Difference Between Affirmation & Mantra

Difference between Mantra and affirmations

Difference Between Affirmation & Mantra

First thing, when I refer to mantras, I refer to the Sanskrit mantras originated in Ancient India. Secondly, you would have already heard about what affirmations are, but you may not know what mantras are and the real science behind Mantras.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you about the science of mantras. Once you understand these in detail, you will clearly know the incredible difference between mantra and affirmations.

Before I tell you more in detail, let me briefly point out the differences,

What is the Difference Between Affirmation & Mantra?

The difference between mantra and affirmations are as large as heaven and hell, it is unfortunate that many in the world are trying to use the word mantra even while referring to affirmations, which is entirely wrong.

MantrasPositive Affirmations
#1Mantras are highly powerfulAffirmations are no match to the power of Mantras
#2The Sanskrit language has an amazing vibrational quality which has a healing impact. (Proved by research!!)Affirmations can bring changes in your psychology, but to create even a slight change, you need to put higher effort
#3Mantras are highly charged due to its ancient nature; a specific mantra is unchanged for centuriesAffirmatory sentences are not fixed, it can change anytime
#4Mantras can easily access your subconscious and reprogram your mindAffirmations are conscious effort, takes longer time to reprogram your subconscious
#5Mantra chanting sharpens your focus immenselyAffirmations do not have the same ability
#6Mantras have numerous healing benefitsAffirmations can never give you such powerful benefits
#7Mantras directly impact your energy & fix it thereAffirmations merely impact your belief system

Before we go further, let us understand what affirmations are and what mantras are…?

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive statement that is generally used to uplift your spirit, and usually, they are built targeting a certain area of life, where you are struggling.

For example, if you are facing financial challenges in life, then you can use – “I am wealthy” or “I am rich”, anything that negates that negative belief of suffering.

Similarly, if you are suffering from depression, you can probably use sentences like, “I am joyful all the time”, “I am happy and blissful”, etc.

Affirmations were developed mainly by psychologists to help their patients to feel better, mainly believed to be developed by French psychotherapist Emile Coue.

He gave his patients an affirmation “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better” to repeat daily in order to changes their thought pattern.

Affirmation is great if you know how to use them properly. You got to do a lot of self-talking and find out what area of your life, needs improvement, acknowledge the shortcomings, and build affirmations as per that.

If you are really interested to know how to build powerful affirmations, then please go ahead and read this post “how to build affirmations that work quickly?” and also this enlightening detailed post on “positive affirmations”.

Want to hear my personal story of sufferings, misery? And then how I used the power of positive self-talk to transform my life. Here it is 
Now, let’s understand what mantra is…

These affirmations are new to the western world, but the east, especially Ancient Indians have started using these affirmations a long time ago, in the form of Mantras.

And the power of mantras still lives on…

What is the Mantra?

Man means Mind in Sanskrit and Tra means Tool, Chant = Repeated utterance

Essentially what it means is that Mantra is a tool of the mind. In ancient India, the sages of that time held the mind responsible for everything that we are, and we are not.

Tremendous emphasis was given on training the mind in such a way that it becomes a boon, not the other way around. Different Mantras or the system of Yoga and meditations were designed and developed for achieving the same purpose.

There are 100s of different mantras to achieve various purposes in life…

A few of the examples are below…

AUM – The supreme mantra, mostly pronounced as OM world over. Every mantra starts with this powerful sound. This simple 3 letter word, if chanted correctly has a life-changing impact on you.

If you are interested, please read “11 extraordinary benefits of AUM”.

Lakshmi Mantra (Goddess of Wealth): Aum Srhim Hrim Maha Lakshmi Namaha. Phonetically, it is “Ommmm Shrimmm Hrimmm Shrimmm Maha-laksh-mi na-ma-ha”…

This mantra is dedicated to the Goddess of Wealth named Lakhsmi.

Lakhsmi is the embodiment of wealth and prosperity, a very important and significant one in the Indian pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.

Read more on the powerful “Money manifesting Mantras” here (if you want to become wealthy)!!

Ganesha Mantra (Success, wisdom): Om Gum Ganaatye Namah is the mantra, phonetically, it is “Ommm Gummm Gana-pata-ye na-ma-ha”

The sound GUM is the Bija sound or the key vibrations to assimilate the energy of Lord Ganesha.

Whenever you face any obstacle or danger in life, or you want to become successful in whatever you are pursuing, you chant this mantra, 108 times preferably.

Why mantras are powerful?

The reasons are many and scientific. Let us discuss one by one…

  1. The Sanskrit Language itself is highly vibrational
  2. Mantras are highly charged with powerful energy
  3. Mantras can easily access your subconscious mind
  4. Sharpens your focus exponentially
  5. Offers numerous other health benefits
  6. Mantras work on the energy system of your body

Let’s elaborate on them now and explore the hidden power of mantras…

#1. The Sanskrit Language itself is highly vibrational:

Have you heard of the Sanskrit effect? You can explore it here. In brief, the Sanskrit language has something amazing about it, the vibrational quality if this language is just perfect for the human body and mind.

The beauty of this language is that it sounds rhythmic and like a poem, even a single word or sound seems to be so amazing.

Listen to simple “OM” chant in any of the YouTube videos and see how mind-blowing it sounds.

Do you know, vibrations (right vibration) can change things at a sub-atomic level, this is Physics.

The entire universe is vibrating, including you, each organ in your body, all the cells. If you know somehow how to tune this entire system with the right vibration and energy, you will become a superhuman.

Mantras just do that. Specific mantras were designed to activate specific energy centers or chakras.

Mantras have the power to unlock the door to an endless sea of energy within you, the access to cosmic energy and that makes you unstoppable.

#2. Mantras are highly charged with powerful energy

Mantras have a long history, dates back to 1000s of years. Different mantras were realized in deep meditation throughout the ages by many learned men and yogis.

A specific mantra has been the same, unchanged. Take the Ganesha mantra for example, this same mantra remained unchanged and has been chanted for centuries for millions of people.

This makes mantras all-powerful…

Even at this moment while you read this post, 100s of people around the world might be chanting the same. Every time you chant the mantra, you become part of that global consciousness, you become part of the same energy or intent.

This is why Mantras are damn powerful!!

#3. Mantras can easily access your subconscious mind

Mantras impact you subconsciously. This is opposite to how affirmations work…

When you say, “I am wealthy”, you very well know it is not true, your logical mind will resist strongly, because it knows that your financial situation is not really great.

So, it takes a long time to see any visible change in re-wiring your brain with new beliefs.

Whereas, mantra works differently. Mantra works on the intent.

For example, every time you chant the Laxmi mantra, you are asking for wealth subconsciously. The intent behind the mantra is wealth, the intent gets repeated subconsciously with the mantra.

In this case, your conscious mind stays silent, you are taking an indirect approach here. You are not providing any chance to the conscious mind to protest, you are not saying you are wealthy directly, but asking for prosperity subconsciously.

Also, another science is that mantra chanting is a great way to become meditative, that’s why many refer to it as mantra meditation.

Want to learn meditation? Read about 2 of the world’s best online meditation courses here.

Due to the single-minded focus on the mantra, your brain frequency goes to a lower range. A lower range frequency means your brain has less conscious thinking and a calm mind (Learn to become thoughtless here).

Only when you switch off your conscious mind, it becomes extremely easy to access the subconscious. That’s why you are always advised to chant mantras 108 times, a longer session of mantra chant can achieve that state of mind easily.

A silent state of mind has amazing health benefits, you can read more here.

#4. Sharpens your focus exponentially

Continuous chanting of the same mantra and hearing the same again and again creates a single-minded focus. Your mind is in one place, not wandering anywhere.

I don’t need to tell you how important focus is in life. Focus is like a concentrated beam of energy.

Energy flows where focus goes ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

A single-minded focus on something is the key ingredient to manifest your desires. Focus also helps to strengthen your memory, keeps your brain healthy.

#5. Offers numerous other health benefits

Mantra chanting offers incredible benefits. People who chant any mantra daily will surely have the below benefits, the intensity of the benefit will obviously depend on how disciplined you are with it…

For example, a session of intense OM chanting can give you the below benefits…

  • Chanting regularly helps to declutter your mind
  • Instills extreme calmness and expanded awareness
  • Induces a higher level of confidences and reduces fear
  • Reduces brain frequency, which means deep learning & restoration
  • Sitting straight in Dhyana pose and chanting stimulates your nervous system
  • Mantra sound works like vibration therapy, results in deep healing
  • Deep & regular chanting can alter your gene expression
  • Synchronizes the left & right hemispheres, meaning a super-powerful brain
  • Can even change the molecular structure of cells
  • Activates CSF (Cerebro Spinal Fluid) & cleans your brain

You can read this extraordinary post on OM chanting benefits here

#6. Mantras work on the energy system of your body

Did you hear about the chakras? Chakras are the energy centers of our body.

These energy centers are supposed to have concentrated energy stored in it and each center is associated with a specific sound to activate it.

For example, OM sound is used to activate the “Third Eye” chakra. There are 7 major Chakras and many minor ones. You can read and learn more here.

Energy is flowing throughout our body, not only within, outside the body as well. Energy is the connection between us and the universe. At a subtle level, everything in this universe communicates with this energy or prana (In Sanskrit).

Mantras help you moving the energy within us to achieve a certain goal. Behind each mantra, there is an intention, you are invoking a certain energy every time you repeat that mantra.

The more you chant, the stronger that intention gets, so the energy. That helps move things towards the goal that you want to achieve in life.

That’s how wonderfully Mantra works, the sound & vibrations help to move that energy.


So, you see mantra is powerful and positive affirmations are just no match to it at all.

After reading this post, I am sure you are clear about the differences between positive affirmations and mantra.

If you have any further questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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excellent article discussing the true differences. so many confuse the two as interchangeable. which also erases the hindu culture. thank you for not perpetuating misappropriation and explaining these differences in a thoughtful and accurate way.