Difference Between Karma & Law of Attraction

Karma &Law of attraction

Difference Between Karma & Law of Attraction

Karma &Law of attraction

Great question…

And this type of question comes from people who just probably started getting little inquisitive about life…
If you are here, it means you are thinking, and you want to learn more, which is great, and I am sure, this post is a good start for you…

There is no easy one-line answer to this question…Many see both of them as the same concept, but my answer is no. The difference is in the approach.

Before I deep dive into all the details, let me answer the question first…

So, what is the difference between karma and the law of attraction?

  1. Law of Attraction is heavily goal-oriented Vs. Law of Karma which is action-oriented
  2. The law of attraction is focused on the outcome Vs. the Law of Karma which is focused on the intent
  3. The Law of Attraction is about materialistic goals Vs. Law of Karma which is the law of the transactional world

Now, that was a brief answer, 

To understand the difference between karma and law of attraction better, we must understand what karma is in its entirety, which is extremely important and the main theme of this post…

and obviously, we will talk about the law of attraction as well, which is sort of the cheesy offshoot of the law of karma itself…in short, the Law of Attraction is brought out of Law of Karma, but LOA is heavily focused on the outcome (mainly materialistic), whereas the Law of Karma is more action-oriented, it’s focused more on what is the action & what is the intent behind the action.

So, here you go, the most comprehensible answer on the topic… (you will never find such a wonderful and clear explanation anywhere else).

Let us start with karma first…
The question itself is so profound & exciting. let me be very honest that it is a huge concept and there will be a separate new post on this soon. but I will give enough for you to chew here.

So, what is Karma??

Karma is a universal law of cause and effect. Karma in Sanskrit means action. and whenever there is an action there will be a consequence, either positive or negative, depending on the type of action you have performed, that can be your behavior, thoughts or the words you have just spoken out.

We might be aware or unaware, but it’s happening all the time…

In fact, our entire life is the collection of experiences generated due to causes and effects. Look at your whole life, see how tied you are to this karmic chain of life…

So, karma in brief means that your life is in your hands, whatever decision you take will make or break your life. Irresponsible behavior will bring only miseries and melancholy, responsible & positive behavior will bring fulfillment.


Karmic Balance: The universe works on balance.

This is how the transactional world works…

but, another important point you must understand, is that it’s not always the individual karma that impacts the quality of your life, the karma of collective human consciousness also impacts your life…

like you, there are billions of people in this world, who are thinking, speaking and making their way through this transactional world, as per their belief system, as per what they think is right or wrong…

The field of human consciousness is always filled with ripples of these individual karmas…

Like the ripples in a pond, there are 1000s of them and they are always impacting each other…

Your karma is also impacting mine, mine is impacting yours, and then society at large, then the government, the nation, etc.

Every decision, every action by anyone from anywhere in this transactional world has an impact on us, sometimes the impact is visible and clear, many times probably they are happening at a subconscious level. (Want to become rich? Click here)

It’s like putting one bucket of water in the pond, the water level will increase, but it’s such an insignificant change that it will be invisible to us, we won’t realize this, in reality, the level has actually changed.

But, if 1000s of us pour one bucket of water at the same time, probably that change will be visible to us.

So, karma is always playing out…

Karma & Law of AttractionThere are ripples everywhere, every individual act is somewhere creating an impact…

In simple, every action has a consequence, a result. So, the action must be well thought, it like the bow and arrow, once the arrow has left the bow, you can not change its direction, it needs to be done before that.

So, that is what karma is, in a nutshell. Karma is not about the consequence, but it is more about the action.

Now, let’s talk about the law of attraction…

What is the difference between karma and law of attraction then??

looks like the law of attraction is also saying the same thing, what you sow is what you get…

But is it similar?? hang on…let me explain.

Law of Attraction is a fancy term, it’s more a marketing gimmick than philosophy. William Atkinson first coined this term, as part of the new thought movement in the west. For the west, these might be new, but eastern philosophies had already spoken about these things 1000s of years ago…

but, gradually, these new thought movements in the west got an incredible push, when swami Vivekananda reached the USA in the 19th century and gave lectures on Indian philosophy, these had a great influence on the new thought movement, particularly William Walker Atkinson who was one of New Thought’s pioneers.

And that was breath of fresh air to the west, and it got a larger push with the hippie movement around the 1960s. people were looking for the true meaning of life, peace, and happiness.

Then came the new age gurus, with a new approach to the law of attraction, they gave a new meaning of life, both money and spirituality…
It’s a win-win situation for all…. isn’t it?

Gradually it became a huge industry. So, u see the difference is in the context itself…The major difference is in the approach.

The law of attraction is…
  • Heavily goal-oriented
  • The entire focus is on the outcome
  • The end result is the ultimate objective
  • And the ultimate objective is materialistic in nature and that’s the western approach, goal obsessed.
The law of Karma is…
  • Action-oriented
  • What is the intent? Is it right or wrong?
  • It is about the life process
  • It’s the law of the transactional world or the reality that we live in.

Both are based on the same principle, you get what you give…

But, as I said the law of attraction focuses majorly on what you get, while the law of karma focuses majorly on what you give…

That’s the striking difference between the two, it is the materialistic approach of the west which has bent the principles of the law of karma and created the law of attraction formula.

I hope, I have answered your question well. Let me know in the comments below, for any doubts and questions.

And also, please let me know what do you think about my write up? Did you enjoy reading it? Do you agree or disagree? Please comment below.

Also, let me know, on what topics should I write next?

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Hi Rushal, Really loved your analogy. I’ve been researching about Bhagvad Gita preachings vs modern world laws practiced today and I have a desperate question to ask. Gita speaks about Karma Yog wherein you keep doing your Karma but not attaching your hopes and desires to its outcomes as it is believed that it is God’s job to reward us that. Doesn’t that completely contradict with Law of attraction which is structured around visualizing the happy emotions from the outcomes? Could you please elaborate on this as well. I used to practice law of attraction and surprisingly I have always… Read more »