Do Thoughts Have Energy

Do thoughts have energy?

Do Thoughts Have Energy?

Do thoughts have energy?

This is really an amazing question. And when asked, this sounds to be one most baffling question ever asked. When I first encountered this question, it immediately generated lots of curiosity within me…

First, let me answer this question in brief and then I will get into explaining it in detail.

So, do thoughts have energy?

Yes, thoughts do have energy, they can travel, they can impact the world, all of us and everything around us. Also, individual thoughts are the basis of human consciousness or global consciousness.

Thoughts are powerful, if used with focus, human beings can achieve the most unbelievable feat in this world. And to support my point of view, I will give you a series of reasoning throughout this post, step by step.

I remember it was early 2000…

I was reading an article on a related topic in a newspaper, I don’t remember that very clearly, but was something on mind-reading I guess, it was about thought frequency coming out of our mind and how it can be captured and read…

I was fascinated by reading it, and that reading changed my perspective about a lot of things in life.

I was wondering if Telepathy is true?

Or if somehow, I can have the power to read someone’s mind?

Or if the Clairvoyance is real…

And trust me, I always believed these are possible…

No, it was not based on some blind beliefs,

But, it was based on the experiences of my life and keen observation, in fact, it is happening all the time unconsciously with everyone, it’s just that sometimes, it somehow floats to our conscious awareness….

And that is when we feel oh! It is happening, it is real….

Many of us have gone through these experiences in our lives a few times…

I remember, my friend being completely upset on one Sunday morning about his mother, we were roommates, had taken an apartment on rent, while we were in college…

he was not feeling good that day, something uncanny, weird was the feeling inside…

He phoned, and there you had the bad news…She was unwell…

She was just hospitalized due to high fever and low blood pressure…

Telepathy at work?? Think about it…

Now, another great example, and that is about mind-reading, in fact twice it happened…

I performed it, or you can say, it just happened, sort of impromptu, twice on two different people in two different locations….

The first one was my friend, a male, who was 10 years elder than me, not able to get married, trying for some time, but sort of scared about the post married life…

One day he comes, and he tells me, you know I just met a wonderful girl through a common friend, and since then we have been talking over the phone a lot and these are the things we have been discussing, etc. etc.

And it was already more than 10 minutes, I have been hearing him, quite patiently, just trying to understand what his motives were because I was little worried about him for some time on his inability to get married…

Now, that discussion took a surprising turn, when I gave almost an accurate description of the girl, about her complexion, that she was chubby, and she spoke slowly, etc. which were almost 100% accurate…

And that was shocking to him, he never encountered this type of incidence in his whole life…and obviously I myself, was quite amazed at the feat that I just achieved…

How could I do this??

In fact, I was asking myself, how did it happen, extempore, flawless, as if those images just flew into my mind, I just pictured that person without knowing anything about her….just by how he was talking…??

The same type of thing happened on another day…

when I was traveling back to my hometown, on a train, when I met a lady, she was going to be married, we had been talking for hours now…

…and suddenly, again it just happened, I just shocked her with an accurate description of her fiancé…

She was shocked!! Her eyes exploded with surprise, it was almost accurate, and that baffled her

No doubt, I realized that day, that I have some special ability, though I was not sure exactly what they were…

Whatever it is, these unusual incidents turned me into a keen observer of life. As life went on, I started noticing how the power of intuition shaped my life, and still doing so. Not one or twice, but many times, again and again, intuition helped me take some of the incredible decisions in situations which otherwise were awfully complicated…

Telepathy: Do thoughts really have energy?

But, how do these really work?

How does sixth sense work or telepathy for that matter?

Is it true that thought energy can be accessed?

Does thought have any energy? Can our thoughts affect others? Can thoughts be read?

Can we use premonition as a powerful tool?

These are the questions we will explore through this post…

But, before we go further down on this post, let me debunk a great myth with the below question…

Do thoughts have energy?

No, thoughts do not have energy directly, but the brain activity that occurs due to thought processing creates energy. The moment you think something, there is a rush of electricity in your brain, from one neuron to another one, via millions of them, a plethora of electrical activity taking place in an incredible way.

Now we all know that electricity is energy. So, if there is a thought, there is energy.

So, can we say thoughts have energy?

Well, for the purpose of this post we will say the thought has energy, as energy is definitely associated with thoughts. As I said these are electric impulses that are generated due to thoughts.

Now, these electrical impulses are measured by EEG machines as brainwaves. In fact, the moving electrical currents in your brain produce electromagnetic waves which can be captured by performing Magnetoencephalography, commonly known as MEG.

Even right now, as you are reading these, you are producing electromagnetic waves inside your brain.

Point to note is that it happens inside the brain…but does the brain emit any kind of waves outside the skull?

My proposition is that it does…

Thought energy can be captured, thoughts can be read, etc.

So far though, we had not really been able to capture that outside the brain, no machine or antenna so far.

All that we have is EEG which measures the brainwaves, or even MEG, in which you place sensors on your scalp.

Capturing it from outside the brain probably is going to take more time because the technology for that is not easy to achieve…

Now, how do I support my proposition?

I have always felt that the extrasensory perceptions are the things of subtler and finer qualities of human perception. Ancient humans had these amazing powers to keep them safe from danger, they could sense danger from far away, or even days in advance.

But, as we progressed to become so-called modern human beings, moved away from the forest to so-called civilization, we lost those abilities, because we did not need them anymore…we were safer now…

But, still, at times, we have theses abilities showing their glimpse…

Now, to support my proposition here, I must reveal some of the most interesting facts and researches that have taken place till now…

Below are the topics that we must explore and see how thoughts are really energy and if there is any possibility to capture them.

  • What is a brainwave?
  • What are the different types of brain waves and what do brain waves do?
  • What is the frequency?
  • What are ELF waves?
  • Can brainwaves be read?
What is brainwave?

Since we are talking of thought energy, we must understand that it is the electrical impulses inside your brain, which produces energy, and in turn captured by the EEG machines, as brainwaves.

Brainwaves might differ, depending on the type of thinking pattern you have at that moment and they can typically tell you about what type of emotional state you might be in.

Now, what are the different types of brain waves and what do brain waves do?

BrainwavesAs I said, brainwaves are not constant, they are changing as per our emotional states and thought patterns. Let us explore what these brainwaves do, and what is their significance.

To keep it simple for our understanding, researchers have classified them in 6 main categories in terms of the range of their frequency. I will tell you what frequency is, in the next section.

  1. INFRA-LOW (<.5HZ):

Infra-Low brainwaves (also known as Slow Cortical Potentials) are understood to be the basic cortical rhythms that are fundamental to our higher brain functions. It extremely hard to capture them as they are extremely slow, so they are still not known well, but whatever little research has gone into it, they suggest that the play a major role in our brain functions.

  1. Delta Brainwaves (0.5 Hz to 3 Hz):

Delta brainwaves are slow, in a range of 0.5 to 3 Hz, supposed to be generated in the dreamless sleep and deepest level of meditation. And that is why they are associated with healing and regeneration.

  1. Theta Waves (3 Hz to 8 Hz):

Theta generally happens when you have just entered the meditative state, or just drifting off to sleep, the twilight zone. A state where imagery, intuition, and information beyond normal conscious awareness happen to us, or probably you can say it is the gateway to the subconscious…

  1. Alpha Waves (8 TO 12 HZ):

Alpha waves are generated when you have an extreme focus on a task. When you are completely at the present moment, here and now. Alpha generally represents calmness, alertness, incredible focus, and great mind-body coordination.

  1. Beta waves (12 TO 38 HZ):

Beta waves are generally associated with daily activities, multi-tasking, when you are engaged, is solving problems. Again, beta waves are differentiated into 3 different parts, Lo-beta (12 Hz to 15 Hz), Beta (the mid-range of 15 to 22), and then Hi-beta (22 Hz-38 Hz). Hi-beta, for example, is associated with high anxiety, mind wandering, etc. a continuous hi-beta state is harmful to the brain and overall health.

  1. Gamma Waves (38 Hz to 42 HZ):

Gamma waves have a higher frequency and much lower amplitude than other waves. Earlier this was associated with “brain noise”, in a negative way, because it is higher than the hi-beta.

Generally, it is the lower range of the frequency, which is associated with meditative state, so the Gamma waves being so high in their frequency was thought to be harmful, But, eventually scientists discovered that it was highly active in the state of deep meditation, the Buddhist Zen meditators had high amount of Gamma rays.

The researcher speculates the gamma rays to be related to expanded consciousness and spiritual awakening. More research is on…

Now, let us understand what is frequency?

Typically, the image of a frequency is like an image below…

Frequency is measured in terms of Hz. 1 Hz means 1 cycle per second. So basically, frequency is the number of waves that pass by in one second. In the picture, you can see 1 cycle is mentioned, where the wave goes up (crest) and then comes down (trough).

In this case, there are 3 waves in one second, so the frequency is 3 Hz.

Now there are different types of frequencies and their uses…

For example:

Extremely High Frequency (EHF) ranges 30 GHz -300 GHz: Satellite communications, 5G technology, etc.

Super High Frequency (SHF) range between 3 GHz to 30 GHz: Satellite, 4G communications, WiFi, etc.

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) ranges between 300 MHz to 3 GHz: Mobile phones, GPS, WiFi, UHF television, Etc.

Very High Frequency (VHF) ranges between 30 MHz to 300 MHz: FM radio, VHF television.

High Frequency (HF) ranges between 3 MHz to 30 MHz: Used for Shortwave radio, which is used for listeners over large areas, sometimes an entire continent, unlike FM radio, which is used for shorter areas, like a city.

Medium Frequency (MF) ranges between 300 kHz to 3 MHz: Aviation radio, Navigation, Etc.

Low Frequency (LF) ranges between 30 kHz to 300 kHz: Maritime radio, Navigation.

Very Low Frequency (VLF) ranges between 3 kHz to 30 kHz: Used in submarine communications.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) ranges anything less than 3 kHz: Latest technology in submarine communication.

I don’t want to get too much into science and complicate, but there is something interesting you must know…

Types of FrequenciesHigher frequency waves cannot penetrate through hard objects, or metals, the higher the frequency is, the higher the difficulty it will face to do so…

And that’s why, you would have noticed many times, the FM in your car losing the signal, while you are traveling via a tunnel.

In contrast, VLF and ELF can travel miles after miles and can penetrate through hard metals, travel through mountains, and penetrate deep sea. VLF can penetrate till 20 meters in the sea, so it was being used to communicate with submarines, now submarines are increasingly being upgraded to use ELF.

What are ELF waves?

The advantage of ELF is, it can penetrate till 100 meters in the sea, otherwise, they can diffract around large obstacles, and are not blocked by mountain ranges or the horizon and can travel around the curve of the Earth.

Now, if you notice, you will see human brainwave ranges between 0.5 Hz to around 40 Hz, that means it falls in the category of ELF, in fact, they are much lower than ELF waves, you can probably call them “Super Low Waves”.

But, another interesting scientific fact about ELF is that the lower the frequency is, the further the distance it travels…

Now, from that point of view, human thoughts are truly unstoppable, it can travel through mountains, penetrate the water in the deep sea, it can move through metals, or tunnels, around the curve of the earth. It can just reach everywhere…

Amazing, isn’t it?

But, there is one disadvantage of ELF waves.

Because, of its extreme low frequency, it is extremely difficult to catch, it requires complicated technology and huge antennas, unlike your FM radio, which does not even require an antenna, because it falls under the very high-frequency range.

To give you an idea on the complication, take the American ELF facility as an example, this site has more than 28 miles of over-head signal transmission line that form part of the “electrical” antenna to radiate the ELF signal from the two-acre transmitting facility.

Now compare that with an FM radio…

So, that brings us to the next question…

If thoughts can travel in the form of ELF waves, then how do we catch it, because we do not really carry those huge antennas on our head.

But wait for a second!!

Does the human mind already have that type of efficient antenna?

Somewhere, invisible, beyond the reach of so-called modern science.

We can explore more on that, but I feel, we have it. Otherwise, how did my friend have the telepathy of his mother’s illness? How could I even picture someone so clearly, whom I have never seen?

And it’s not only me and my friend, but there are also many around the world who has these special powers.

Many eastern traditions spoke about them in lengths in their ancient scriptures. The great Indian epic Mahabharata for example, speaks about Telepathy, Remote viewing, Mind reading, Etc. and there are characters who are known to use them for their advantage.

So, that leads us to the final question…

Can brainwaves be read?

So, if thoughts are energy then it is possible to capture that energy, transform that energy. It might not be available today, but probably will be available in the near future…

Who knew, that even EEG machines will be possible a few decades ago?

So, can the thought energy be picked up by some other tools, antennas or do we already have an antenna inside us, which we are not conscious about, but it just works at times for certain people?

These are fantastic questions I would love the answers for.

But, for today, let me at least give you some scientific research that is ongoing that will prove that the thoughts are energy, and they can be picked up.

“Thoughts have energy” Experiment #1:

The University of Utah has initiated research where they tried translating brainwaves into words. This means what they are trying is to translate your thoughts to words.

The team tested around 10 words, like “Yes”, “No”, “Hungry” and “Thirsty”, etc. The volunteer spoke each word around 31 to 96 times, while the researcher measured the brain wave and tried translating them.

While distinguishing “yes” and “no”, the accuracy is 90%. But, while distinguishing the other words, the accuracy was only 48%. Research is on to fix accuracy.

More info here

“Thoughts have energy” Experiment #2:

Say “Hello” with your mind. An international team has developed a way of saying hello with your mind.

In a recent experiment, someone from India said hello to three other people in France. This is probably the first instance of the brain to brain communication that has been recorded. The recent development of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) makes it possible.

In this research, the greeting was not either typed or spoken, it was thought, and they were far away from each other.

Find more details here

“Thoughts have energy” Experiment #3:

Our thoughts can impact water? A Japanese scientist named Dr. Masaru Emoto researched over 20 years on the impact of our thought on the water until he was alive till 2014.

His research on the scientific studies of how human intention, thoughts, sounds can alter the molecular structure of water. Though there are controversies around it, still it is something that caught the attention of many in the scientific community.

Find more details here

“Thoughts have energy” Experiment #4:

Mayo Clinic doctors are researching on typing the words by measuring brain waves. In this research, the volunteers concentrate on the flashing letters on the screen, which in turn creates electrical impulses in the brain.

Brain to Brain Communication

Researchers are trying to translate the same brainwaves and figure out the words spelled by the subjects in their minds.

Find more details on this video

“Thoughts have energy” Experiment #5:

Researchers have got a breakthrough in the non-invasive brain-computer interface to mind control a robotic arm.

Till now, whatever BCIs are available in the market, they are mainly used either to switch on and off the light or play mobile games, etc. which are much simpler technology.

Controlling robotic arms to do certain daily activities non-invasively can be a game-changer for paralyzed patients, but that is quite complicated technology. This type of control is possible with invasive technology, like brain implants.

The moment you try doing it outside the skull, the signal from the brain becomes dirtier…

And that’s the challenge scientists are trying to resolve…with these technologies, you will be able to move around your robotic arm and make it do many things just by thinking about it.

More details here

“Thoughts have energy” Experiment #6:

How to control someone else’s arm with your brain, again how the electrical energy can be used, check the fascinating video below for a different perspective…

So, what did we learn from what we read so far?

#1. These researches indicate that thoughts do have energy and the technology of capturing, reading and translating it, is still at its infancy, but they are not impossible.

#2. Brain waves are ELF waves. These waves are used for submarine communication. That means communication is possible.

#3.  To capture ELF waves, you will need huge antennas and an infrastructure spread across large areas.


So, the question arises out of this is…

Can we read the ELF waves arising out of other’s brains?

As per me, it’s already happening in the form of Sixth sense, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, etc. But with very few of us have the ability to do so.

But, if the ESP ability of humans is true, then where is the antenna? I have already talked about the huge infrastructure requirement to capture the ELF waves!

Do we have some invisible technology already within us?

What is that? No one can answer that clearly. I am still working on that one and will come out with an answer once I have some thoughts on it.

Till then, I will leave you to ponder over it…

Before you leave, I want you to keep one extremely important thing in mind,

…and that is, that the human thought not only impacts us humans but all other leaving creatures including plants.

Check this video on a similar topic…this will force you to see the world in a different way…it’s all electricity at the end of the day, that’s how everything in nature is communicating with each other…

So, to answer simply if thoughts have energy?

Yes, they do…


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