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Who am I?

About meI am Rushal, from India, the land of great spiritual tradition and ancient wisdom, the land which gave birth to great seekers and masters, who devoted their life in unearthing the secret of this reality and enlightened humanity at various times.

Before I go ahead further, let me welcome you to this blog with all sincerity. This blog is my passion and a way of expressing things that I appreciate. I love writing about things that are thought-provoking, and helpful to other human beings. I love to help others, that is my core principle.

The reasons this blog came into existence are related to my life story…


Life was never easy for a long time, I went through an enormous amount of misery, a long strenuous phase, which I call the darkest hours of my life. 

 I was literally the prince of the darkness in a kingdom where I was left alone in an endless solitude, reeling under scorching depression , being ambushed by frequent bouts of bipolar disorder…

..it was a tough fight, a long intense fight…for more than 10 years to be specific.

For those 10 years, I was fighting with the demons inside me. It was like holding your fort on a battlefield while being ravaged mercilessly…


Thankfully, did not give up

There was something …something called HOPE…which kept lingering inside me…

I had come a long way from there, from an utterly hopeless man to someone who is reverberating with positivity at every moment…

But, how did this change happen?

Well, that’s a story for another day…not a blog post, I would rather love to pen a book for the same…It was an epic journey, and needs an epic book…

But, don’t feel disheartened,

I can certainly talk about what changed my life….

In short, I have lots of stories to share with you folks, and this is the first reason why this blog became a reality….

The second reason for the creation of this blog is my love for helping & inspiring others

Now, that I told you the reasons behind this blog, let me tell you little about my vision and how I can help you? And also, how can you help me to help others and make this world a better place to live in?

Please note,

I am not here for any fake promises, but I do have sincere concerns about everything that this nature has including human life.

Life is an endless possibility:

For me, this blog is a gateway to the world of endless possibilities…not only me but also for you…

There are tremendous opportunities waiting for us, to succeed, to live the life we always wanted to…

And that answer is hidden inside all of us,

but somehow, that wisdom is cluttered because of many factors of our daily life…

But we can get out of this misery quickly if we have the resolve…

if we decide…

So, DECIDE today and decide well

Cause, what you decide today will decide your life tomorrow…

What you want to become?

What type of life do you want to create?

How do you want to live?

What would you love to do?

How wealthy you want to become?

How many people do you want to help?

Create goals, achieve them, that’s the purpose of life, there is no GOD given purpose otherwise.

Yes, all these are possible, I am the life’s biggest live example you see, writing this for you..this is a miracle, real magic

…for I came back from the edge of a cliff, just one more tiny step and you know what would have happened to me…


So, if I could do it, then you can too…

I truly believe that anything is possible, any desire can be achieved. We can create our life the way we want it to be…Life is a canvas; the choice of colors is ours…we should decide how we want it to look.

So, add the colors of creativity, perseverance, courage, wisdom, and imagination to the canvas and see how a masterpiece could evolve out of nowhere…

This website is going to do exactly that, to help you bloom like a lotus…

So, what can you expect from this blog?

There are numerous things I learned in the last decade, either from a certified teacher, from independent sources online, or reading books, etc. All that I gained, is what I am going to share. Below are a few things that you can expect from my blog as topics. I am passionate about these topics and these are my area of expertise.

  • Tools, methods & knowledge that will enhance your life, bring wisdom & add clarity
  • Scientific research on the human mind, thoughts, and behavior
  • How to use mind power to attract financial abundance, create new income opportunities
  • How to find inspiration, add purpose & live life king size
  • How to find the inner voice, talk to your intuition
  • How to reprogram your mind to become unstoppable
  • Real-life inspiring stories, positive quotations & life of great achievers
  • Meditation, mantra chanting, mindfulness, power of focus

These are some of the things I had engaged myself with, in the last decade and now I want to share my perspective with the world.

My vision:

I want to see this blog grow to be one of the biggest blogs of the world in personal development space, and I have already put in lots of work and effort towards that direction…

In simple words this blog should be helpful to people..that is the inspiration behind the creation of this blog…

My mission:

I want to create a community of likeminded people, 

together we can….

  1. Achieve spiritual prosperity & financial abundance
  2. Help each other & make this world a better place
  3. Save the environment
  4. Inspire others and spread positivity

There are many other ways we can contribute towards the society, this is the way I have chosen…

If you think this is a reasonable idea, then please share, like or comment and help me reach as many as I can….

May the universe shower you with endless progress & opportunities, love, and healing, right now…

Come, let’s be part of this fantastic journey…..

Before I end this conversation, let me ask you below questions..

  • What is your idea of a great life?
  • Have you decided on a goal?
  • How much closer you are to your purpose?
  • How can I help you?

Let me know in the comment section.


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Madisen Gonzales
Madisen Gonzales

A life of love is a great life. The only kind of life we should aim for. I want to be a spiritual coach. I want to help everyone. I do not feel close to my purpose but I know I will get there. Maybe you can help me by saying , you can do it! And tell me I’m not crazy ! Lol

I love your blog. It’s amazing. Everything you say is exactly what we need more of and to hear!


This is a great blog ..for all to share ..we all live in our own little bubble which will eventually burst anyway !!
We need to live as a collective really whilst allowing for our own individual space as the planet is at great risk right now due to friction between countries not to mention the mental trauma many are experiencing just by trying to live our lives !!


Positivity is as endless as we all decide it should be !!


Beautiful Blog Brother! Respect!


Thank you Rushal, some wonderful intentions you have put forward, I look into your eyes brother, and I see that you are vegetarian ? please tell me if I have misread, myself….no greater betterment for all than living on light …raw cosmic energy…vegan is where I am ..my love of life, animals, kindness and perpetuity of the intangible purity …conscious creation of form , in essence I do not believe in mortality , by choice….just as I believe no one a commoner, as all to me be extraordinary, divine…I encourage your veganess brutha, ..please enlighten me to a higher ideal…non… Read more »