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How To Visualize Wealth (5 Insane Methods)?

Can you really attract wealth? Can wealth visualization turn into reality? These are the questions I was asking myself, long ago. I have always believed that the idea of mind is not just limited to daily emotions and thoughts, in fact, if you are just able to remove them and go beyond, you will see a deep ocean of human possibilities.


Very often we face difficulties and blockages in our path to success. Little careful observation will tell you that these are our very own negative thoughts and emotions, reflecting outside as challenges.

I have noticed this from my own life, that whenever I have removed these unnecessary thoughts and emotions and have attended something with unflinching focus coupled with wonderful imaginations, I was able to achieve things which looked impossible otherwise.

So, in this guide, I am going to talk about the similar stuff, about the breathtaking power of human imaginations, and how to get transported to the parallel world of joy, bliss, where we have everything.

But you may ask, can we use creative visualization for wealth creation?

Yes, 100%. We can do that for sure. We can use the power of imagination to invigorate ourselves with self-belief, confidence and unending motivation towards one simple goal, which is wealth creation. But just like any other skill, this is also something that requires dedication and effort to become better every day.

You don’t become efficient in a day. A world-class sportsman spends lots of effort and time to get there, similarly, to sharpen the power of imagination, you need to put in the effort to practice it. It is like sharpening a knife, the more you rub it against the stone, the sharper it gets.

And that is what we are going to learn in this guide, about how we sharpen our imagination, and how the power of creative visualization can propel us towards our goal.

But, before all that let’s learn the science behind creative visualization:

What is creative visualization??

You can read this sweet guide here on creative visualization. In brief, creative visualization is a conscious and detailed mental imagery, as if it is happening at this moment now, and the experience of the emotions or feelings associated with it. it’s a state when you and your imagination become the one.

The experience is similar to watching a movie. while watching a movie, just how engrossed you are? The emotions of the protagonist become your emotions, you behave the way the protagonist behaves. For some time, and you do that subconsciously, while the act of watching a movie is being done consciously, but the emotions happening are subconscious.

You are not trying to react, you are driven to react.

That is what imagination can do to us. That’s the power of imagination and visualization. You can consciously imagine or visualize something, but the emotions generated due to the process of creative visualization will happen subconsciously.

And that is what we want, that’s how the pattern at the subconscious level changes, in simple terms, that is what subconscious reprogramming is.

The bigger question obviously is, how to visualize wealth?

I will come to that exciting part very soon, but to have an effective understanding, we need to understand little science…

There are 4 most extraordinary ways Creative visualization can impact you positively, and the latest discoveries in the neuroscience tell us how…

These 4 facts are…

– Human biochemistry works as per your thoughts and feelings
– Recent understanding of mirror neurons tells you how they can copy the behavior of what it sees
– How constant imagination can take advantage of neuroplasticity and reprogram your belief system
– How brains powerful pattern matching ability can actually alter your reality


Impact of creative visualization (Imagination) on human biochemistry:

Our biochemistry works like a mirror.

We see our exact replica on the mirror, it does not reflect anyone else. Similarly, our bio-chemistry also mirrors our thought patterns and feelings, or I would say compliments these feelings with its own chemical drama, which in turn drives human behavior and psychology.

For example,

If you have a continuous flow of depressive thoughts, your body will slow down, your mind will be cluttered, and it will drain you out of energy. A sustained level of cortisol level in your blood and in the brain will make sure that you are restless and anxious.

At the same time, if you always visualize yourself to be happy & wealthy, the way our brain and body react changes completely. Suddenly there is a spike of happy hormones (Serotonin, Dopamine, etc.). They keep you cheery, motivated and positive.

Important point is, that our biochemistry does not have the power to select independently…

It does what it is asked to do. It is the belief or thoughts that we choose consciously or unconsciously, drive our biochemistry. Most of the time it is happening unconsciously, in a negative way most of the time (That’s how we have been programmed by the society).

That is why it is important that we become conscious to keep ourselves invigorated with positive emotions, motivation, inspiration, etc. And that can be achieved with the regular practice of creative visualization.

Reality is mostly the inner reflection that you have within you.

Reality is mostly the inner reflection that you have within you, driven by your belief system.

If we constantly visualize ourselves to be successful, happy and wealthy, our bio-chemistry will complement these feelings in a similar manner.

And that is what creating the right Mindset is all about, that’s the first step to become wealthy.

Now, let’s talk about one of the most fascinating aspects of the human mind or brain…

And that is Mirror Neurons!!

What are Mirror Neurons? And, how do Mirror Neurons work?

Mirror neurons are the same set of neurons which fire up both when a human being performs an action or observes another human being performing the same actions.

Basically, it is like a copy and paste on your laptop…

…For example, a certain set of neurons fires up, when you play tennis. The same set of neurons fire up when you observe someone playing tennis too (obviously it depends on how engaged you are with the game), it evokes the same emotions.

This aspect of human behavior is important, have you ever wondered how engrossed you become with the favorite character on TV.

Imagine yourself watching the movie 300, have you ever wondered how an engaging character in a movie might feel so real. How does that incredible grit of King Leonidas motivate you? Every time you see him or hear him speak, it just grips you with strong determination and unlimited power of will, isn’t it?

That’s mirror neurons at play, you just become one with the character, and then onwards his journey becomes yours, his success becomes yours and failures too. This powerful phenomenon is continuously happening at the backend without our knowledge.

And that is why we must use creative visualization to see ourselves living in a wealthy world, successful, doing great work with that wealth, helping people, surrounded by wealth and prosperity.

Every time you visualize that way, you are mirroring those feelings associated with it. Your brain fires up its large network of neurons in response to that, initiating neuron to neuron communication via its neurotransmitters, activating a large scale of hormones and chemical activities, driving your entire energy system towards making that belief a reality….

Doing so regularly, helps in an incredible way, creating new neuronal pathways which support that new belief.

In fact, all this is happening in the other way all the time. Focused attention to one day of your life, will tell you how.

Look at your daily life, how the power of negativity grips us, from the moment we wake up from bed, probably in our dreams too…

Be it the newspaper you read, or watch on TV, the things that you hear, or have been hearing from childhood, the so-called religious belief that teaches you that yours is the best way to go to heaven, the advertisement industry which is continuously seducing you to buy more, to have the best or you are not worthy, etc.

That’s how powerful the mirror neurons are…

Now, let’s talk about how we can make use of mirror neurons and human bio-chemistry to take advantage of the neuroplasticity of our brain.

What is Neuroplasticity?

NeuronsNeuroplasticity is the ability of our brain to produce new neural pathways, based on our external experiences. Our brain is flexible, and it does not stop growing even we grow older, though the growth may slow down. And that means that we can rewire our brain anytime we want to.

This re-wiring of the brain works on repetition…

For example,

Think about taking a new route to work, the first day, it will feel strange to you, there will be a lot of inner resistance to it, and uncomfortable about it…

On the second day too, you will feel almost the same way…

But, probably from the 3rd day onwards, the resistance will go down…

In a few days of forcing that new habit, you will see, eventually, the resistance has gone away completely, and that new route to office is no more a new thing to you…

It is the repetition that rewires your neurons, creates new ones…

Therefore, the regular practice of creative visualization of being wealthy works in an incredible way!!

Now, the last but one of the most powerful facts of the human brain, which science has just started understanding…

And, that is the brain’s pattern matching ability.


Our brain is a pattern-matching machine. How powerful our brain can be, more you uncover things about it, more baffled you get. Whatever idea or desire you conceive in the mind, your brain starts looking for a replica in the external world.

Let me give you a personal example…

Long back, there was this red Volkswagen, a specific model of it, I was so hooked to. I just liked the way it looked, and I always used to think if I can own this car, how wonderful it would be, how would I drive, where would I drive, etc. And that’s no all, I knew every specification on that car, starting from tire size to engine, almost everything.

Suddenly, I started noticing the same Volkswagens very frequently on everywhere around me, while traveling to the office, while jogging in the park. I was really baffled, I started to think about how it works.

How does it work?

It is not that they fell from the sky. But, somehow you get to see them.

That’s a mystery, no one really knows completely, but one aspect of this is our brain’s pattern matching ability. Whatever thoughts it conceives, it takes it as an important command, and start finding the same pattern in the outer world.

Similarly, if you think, you are not worthy, your brain will always try finding events, occurrences in a way that will reciprocate that belief, eventually making you think yourself an unworthy person. Probably that is how you see coincidences happening, or you might call it synchronicity.

Seeing the same thing repeatedly might mean something.

At the same time, the opposite is also true. If you think you are worthy, you could be successful and wealthy, your brain will match the same pattern and invite those opportunities to you.

So, what did we learn from whatever we read so far??

Human biochemistry drives our behavior. It’s powerful, and we need to keep it in shape.
– Mirror neurons play an incredible role in who we are and what we may become.
– Mirror neurons play a big role in rewiring our brain and driving our bio-chemistry
– We can alter our neural network due to neuroplasticity by repetition and create a new belief, in this case, belief that we can become wealthy
– The new belief of being wealthy then will become a primary command to your brain, and it will start working at the backend to bring you the opportunities to become wealthy.

I am sure, now you are convinced, how important human imagination is, and how the conscious practice of human imagination can take us to our goals.

Creative visualization in that aspect is incredibly powerful, this is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, which can help us to achieve anything, wealth is one of them.

So, how do we use creative visualization for wealth?

The technique that I am going to give you is based on the principals that I just spoke about. This is no doubt powerful and helped me always to get better at whatever I wanted to.

The below method can be used for anything in life, but here, I am going to tell you how to use creative visualization for money, specifically. But you are free to modify and use it for any other purpose in life, that can be running a long marathon, writing a novel, creating happiness, making friends, anything.

So, without much ado, let me tell you how you can exploit the power of creative visualization for money and wealth. And let me tell you, nowhere will you find these amazing techniques, and it works well.

I will break it into two parts…

“Preparatory exercises for Creative Visualization” and “The Creative Visualization exercises”.

Even before you start with creative visualization, you need to prepare yourself in such a way, that your creative visualization process becomes 100% effective.
In fact, these need to be done regularly, instead of creative visualization…

#1. Free-writing:

Keep a notebook with you always, a diary or a planner and a beautiful special pen. Keep them in a designated place in the midst of clean surroundings.
Write your desires, your goals, what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve. What are the challenges you are facing, what do you think about the reasons behind those challenges, how you think you can overcome them, etc?

No rules, not a specific format. Just keep writing whatever comes to your mind. This is called freewriting.

This is a powerful technique, this helps to clear your mind, gives you some amazing insight, and adds the missing clarity. Also, this writing comes from your inner mind, which holds this desire, and this helps you think about them consciously.

This connection between your inner mind and your desires is what you need.

Another very interesting fact, if you notice, is that when you are in this mode, your brain is usually at the ALPHA level, which is a relaxed but alert state. This means your brain is at an ideal state of learning new things, solving questions, etc.

Do this, whenever you find the time, make sure that there is no distraction around you.

#2. Talk with your imaginary self:

Talk to your imaginary self. Think your self as a third person, and the imaginary self as the real you.

Behave as if you (Third person) are his (Imaginary self) guru or guide. You are a wise person, who has all the solutions for him, then talk to him and resolve his problems. Tell him how to find money-making opportunities, or you can tell him about creative visualization, tell him about how to find his talent or passion and then how to turn that as a money-making opportunity.

This is an amazing technique, which I keep doing. It’s easy and fun, but extremely powerful. Do this whenever you are alone, otherwise, people might call the psychiatrist or in a worst-case scenario an exorcist.

#3. Draw some random images in your mind:

Try to draw some random images in your mind. That can be anything, like the person you met today, or the car you saw. Draw it as clearly as possible in your mind.
This exercise will strengthen your imaginary muscles.

#4. Affirm:

Always affirm yourself positively in the morning and before bed, that you can become wealthy. You have all the abilities to become one, its just a matter of time and well-planned strategy. Feel excited about it.
Do this everyday …this will help you to strengthen your imagination…
Now that you have done all that, you can start a creative visualization process…
Choose, 2 or 3 days in a week to do this, you can do more if you want, your choice, but I do it once or twice a week, but intense, I just live there for few moments of life and that seems real…

Now, find nice surroundings, peaceful and calm, and you can start…

#5. Wealth visualization:

Don’t stress yourself, just be calm, and seat quite or lying down on the bed also is a wonderful idea. Take time, breath and relax completely….
Imagine now, that your smiling and laughing, surrounded by friends, don’t get the money immediately, it’s hard, believe me, …it’s easier to imagine yourself smiling than holding a bunch of cash in your hand…

Smile and talk to your friends, hear them congratulating on the nice new car you bought…hear others talking great things about you on the recent handsome donation you made to an orphanage..hear them appreciate you as a wealthy but kind person…

Hear the other people appreciating how you started with no money and you became this rich…Zen

Imagine yourself giving a speech and motivating people about how you came up in life…see them being excited to hear you, clapping for you…
Visualize yourself coming back home at the end of a successful day, relaxing on the sofa, a nice ideal home that you have bought for yourself…seating relaxed and feeling good…seeing the bank statements of all your savings and great investments that you did…

Just feel excited and happy…

Just visualize and feel whatever emotions come out of it…you don’t need to force yourself to feel good…

This will happen naturally to you…and whatever is happening spontaneously is great…

You can add more to it. I just gave an example, no specific rules in the world of imagination. You have this great tool, so use it well, it never ends…

Imagine every day, be excited…that’s all you need…

Reality will bend…

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