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3 Simplest & Powerful Creative Visualization Methods That Actually Work

Manifest what you want, using the power of imagination.

Mind is mysterious, it weaves the curtain of reality by using the thread of thoughts ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

Are you new to Creative Visualization?

Intense visualization can bend the reality. Create your reality using your mental imagery.

Imagination can bend reality, visualize as if you achieved it already.

Or, are you using visualization for some time, but not seeing any visible change? Not able to manifest anything significant in life?

You are confused and doubtful, you wonder even if it works?

If you are the person with all the challenges mentioned above, then you came to the right place.

Now, there are 100s of blogs talking about visualization and how to manifest your dreams into reality, blah blah, etc., then how different is this one?

How different this website is?

In quite many ways,

First, the way I talk about the goal setting is different. I give you lots of facts and whatever available science is out there as of today.

Second, I am passionate about these subjects and I personally use them for my success. So, these are well researched and tested. I am sharing the same things, that worked for me.

So, what is creative visualization??

Conscious and detailed mental imagery, as if it is happening at this moment now, and the experience of the emotions or feelings associated with it. The world of imagination is wonderful, stronger the imagination, more real it seems. For example, if I ask you what is your favorite food?

This question compels you to imagine that food item. Imagine for a moment and see that imagination will get transformed into certain physical actions like you will start salivating, a little stronger imagination will make you even smell & visualize every aspect of that food, the color, shape, etc. And eventually, all these will turn into hunger, isn’t it?

Now, once your hungry, you are going to take some actions to get the same for your dinner today, isn’t it? This is called “inspired actions”.

Creative visualization + Inspired action = Manifestation of your desire.

So, imagination did a few things,

1st – It made you believe that things are really happening, though, it is not in reality. But it’s a sort of altered reality or the parallel reality.

2nd – The imagination of the food created a desire within you to achieve that and resulted in inspired actions. The actions that you took, is not forced instead, they are automatic.

3rd – You got the food for you, you achieved your desire.

This is the power of Creative Visualization:

First – Excellent & detailed Imagination fueled by emotions and feelings.

Second – Changes in biological or physical behavior, like salivating, smelling, etc.

Third – Inspired actions are driven by your desire to achieve.

Keep those above 3 points in mind, you will 100% manifest in your life everything that you desire.

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world”
Albert Einstein As quoted in “What Life Means to Einstein: An Interview by George Sylvester Viereck” in The Saturday Evening Post (26 October 1929) q:Albert_Einstein]
But is it that easy??

It depends on you, just like learning a new skill, like playing the piano or learning to swim.

But it’s not that difficult either. We all imagine something or the other, every day, all the humans do. Imagination is a natural skill that we human beings have, it’s just, that in the creative visualization process, we imagine creating things consciously, with a purpose so that we can override the subconscious mind program.

All of us are using imaginations already, without being conscious of it. You can, in fact, find so many of these examples from your own life.

What is ANXIETY? If you think about it for a moment, you will see it’s a manifestation of certain negative thoughts that you are visualizing.

For example, you are anxious about going for an interview. What happens in your mind? First, it starts with negative affirmations or negative thinking, like self-doubts, thoughts of unworthiness, etc. Then you will see, those negative thoughts will get transformed into certain mental imagery, like you will see yourself in the chair, getting grilled by the interviewer, and you will see yourself sweating too. The visualization will be so vivid, that you will now start panicking in reality. You will encounter a faster beating heart and haphazard breathing, which is called anxiety.

What will be the outcome of the interview in reality? Almost the same, as you have imagined.

This is creative visualization, but a negative one. Now, Imagine if you are using the power of imagination in a positive way, what a superior change can it bring to you. If you can panic restlessly in reality just by using the power of thoughts, then the same power can also make you exhilarated and extremely positive about everything. 

The real power of the mind lies in how strong our imagination is. If you can’t t imagine success, you already failed before you could even start ~ Rushal Click To Tweet
A point of caution here:

Do not fall for all that instant manifestation videos or contents that you encounter or might see on the internet. That is absolute rubbish. I will be very honest with you, that nothing happens instantly. It requires little work, discipline and a certain amount of sensible effort to get there. Most importantly you should be aware of the method or the trick. That’s what I am going to offer you here free and that’s how I am going to make a difference in your life.

So, before I unleash the most amazing step-by-step guide on creative visualization, let me draw your attention to a regular incident, which can offer much insight in understanding the creative visualization in a very reasonable manner.

What happens when you watch a movie?

I am sure you noticed, while watching a movie, just how engrossed you become with it? You tend to go through the same emotional journey that the characters on the screen go, mainly the protagonists. You feel happy when you see him happy, you feel sad when you see him sad, his trial & tribulations become yours for that moment.

Why does it happen?

Because, our logical mind almost turns off at that time, and in turn, it loses any ability to distinguish between reality or fantasy. We tend to think about everything that is happening in the movie to be a reality.

This is exactly what happens when you mentally visualize an event. When you vividly imagine something or visualize something, you instantly become part of that imagination.

At that moment, you are truly living that way mentally, biologically or chemically. But, how real it is, depends on how strong your imagination or creative visualization is, just like how good a movie is.

How involved you are with the movie is determined by how appealing the story is, how great the storytelling is, or how wonderful or realistic is the acting, the cinematography, etc.

How detailed you visualize; how much feelings and emotions are involved determines how much true it will appear to you as an experience.

Any entertaining activity like watching TV, playing sports, or listening to music does not require much involvement from our logical mind. That’s why we feel relaxed and rejuvenated after those activities. Our subconscious is open and accessible. The same thing happens in a much bigger way when you meditate, when extremely relaxed, positive affirmations and visualizations work wonder.
Now, without further ado, let me reveal the secret of visualization techniques:

A step-by-step process for effective creative visualization. Also, remember this technique can be used for any goal that you want to achieve in life whether in the external world, like a car or a house, a relationship, etc. as well as, you can use creative visualization for issues like depression, insecurities, fear, etc. Creative visualization is the most powerful personal growth tool, so use it to spear ahead in your life.

Step 1: Create the necessary condition

Before you could start with creative visualization, you need to create an ideal environment. There should be no distractions in your external and inner surroundings. Creative visualization works best when you are completely relaxed, have no thoughts or very few relaxing thoughts.

There are a few things that you can do for relaxing yourself, and they are…

Step 2: Goal setting

There can be 100s of goals at various levels, a brand-new car, a house, some issues in your family, some changes you want to see in yourself, a happier and healthier state, a promotion, etc. Think about all the goals or desires that you want to achieve or should achieve that you think you as a human should do, or will make you feel content & fulfilled. 

Here is how you should set goals for yourself. This is a killer method, the result is 100% guaranteed. 

  1. Take a pen and paper, write down your goals, mainly the ultimate ones, which you think will make your life worthwhile. Writing creates a connection to our minds.
  2. Prioritize them, this is a crucial and most important step. This gives incredible clarity and direction to your life. This is a powerful intention setting method. Decide which one you want to achieve first, then the second one and so on…
  3. Now, once you are clear about which one is the first one, break that bigger goal into smaller ones, this is called chunking. 
  4. Keep chunking the small goals into smaller ones, till you get to a point which is the first actionable step that you need to take in order to start manifesting the end result.

So, this activity is like 1000s of small streams getting together to make a vibrant river or it is like climbing the steps of a ladder one by one to finally reach the top.

Setting Priority is the most important aspect of a successful life.

Decide first what you want to be?

5. Put a date against each of those goals, by which you think it will be ideal if you accomplish them. Do this with every goal, as you move up on the list, from smaller ones to the small ones and to the end goal.

Don’t worry, those dates might change a little bit depending on your progress, but try sticking them as much as you can. Take action and try stretching yourself as much as you can. This is where creative visualization works wonder.

Also, goal setting must be little realistic, you should not try to manifest a McLaren P1, while your earning falls in the low-income category. That can be a long-term goal, probably you want to do that in a certain number of years, it cannot be a short-term goal. So, you need to be wise in that sense. An unwise decision will never return a wise outcome, law of attraction you see. So, you need to tell the universe that you are wise in thinking, responsible and sensible in your actions and effort.

In the end, your desires and goals are extremely personal, you know yourself better than others. Do a lot of self-talking, practice relaxation, a relaxed mind is visionary and coherent. These two are extremely important while setting goals.

Knowing your goal helps you immensely, it creates a connection with your inner mind and creates momentum towards it, just like traveling towards a destination ~ Rushal Click To Tweet
Step 3: Creative Visualization

What does visualization do?

Visualization is not fantasy, I would call it a purposive fantasy, which is done consciously. Creative visualization has the power to take you to the world of possibilities, it can drive you with enormous enthusiasm and inspiration.  

Want to learn how to manifest wealth using creative visualization? Then you must read this guide with amazing scientific details here. This post also explains the scientific reasoning behind why creative visualization is so powerful.
Here is the method:

As I said earlier, being completely relaxed is the most important thing in creative visualization. The more relaxed you are better the quality of mental images would be.

If you have performed all the previous exercises, you should become calm and serene by now, without much thought and distraction. Lesser the distractions, the more focused you are. [Do OM or Pranayama or Mindfulness]


Find out the most comfortable place you have. You can either be in a seated position or lying on the bed, any comfortable position will do.

Calm down and start feeling the joy of being in the world of fantasy. In this example of visualization, I will take a brand-new car as the desire that you want to manifest. This is my favorite, I manifested one in just 7-8 months when I had almost no way I could buy one. My credit score wasn’t that great at that time, loans were getting rejected. But something amazing happened you know. All the right things fell in once place, out of nowhere, I got a call from a third party, and they got my loan approved from a different bank in just a few days and I had the car before I could really realize what was happening, I was amazed, did not really believe that could happen with the kind of score I had at that time.

So, let’s say you are trying to manifest a car, you can do it like below.

Know the car well first, you should know how it looks like, the exterior and interior, etc. if possible pay visits to different showrooms to see the same car, know it well.

Start visualizing the car, imagine that amazing red or blue color of the car, see it from a distance then start walking towards it, keep coming closer to the car, everything should happen in your mind, like crystal clear, as if you are doing it in reality in present.

Now, walk around the car, keep checking various aspects like design, the cuts & curves, the headlight, the rear of the car, tail lights, even the color of the alloy, the type of tires, even the smell of the paint, or the gas, etc.

Now, open the front door, visualize yourself getting inside, hear that nice thug sound of the door closing. Feel the cushion of the seat, look at that amazing dual-color dashboard in front of you, it has everything you want. That dazzling instrument cluster, an amazing looking infotainment touch screen.

Creative visualization can change your reality

Visualize yourself driving on a picturesque highway.

Now hold the steering, feel the palm on it, how wonderful it feels? Imagine the sense of power and control. Start the engine, hear the sound, feel it. now hold the gear lever, change it to first, feel the clutch pedal, the car starts moving, start accelerating, feel that amazing bliss, sense of pleasure and excitement. Imagine how wonderful it feels, to hear the roar of the engine, the sudden acceleration of the vehicle, the AC vents blowing chilly air on to your nose, you might even feel like sneezing now.

Feel the experience in as much as details possible. Try smelling the leather seat, see the beauty of the white or red stitches on the black seat.

Employ all your senses. In the above example, if you notice, I used to touch, sense, seeing and smelling & hearing, all 5 senses to make it an amazing visualization session.

So, feel it, live the moment. Imagine, how excited you would feel if you have that car with you right now. 5 minutes of intense and focused practice of creative visualization is enough to move you towards your goal, everything, in reality, will start moving and working for you to get you there.

one more amazing tip, if you want to accelerate your manifesting process 3 times faster:

Once you have a list of actionable items or goals and you have put a date, visualize each of them individually till you accomplish, along with the visualization of the end goal, like the car in the above example. 

So, How to do creative visualization? Let’s summarize,
  1. Be clear on your goal. Dream bigger, but break that into multiple small ones.
  2. Sort your goals in terms of priorities.
  3. Put a specific date of accomplishing the same.
  4. Visualize each small goal as your achieving them seamlessly.
  5. Visualize the end goal as if you are doing it now or you already achieved it.
  6. Power it with feelings and emotions.
  7. Infuse your visualization with high desire.
  8. Practice every day just like any other learning.
  9. Keep sending positive affirmations to your beliefs.

Chunk your goals, this can be done to achieve anything in life. Talk about it often, think about it often in the day and use lots of positive affirmations, rinse yourself with positivity. This is a guaranteed way to success and to reprogram your mind. Successful people often visualize where they want to be in their life and you can easily become one of them, it’s all how you achieve the smallest goals of your life.

Remember, 1000s of tiny streams can gather together to make a brimming river. Likewise, success is a river made with achieving 1000s of small goals ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

Wish you all the positive energy. Enjoy your day, relax, be brave. Lastly, do not miss out on reading this wonderful article here and also learn more science from here.

One more important point,

I am here to change people’s lives. That’s my mission. I want to make life better for others, inspire and motivate as much as I can, as I think this is what is missing from life right now. We need to bring joy, contentment back to our life. I also want to help you realize any goal that you have in your life. If you think this page has made any difference to your thinking and if you think this can help others, then please share & help me reach another human being.


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