was suffering from chronic nausea and vomiting…

She was diagnosed with a certain gastric contraction which was severe. She needed an effective treatment and then doctors offered her a “new, revolutionary & potent” medicine, which they claimed would cure her undoubtedly.

Within some time, she cured magically, nausea vanished. The same diagnosis now revealed a normal pattern in her gastric contraction.

What was that “new, revolutionary & potent” medicine??

Don’t laugh now…

It was a syrup of Ipecac. Ipecac is used in fact to cause vomiting after a suspected poisoning, or an expectorant to thin mucous…

How did it work??

When the syrup was presented to the patient, with a strong suggestion of cure by an authority figure, it acted as a command to the brain to activate the self-healing biochemical responses of the body (Source- “the healing brain”).

Now, let me bring here another powerful aspect of human biology, which is “mirror neurons”.

What is Mirror Neurons?

Mirror neurons are the neurons that fire up both when a human being performs an action or observes another human being performing the same actions.

Basically, these neurons mirror the behavior…

…For example, a certain set of neurons fires up, when you play tennis. The same set of neurons fires up when you observe someone playing tennis too.

That is the reason, why a fantasy might seem so real to you. If you visualize yourself to be wealthy, the mirror neurons will copy the same fantasy and will fire up necessary actions to make you feel wealthy.

The same happens when you watch a tragic drama on screen. Or you read a depressing news article, or if you talk to a friend who is always depressed.

If you do not know how to control these very aspects of our human biochemistry, you will always be impacted negatively.

That is why it is so important to have a culture of positivity in our life, be it Positive self-talk, meeting inspiring people or reading inspiring stories, etc.

The 3rd important aspect which I already talked about is Neuroplasticity…

…meaning our brain has the capability to build new neurons to support a new belief system or a new habit that we introduce, and repetition of the same thought eventually creates a new neural pathway.

Now, apart from all these 3, there is one more profound scientific fact that you must know…

And, that is our brain’s pattern matching ability.


Our brain is a superior pattern-matching machine (Read here to learn more). Your brain is continuously doing this for you all the time, but, you don’t seem to notice this.
For example, say, you just love the new red Volkswagen that was launched in the market recently, you dream of owning that car, suddenly you see lots of red Volkswagen around you or at least lots of other red-colored cars on the street.

Our mind has a fascinating pattern matching ability

Have you ever wondered why?

That’s the most fascinating aspect of our brain. It’s not that those cars suddenly fell from the sky, they were there already, but now the brain understood your imagination as an important instruction and felt its absolute necessity to find the similarity in the external world.

That is what the so-called “law of attraction” gurus are referring to as manifesting your desires.

This important skill is there from ancient times and was vital for our survival to identify danger and threat. But the same can be used consciously to enhance our lives as well.

Why do you think, coincidences happen? Or we are present at a certain place at a certain time? Life can be so complex if you think that way, and everything is happening subconsciously. It’s just one thought or one action and the rest of our life is just about reacting to it.

So, what we learned so far??

We learned that we can take advantage of our mirror neurons, induce positive self-belief, eventually working like Placebo, triggering the required biochemical activities to move us in that direction. And, if we keep feeding ourselves with the same placebo in a sustained manner repeatedly, the neuroplasticity will kick in and support us with new neural connections to strengthen the same.

Not only that, but our brain also will understand that as an important command and will try finding out the similar patterns in the external reality, by using its incredible pattern-matching abilities.

That is exactly what we are going to do now…

We will now learn how to achieve all the 4 aspects of our human biology.

I have laid out 11 amazing & extremely effective methods just to do that. I recommend you to be slow and focused while you read them.

Here is the list…

How can I use my subconscious mind to attract money?

I have already talked about the steps at the beginning, The below methods are for re-programming your mind, the 8th step which is “Re-program your mind with positive beliefs”.

There are 11 scientific steps for you to tune your mind with the new belief and let the money flow easily…

  1. Write Your Desires
  2. Mirror meditation
  3. Positive self-talk
  4. Use Mantra
  5. Use the energy of the full moon
  6. Silence your mind
  7. Use of images and objects
  8. Creative visualization
  9. Create your own mantra
  10. Go out jogging
  11. The MUSE Headband
  12. Keep asking questions

Now, let’s go into more details…

#1. Write your desires:

Write, Write, Write. Yes, the most effective mechanism that helped me incredibly.

I have personally used this as a potent weapon. Take a notebook and a pen, mention the date, and keep writing about what you wanna achieve in life. Make a small plan, for it. Put a date against each desire by when you want to have it. Just become creative, there are no rules and there shouldn’t be any.

That writing should happen extempore, just write whatever you feel, what challenges you are facing, how you wanna overcome that. Your brain has a hypnotic state when you write, whatever you suggest at that time, goes directly to the core of your mind, the innermost one (Subconscious). This is a brilliant method…

To make it 100% effective, use a beautiful planner (beauty matters, trust me), you can get many of them online easily with a little search. You can check my personal recommendation here, I also suggest, you check this manifestation planner here, this was crafted scientifically for maximum impact.

#2. Mirror meditation:

Seat in front of the mirror, look into your eyes and keep uttering yourself all the positive words. If you want to become rich, say “I am damn rich, I am freaking wealthy, I have all the money I want at my command”.Use power words (like extremely rich, incredibly wealthy, etc.) to induce determination.

Looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself these powerful words have some special effects…

Something happens to us when we look at ourselves through the mirror, something which cannot be explained scientifically, but it feels like concentrated energy from your eyes directed at you. (Check something powerful here).

This is another super powerful method I am giving you. Try it and see the power it has. The mirror should be a large one where you can see yourself completely.

#3. Positive self-talk:

Keep talking to yourself. Remind yourself that you are rich. Say “I am wealthy”, or “I am prosperous” etc. just before you sleep and once you get up in the morning. Remind yourself the same, several times a day…

Buy this powerful positive affirmation posters (designed by me carefully with lots of positive intention) and paste it on the walls inside your house, keep it in several places so that you can see them, inside the bathroom, bedroom, in the kitchen, on the refrigerator, in the hall or dining, fill your home with only positive words…

This is an extremely powerful practice. Read a more detailed guide on Positive Affirmations here. [You can get the world’s most powerful Lion’s posters with exceptionally motivating quotes for fearlessness and courage]

#4. Use Mantra:

Man means mind and tra means tool. There are several Mantras from ancient India, for different purposes. But to keep it simple I will give you one of the simple mantras which are revered through the world…

And that is “AUM”, this is the most powerful mantra and can bring incredible change within you. This is for inner transformation. You can learn more here

This mantra has amazing healing and energizing power, otherwise, it is greatly beneficial for your brain and thinking. Chanting of this sound can get you in theta mode immediately which is known for effective learning.

I have written about 11 most extraordinary benefits of chanting AUM here, please do read it.

#5. Use the energy of the full moon:

Might sound surprisal to you, but, this can have a powerful positive impact if you use it positively.

Ocean swells on the full moon days, such is the power of the moon. The energy level remains very high on these days, and anything that happens within gets amplified……

If you are sad, you feel sadder. If you are happy, then you will be happier.

So, it is important to have positive intentions. These intentions can be energized on these days, around 5 specific days when the moon is strong. 2 days before and 2 days after the full moon. 

Keep your wishes ready. Go out in an open space where you can access the moon directly without any obstacle, look up to the moon, uttering the desires that wish to achieve, feel the moonlight on yourself, feel as if you are getting rinsed by the white energy, feel good and feel high. 

If you can seat under the moonlight, I suggest you do that, and affirm yourself with positive & inspiring words, or you can even meditate, or use creative visualization as a wonderful tool.

#6. Silence your mind:

A silenced mind is a mighty mind. Only a quiet, unnerved and undisturbed mind can produce clarity of vision, this is when conscious mind quietens and opens the door to subconsciousness. 

To access our inner mind, we must quieten it. You can understand this by measuring the brain frequency (There are gadgets that measure Subconscious mind attract moneyyour brain frequency in real time!!). Go down to alpha then reach theta, that is when the magic happens.

Theta is the state of deep healing, faster learning, and a level when your brain and mind works with incredible efficiency.

This state is important for subconscious programming, and all the other steps like creative visualization and manifestation, positive self-talk, mirror meditation, etc. The easier it is to access the subconscious, the faster will be the reprogramming. 

You can achieve stillness of mind by learning meditation from LiveAndDare, otherwise, this one from Ziva Mediation is another fantastic course for you to consider…

Or if you are just beginning with meditation, want to spend less money then go ahead get this powerful guided meditation here from IAwake.

#7. Use of images and objects:

Using the images and objects which are associated with money and wealth would be a must-follow step.

It is scientific that 40% of all nerve fibers connected to the brain are linked to the retina. More neurons are dedicated (learn more here) to vision than the other 4 senses combined.

So, anything visual is extremely engaging & impactful…Use Feng Shui items around you in strategic places (Check for books in Amazon)…Buy a Fengshui mat and keep it in front of the door…or you can use a magnificent elephant figurine (Must keep it at home) for unlimited wealth and good luck, keep it somewhere near the front door…ideally, 2 of them, facing inward.

Otherwise, use a 3-legged frog (buy immediately, extremely beneficial) near the front door facing inward to protect the wealth and money. You can also place the famous Indian Ganesha (The elephant GOD, known as obstacle remover, extremely powerful energy) idol at your home.

Place him in a quiet and clean place and offer him flowers and aromatic incense sticks, and spend some time in quiet in front of him and ask his help to achieve your goal. 

You can also buy a billion-dollar poster and paste it on the wall or buy these powerful posters (exclusively designed for you) designed by me. [You can check for more amazing Feng Shui items in AMAZON]

#8. Creative visualization:

You would have heard about creative visualization already.

Go into the world of imagination where you are successful and rich. See yourself having a lot of money, imagine opening your bank account and seeing a huge amount in your savings account. Imagine yourself withdrawing a pile of cash and buying something expensive or helping someone etc.

Make a schedule and do this every day for 10 to 15 mins, get involved emotionally with your imagination. Read the more detailed guide on creative visualization here. 

#9. Create your own mantra:

Create your own mantra. If your goal is to become rich, then say “I am wealthy” 108 times a day. Buy a Mala beads (Check in amazon), then find out a nice, quiet place in your home, light up an aromatic incense stick (Lavender is great for concentration) and start repeating this while you count the beads.

Alternatively, you can also sit in front of the Ganesha idol, and ask for his blessings to remove all obstacles which exist in front of you before you start chanting your own mantra. You would have already found out the obstacles while you would have done the writing exercise. 

There is a very specific mantra for the elephant god as well, which is “OM Gam Ganapataye Namah” or just say “Om Gaam”. These two sounds OM and Gaam (this is the sound of Ganesha) are very powerful. Light up an incense stick, get a comfy meditation cushion and start doing this today. (Want to become rich? Read these 2 money manifesting mantras)

You can also make use of essential oils (Get a lavender) for aromatherapy. You can, in fact, get books on Amazon on how to use these oils, and also check for oil diffusers for the aromatherapy to work properly. Nice natural aroma reduces any negative energy in your home, cleans the air of any toxic energy, infections, etc., and increases the positive vibe.

#10. Go out jogging:

You must do this, every day preferably, at the beginning.

This is extremely important, as running for 30 mins a day brings fabulous changes within you. It immediately increases the level of all happy hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain. Serotonin (for confidence, being positive), Dopamine (Motivation & inspiration), Endorphins (Blocks pain, helps transmit electric signals within the nervous system). These are the major ones for example. 

An optimum level of these hormones is extremely important to keep you uplifted and help you strive towards the goal. You can even do the running inside your home on a treadmill. Read this beautiful article on the head-to-toe benefits of cardio workout for more motivation.

#11. The MUSE Headband:

Muse headband works based on EEG technology, once you put on this one around your head, it measures your brain activity through the EEG (electroencephalography) sensors attached to it.

MUSE headband is no doubt the future of meditation for many, at least for the beginners, this headband really works well and does a fantastic job.

Put the MUSE headband around your head, download the app and play the music.

MUSE starts reading your brain activity, if your mind is calm, then you will hear the sound of peaceful weather…

If your mind is wandering, out of focus, or busy then you will hear stormy weather, which means you should focus back and calm your mind.

This technique to me is incredible. Every time you are disturbed, something will remind you to come back to the present moment.

MUSE is getting better day by day, they first came out with MUSE, then MUSE 2 and now MUSE S.

This amazing gadget helps you to focus on the peaceful weather, which in turn quietens your mind, helps you to remove all the unwanted chatter of your mind, no conscious thought means, easy access to the subconscious mind.

Use all the wealth affirmations post this activity, this will help you to reprogram your mind with a wealth mindset.

#12. Keep asking questions:

This is by far one of the most profound and impactful processes to enhance your life or move towards a goal. 

Our mind gets intrigued when you ask a question. Our brain lightens up, fires up billions of neurons suddenly the moment you ask a question. 

All the answers are already hidden deep inside in our subconscious, somewhere deep down imprinted in our system. It is possible to access that knowledge only when you ask questions. 

Question hijacks our brain. It can concentrate only on one question, not many, which is already a proven fact in neuroscience. I am talking about conscious thinking, not mind wandering. Your mind might wander into many different things at a time.

That’s why it is important to keep asking questions, another terrific way to keep your mind at present. So, keep asking questions like – “how can I become wealthy?” or “What options do I have in front of me to become rich?”, “What are my passions, and how I can turn my passion to become wealthy?”, “What actions do I need to take in order to become wealthy?” etc.

So, why worry, when you have these wonderful solutions. You might not be able to do everything, try and test, make your own program and then follow a schedule. These methods can be used to overcome any challenges in life, becoming wealthy is just one of them.

Don’t delay. Change your life now, time is running out.

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