Cardio Excercise

12 Astounding Body-Mind Benefits of Cardio Exercise, that you might not know

30 Minutes a day, keep the doctors away…

Here is the 1st step towards building a powerful body-mind relationship

Cardio Exercise has amazing impact on your body and mind, is must for everyone.

Cardio Exercise helps to fight any physical disease increasing immunity and also fights anxiety and depression due to increased levels of happy hormones.

Why should we do cardio exercises? How does it impact our mental health?

Cardio exercises first improve the conditions of your body, then improves the functions of your mind. The body is the infrastructure where the mind lives, a great body condition helps to maintain a good mind.

Great immunity is a result of both the superior mind and a healthy body.

The right time to do: Preferably in the morning. It powers your day and prepares you for the next set of exercises.

1st impact is on our physiological system:

Brain: Increased blood flow in the brain resulting in more oxygen supply thus reducing chances of stroke, improves memory and thinking and fights Alzheimer’s with age.

Muscles & Bones: Increases oxygen supply in the muscles for better muscle health. Exercise makes bones stronger.

Blood: Controls blood sugar, lowers blood fats and increases good cholesterol

Lungs & Hearts: Great work out for Heart and lungs, muscles of the heart and lungs get stronger

Skin & Body Weight: Increase blood circulation for a clearer & healthier skin. Calorie burn maintains body weight

Kidney: Bones retain maximum calcium instead of going into the kidney to form stones also makes you drink water to further prevent stones in your kidney

Sweat: Sweat detoxifies your body.

Apart from the above benefits at the body level, the impact on the mind happens due to the chemicals or hormones that get released in the body after you have hit a certain time for your cardio. The mood enhancer hormones increase happiness and the inspiration factor. Also, the impact of cortisol goes down due to a higher level of mood enhancer.

2nd impact is on our mind:

Below is the list of hormones and their amazing impact on our body and mind.


These chemicals are released by the pituitary gland located in the base of the brain. Endorphins make you feel exhilarated and happy & reduce any feelings of pain. You might get addicted to strenuous cardio workout due to the experience of “runner’s high.”


Women burn fat for fuel, while men burn carbs because women have higher estrogen levels. When women undergo menopause, they usually experience some weight gain because of lowered estrogen levels.


Dopamine is a pleasure chemical. People with lesser dopamine receptor in the brain is more prone to weight gain because eating quickly easily raises dopamine levels. You need to eat more to reach the same level of satisfaction as someone with a normal amount. This is the main reason we should work out.

Growth Hormones

Growth factors are the hormone-like compounds that repair damaged muscles and promote muscle growth. Increases bone density.


Responsible for happiness, restful sleep, healthy appetite. Serotonin levels increase with regular workout. Serotonin means more energy and clearer thinking.

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