Fastest Manifestation Techniques

Fastest Manifestation Technique

Fastest Manifestation Techniques

Do you want the real manifesting secrets? Do you really want to learn how to speed up manifestation like a rocket? I am sure you want to because you want to change in your life, isn’t it? You don’t want to live the same old life anymore. You want the key to instant manifestation.

I know it, even I wanted it, and I fell prey for all the bullshits as if there is a miracle which is going to change your life overnight or in few days…

No, you cannot manifest anything in the blink of an eye. It takes effort, like anything else in the world, if you want to become the master of manifestation, then you got to know the right methods and follow them diligently.

But, with the right techniques, you can significantly speed up the manifestation process.

I am sure, you have gone through many articles, posts to search for a method that works, you have been searching for the real answer that really works, you need the real help, not any bullshit…

Then don’t worry…

I am here to provide that real help…

Because I have been through hell.

I have seen it all and then risen like the Phoenix…

Yes, my friend,

Life was not easy for me at all…but here I am (Read more here if you want). I learned a lot, it took many years of learning to reach here today, for me, it’s a miracle, especially for a person who thought of ending his life….

I am here to put an end to your suffering.

Through this article, what I am going to unveil is the most rapid manifestation technique of the world.

Before I go ahead and elaborate more on the same, let me uncover the secret here for you.

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What are the Fastest Manifestation Techniques?
  1. Empty your mind
  2. Get clear on your goals
  3. Use the power focus
  4. Mantra meditation
  5. Use affirmations (must do the first step)
  6. Power of imagination (must do the 1st & 2nd step)
  7. Be thankful

I have listed out 7 of them, but the first 4 are enough for you to manifest anything you want if you perform them every day. You can always perform the rest of them if you like, but honestly, you won’t need them much if the top 4 methods are followed.

If you follow these methods diligently and take regular action, you will notice significant changes in your life in just 30 days.

And, let me tell you…

These methods that I have given you here are extremely different than what many other so-called ‘law of attraction’ gurus are talking of.

You will find 100s of blogs, articles, and pricey courses, which promises to change your life, but what you find common about them is the same old stupid methods that do not work at all.

It’s the same old gibberish…

Those same old affirmations, that same old creative visualization, they will never work if the root of the issue is not understood and fixed.

You will never be able to manifest anything at all…

I will tell you why my methods are so powerful and why it works so fast.

But before all that,

You need to learn the science of manifestation in brief. What is the manifestation and how does it work?

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How does manifestation work?

We are in fact manifesting all the time. Look at your own life, whichever situation you are in, at this moment in your life, has been manifested by your very own self.

The manifestation of your thoughts and actions are happening all the time, unfortunately, it’s an unconscious process…

You are not aware of how it happens, but you are manifesting every time, mostly negative things in your life.

There is a complex process to it, which you must know…

The most crucial factor to your manifestation is the decisions that you take in your life…

those decisions are again based on your perception…

and that perception comes from your belief system.

…how you perceive a situation, you see it varies from person to person. That’s because we all carry different belief systems.

What is the belief system?

What’s your reality? Or what’s your program? Choose carefully, as you manifest what you think.

Our belief system is like the operating system of this laptop where I am writing this article for you.

The operating system is the master program that governs all other programs in a machine and determines the ability of the computer to perform certain actions.

In simple words, the ability of your system is limited by the operating system. You can only do certain things, if you want to do something new then you got to change the operating system or upgrade it.

This is exactly what your belief system does. Your entire life is governed by this belief system, this is the master program hidden inside your subconscious mind.

This belief system holds the secret behind all your fears, anxiety, limiting beliefs, depression, melancholy, misery, pain & all other negative beliefs.

If you can somehow reverse this belief system and fill it up with all the positive emotions, beliefs of success, wealth, fearlessness and joy, then your life will be driven by the same values.

So, it is of utmost importance that we work on our belief system or the subconscious program. Read this awesome guide on “Power of mind” which explains a lot and also “how to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract money” (This talks about the important roles played by the mirror neurons & brain’s pattern matching ability)

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How do we acquire this belief system?

Mostly in our childhood. A child is open to receive any information or instruction from our surroundings, because it is important for him to learn at this moment, whatever he learns from the surroundings, forms the base or a guideline which will govern him through all the future challenges as he grows up.

Our 5 senses do what they are best at, they gather all the information from our surroundings. What we hear, see, touch, smell, and taste, all this information goes into our long-term memory, beneath the conscious mind, in other words, the subconscious mind.

This process of gathering information and them going directly to your subconscious keeps happening till a certain age, because your conscious mind is still not fully developed, you don’t have a filter.

So, everything is treated as important instruction.

Unfortunately, because we see and hear a lot of negative things from our childhood, from our parents, our neighbors, family members, etc., the base that the child builds in, mostly has all sorts of negative guidelines.

Most of our behaviors or the mental makeup which is what gives us our identity or personality, like our preferences, dislikes, self-confidence, comfort zones, fear, anxiety, depression all get shaped in this tender age of our childhood when the logical mind is not in force.

That’s how human functions, it’s important to have a guideline on how to live our lives. That’s the primary job of our, it maintains the guideline, the book of life, or our individual constitution.

Now comes the conscious mind….

As in when we start growing up, we also slowly start building a layer of the conscious mind or the logical mind, which slowly starts surrounding our subconscious.

Our logical mind has incredible importance, it works as a filter, all the information that your senses gather now, do not go into your subconscious directly. Your logical mind starts filtering them, but it filters based on the conditions that your belief system has stored.

With a negative belief system, it destroys any great possibilities in your life, but similarly, with an optimistic belief system, you can do wonder.

If the line of code in your belief system says, “it’s hard to become wealthy”, then no matter how many opportunities life presents in front of you to become wealthy, your inner mind will stop you from pursuing them.

The opposite is also true.

So, it’s imperative that we need to reverse our belief system if we want to manifest anything in life.

This is serious stuff, this is the only method that works. This is no gimmick.

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Is it possible?

Yes, 100%.

We can do it, with the right technique.

You got to somehow switch off your conscious mind daily at least for a certain amount of time, and that means we have direct access to our subconscious.

Once we establish a direct relationship with our subconscious, we can easily implant any new thought or idea.

The top 3 methods will switch off your conscious mind…

  1. Empty your mind
  2. Get clear on your goals
  3. Use the power focus

4th step will switch off your conscious mind and start reprogramming your subconscious. This is an extremely powerful method, or probably the most powerful method. This step alone is enough.

  1. Mantra meditation

These below methods are for reprogramming your subconscious.

  1. Use affirmations (must do the first step)
  2. Power of imagination (must do the 1st & 2nd step)
  3. Be thankful

Now, let’s elaborate on each step briefly.

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1. Empty your mind:

Mindfulness is powerSilence your mind. I already told you the importance of switching off the conscious mind, without it, you will not be able to reach your subconscious.

The problem with our conscious mind is that it’s damn busy all the time, it’s being ravaged from morning to night, even at times in the night we don’t sleep.

If I bring an analogy for better understanding,

It’s like a stormy ocean…

And you are trying to fish in that stormy ocean, you will never be successful. But it’s easier when the ocean is calm, isn’t it?

So, it’s not possible to access our subconscious, when there is a storm above at the conscious level, you will be lost in the storm. If the conscious is calm, then you can easily swim into your subconscious.

That’s why positive affirmations, creative visualization although effective tools, do not work for 99% of the people, they just don’t reach where they need to.

You may water the plant, but the water needs to reach the root of it, otherwise, it will just wither away in front of your eyes.

So, you must silence that conscious chatter of your mind if you want to reach out to your subconscious mind.

You must empty your conscious mind!

How do we empty our minds?

Mindfulness is a wonderful tool, but the most incredible and deeper effect can be generated by practicing meditation.

To me, meditation is the ultimate and the most powerful tool which can easily achieve this objective in a week and an efficient teacher can initiate this in no time in your life.

Just 3 weeks of practicing meditation in the right manner, can bring significant changes in your life.

Meditation has a deep healing impact on your brain, it instantly removes all worries, anxieties, pain, trauma and all other negative thoughts from your mind and brings you back to the present.

This is the only method by which you can open the door to your subconscious and then use the power of positive affirmations and creative visualization to re-wire your brain with new thought patterns.

My suggestion would be to read this eye-opening article on the best meditation courses online, here you will find 2 of the most powerful & well-designed courses which transform your life completely. You are free to go to any meditation class, but as per my understanding, these 2 are the best of the best.

You will thank me later for this, I know.

My personal recommendation would be this one here, this is from Ziva meditation, a very powerful course designed with the power of 3 Ms, namely Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation.

Emily first initiates mindfulness in you, then she takes you slowly to deep meditation and then she teaches how any goal can be achieved effortlessly.

Also, check another incredible online meditation program here from, offered by “Live and Dare“.

Only when you empty the cup, you can again refill. remove all junks from the mind to refill it with success:

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2. Get clear on your goals:

The second most important step for you to figure out your life’s purpose and goals. Would you be able to achieve anything without a goal?

No. it’s never possible.

Having a goal is like having a direction. without a direction, you do not know where to really go. Lifeworks wonderfully well when you have a destination to reach.

When you leave home for an office, you know that’s my direction. How much ever obstacles you face on the way, you will figure out a way to reach there…

Every time you decide something, it’s your goal for that moment. Similarly, you need to have an overall goal for your life, the ultimate goal that you think you must achieve to feel content & happy in life.

What is that goal?

It can be anything…

You might want to become an extremely successful employee, or a software programmer, a painter, an artist…

or you want to become an extremely wealthy person…

whatever it is, you need to figure out what that is…

Having a clear goal is equivalent to having it already manifested by 50%.

How to figure out life’s purpose or goal?

Plan your life goals with the most advanced goal planner, accelerate your manifestation process with this scientific planner.

Ask yourself…

Who you are? What gives you happiness or joy? Make a list of them…

Then, go through each of them one by one and see which ones are viable, is it sustainable? How can I make it big, can I at the same time turn my passion into a profitable business?

What is the next great option if not this one?

Take a good amount of time to figure out this one. Then chuck this one goal into multiple smaller pieces and set timelines for each one.

And, take slow and steady action to reach each small objective. In no time, you will see things started moving at a great speed.

Note that, only an ideal mind can clearly set goals and achieve them. An ideal mind is the type of mind which functions beyond ego & emotions, which is always present at this moment, no distraction, focused only on the task at hand and can think far.

Again, you got to embrace the practice of meditation, there is no other tool or technique in this entire world which can achieve that ideal state of mind.

3. Use the power of focus:

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful force behind any manifestation in your life. Sadly, I see no one is talking about this one. Even in the business world, people talk about business principles and strategies, etc. but no one talks about this powerful feature of our life.

This is the same elsewhere, how many artists or writers you heard talking about the power of focus, even the so-called law of attraction gurus are not talking about this potent tool either.

This is the most ignored topic.

How fast you manifest is directly related to how powerful your focus is. Focus has tremendous energy, it can achieve almost anything, it does not matter how arduous and challenging it is.

There is something called single-minded focus, its like concentrated energy, which is directed to one point, one goal and nothing else at one specific moment.

Its like laser cutting a steel sheet…

You would have heard about will power a lot, believe me, that’s bull shit, train your focus, you would need nothing in this world.

There are many ways you can increase your focus, there are many exercises available free on Youtube, you can go and check them out…

…they will help to a certain extent no doubt, but honestly, if you really want to become the master of focus, then practice deep meditation, the result will shock you.

The power of focus has a mysterious power, it works in an amazing way, I guess there is something more than what we know, I think focus multiplies the speed of manifestation in an incredible way.

For example, earlier I used to take 5 to 6 days to write an article like this, approximately 15 hours, now I can finish this in just 6 hours. I have cut down the time taken by 60%.

4. Mantra Meditation:

Have you heard of mantras earlier? Mantras are words/ pure vibrations /sounds that are repeated number of times continuously with a single-minded focus.

Man means mind and Tra means tool, meaning mantra is the tool to access your mind. Mantras originated in Ancient India, the power of mantras are just amazing due to multiple reasons.

There are different types of mantras targeted to yield specific results. Every mantra has a specific intention associated with it. When you repeat that mantra again and again with focus, that intention gets repeated subconsciously.

That’s why mantra is so powerful. You must read this amazing guide on “the best money Manifesting Mantras” and the “11 extraordinary benefits of OM Mantra”, this will give you a comprehensive idea on why Mantras are so damn powerful. (You can pick up any of them and chant them regularly)

In brief Mantra chanting does the following –

Continuous focus on the mantra helps you to slip into the theta state effortlessly, the Theta state is known as the deep healing state and the state where the door to subconscious opens.

The second important thing is that mantras are extremely vibrational, this is typical to the Sanskrit language. In many studies, it has been shown to have a positive impact on the human psyche. Have you heard of the Sanskrit effect, please read here?

The third important factor that makes the mantras so special, is the power of repetition. The repetition technique is extremely helpful for your brain, it accelerates your manifestation process too.

The fourth powerful aspect of mantra happens due to continuous focus, A one-pointed, sharp focus has numerous benefits. This accelerates your subconscious programming and helps you train your brain.

The fifth most powerful aspect is the intention of the mantra that I already spoke about. When you repeat the mantra consciously the number of times, at the backend the intention also gets repeated…

That repetition of intention happens subconsciously.

Your mind is already in Theta state, its relaxed and then you are repeating the intention in the disguise of a Mantra, Mantra gets repeated consciously, but the intention gets repeated subconsciously again and again.

It keeps implanting that intention, again and again, ideally, we are supposed to chant 108 times using a mala bead, just notice the power it has, 108 times the intention gets stamped upon your subconscious.

That’s why Mantras can rewire your brain at the speed of a rocket. Mantra chanting can singlehandedly change your life.

These are the 4 powerful methods that are the fastest manifestation technique or the key to instant manifestation that will bring the guaranteed result in your life. These are the manifesting secrets I follow regularly and has transformed me entirely.

I not going to talk much about the other methods. Let me just touch upon them in brief…

5. Use affirmations (Must do the first step):

Once you have performed all the above methods, you will be able to access your subconscious at your will, then use the positive affirmations to reap quick results.

Because your subconscious is damn receptive at this moment (you have a child-like mind at this moment), anything spoken or heard will get into your subconscious quickly.

You must read this post on “How to create affirmations that work quickly” and what is “positive Affirmation”.

6. Power of imagination (must do the 1st & 2nd step)

This is nothing but creative visualization. Use this technique frequently to take a journey into the world of imagination where you have achieved everything. This is an effective method once you have performed all the above steps.

You must read this excellent article on “Creative Visualization for Wealth” and this post on what is “Creative visualization”?

7. Be thankful:

Gratitude is a powerful tool, it heals your brain, removes anxiety and fills you with contentment and joy.

These are extremely powerful positive sentiments if you stay in this positive zone all the time, your subconscious will slowly make that as part of its program, that means a new belief system in your subconscious.

Remember your mind is extremely powerful and it has a special pattern matching ability. It always looks for the same pattern that you subconsciously desire.

If you desire joy, it will find the same, for sadness, it will match the same, that’s called Law of Attraction by many.

Do these steps with complete dedication for 60 days, I am sure it would bring noticeable changes in you. first 30 days itself, you will start experiencing the effect.

If you want quicker changes with professional help, then Emily Fletcher from Ziva Online is the place for you. This powerful course is designed for 21 days, combined with Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting.

This course takes care of all the methods I just spoke about and guided by one of the most sought after teacher Emily Fletcher.

So, this is the end of my article. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Please let me know in the comments and share this with others.


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