Can Our Thoughts Affect Others?

Brain to Brain Communication

Can Our Thoughts Affect Others?

A very curious question that bothered me for a long time. I have always been very curious to learn and understand these mysteries of the human mind or life in general.

So, I had to find an answer to this question, or at least explore whatever is available, because the curiosity was just insatiable. And, that is when the journey to find an answer to this started.Brain to Brain Communication

Before I go ahead with details on this topic, let me answer this question in short.

Can Our Thoughts Affect Others?

Yes, our thoughts can affect others, in fact, it is happening all the time, even though we are unconscious about it. Thoughts are the result of our brain’s cognitive process, which involves neuronal firing, which in turn generates electromagnetic energy. So, in a way, thoughts are producing energy and that energy does have impacts at various levels in different ways, probably subtle yet powerful.

In this blog post, I am going to unravel the mysteries behind the impact of thoughts…

I spent several months reading, researching and also reflecting back at my own life, observing people, objects, and incidents around me keenly and keeping my mind open to everything. You see, life is mysterious, nature has its own way of doing things, which is beyond comprehension, but if you observe things consciously, it can teach you a lot.

This blog post is an attempt of the same, I will try to answer this question comprehensively through this guide. Read till the end, if you are really interested to enlighten yourself with some of the most amazing and little-known facets of our own mind.

And this might change your perspective completely about how you look at the world…

So, get ready for the ride…

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.~ Max Planck Click To Tweet

So, can our thoughts affect others?

Yes, it can. It is happening all the time. But it is happening unconsciously, being unaware, outside of our perception.

Just because we do not know about something, does not mean, it is not happening. Generally, that has been the approach for most of the human beings on earth. To me, it is plain arrogance. I do not see, so it does not exist, this has been the mantra.

This human arrogance has been extremely poisonous and in fact, gave birth to some of the most insane miseries around the world.

For example, who even knew that our brain produces electric current? If you would have said this a century ago, people would think you have gone mad. But, now we know it is true, it has come to the level of human perception because we have physical tools to measure that. Otherwise, the human brain has been that way for many thousands of years. Our brain was producing electricity even 10,000 years ago, it was happening even though we did not know about it.

So similarly, today if I say thought energy can travel, I might sound a bit insane too, but I guess it will be proven true in times to come.

Now lest get back answering the question:

How our thoughts can affect others? There are 2 ways it can happen, first which I call the physical way and the second way is the nonphysical impact.

Physical Impact:

The physical impact is visible. You can see it happening, it happens when you have a thought and in consequence to that, you take some action. For example, think yourself as a painter, sipping your morning coffee, seating peacefully on your favorite couch, thinking deeply about the next piece of art you wan to create, suddenly there is an idea, flash of an image, you might forget it later on, so you get up and immediately start painting the draft version of it…

So, there was a thought at the beginning, that thought had a biological impact, your biochemistry erupted and then a massive electrical activity started in through millions of neurons which enabled you to get up, carry the canvas and then start drawing.

This is what is happening every day with all the billion people that live in this world, and we think that’s the ultimate reality.

Non-physical impact:

There is also an invisible aspect, the non-physical world, something which is beyond normal human perception. Science concludes that only 5% of the world can be seen so far, it turns out that 68% is dark energy, something invisible, extremely strong force. And then 27% is dark matter, again invisible.

So, human beings have the ability to only see and measure 5% of the world and based on that we have conceived an idea of life and thought that as the ultimate truth.

What about the rest of the 95%?

So, we will talk about the non-physical stuff in this post. We know the physical (visible) impact of thoughts, but to me, there is something going on beyond our perception which is much more impactful.

The questions are ~ Can our thoughts affect others? Do thoughts have energy? Does thought travel?

These are the questions that we will explore in this post, but honestly, there is no definite answer to this one. No one knows.

But, if you ask me I will give you a positive answer to this, does it mean that all the so-called ESP stuff that people talk about is true? Might not be, people have the tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill, especially when there is a mystery surrounding the subject.

Let’s, explore certain scientific facts, incidents from our daily life to prove that the idea of our thoughts as energy and its ability to affect the environment around us, and environment which is separated by a distance, can be possible.

Before I go into the facts one by one, let us understand what thought is?

What is thought?

I have written a detailed post on this already here. Do read it here

Thoughts are energy, at least not directly, but the brain activity that occurs due to thought processing creates energy. The moment you think something, there is a rush of electricity via millions of neurons producing electromagnetic waves.

You must read these 2 fantastic articles on “Power of Mind” & “Positive Affirmations

EEG machines capture the same in terms of brain waves tells you at what state the brain is. Now we all know that electricity is energy.

This is the first fact that we should be aware of, is that the electricity is the very basis of life, at the minute level it is the atom, further deep you will find electron and protons, it is the electron which creates electricity when it moves from one place to another.

And this electricity is being produced not only in the human body but also in other animals, even in plants.

[An interesting insight here…

Do you know even plants are communicating with each other? Watch this awesome experiment by Neuroscientist Greg Gage who does a live experiment on stage. And another incredible one which talks about whether the plants are even conscious, check this one here.]

Now, let’s talk about the second fact…

Which is an interesting aspect of human brainwaves!!

Types of FrequenciesHuman brainwaves range pretty much from 0.5 to 42 Hz, which means 0.5 to 42 waves per second. now if you look at the infographic, you will see anything below 3 kHz falls under ELF (Extremely low frequency) category

Now, human brainwaves are much lower and slower than even ELF. By the way, ELF is being used as the latest radio communication technology for submarines, and it’s extremely difficult to capture them, it requires huge infrastructure with long antennas.

[Yes, human brainwaves are radio waves too]

But, human brainwaves are way slower than the ELF waves and almost impossible to detect with the conventional technology, I guess we haven’t reached there, or probably the scientific approach needs to change completely.

But what is most interesting to know is the nature of ELF waves. The higher frequency waves find it difficult to penetrate through tunnels, or hard metals, etc. higher the frequency is tougher it gets. And that is why you lose the FM radio when you are passing through a tunnel, or your wi-fi does not work.

Interestingly, the low-frequency waves like VLF, ELF can penetrate the deep sea, till about 100 meters, they can diffract around large obstacles, and are not blocked by mountain ranges or the horizon and can travel around the curvature of the Earth.

Lower the frequency is higher is its potency in terms of penetration, but yes, it is also much more difficult to detect them.

So, as per that logic, thoughts can travel almost everywhere, but also extremely difficult to detect them as well, or impossible by any modern machine, human knowledge is still very limited.

But, the question is, do we already have some inbuilt technology with us. Do we have the power to capture them already?

We can explore that later probably on a separate blog because that’s going to be a huge topic. But here let me give you some of the well-known scientific explorations and few great examples from life around us to show you that thoughts are powerful, they travel, can be accessed and transferred.

So, can our thoughts affect others?

Here you go…some of the experiments from modern scientists.

Thoughts affect others experiment#1 – Mayo clinic doctors are trying to read your brainwaves and get it typed on the computer screen. In that research, volunteers are asked to concentrate on the flashing letters on the screen which in turn creates an electrical impulse in the brain.

Doctors, in turn, are trying to translate the same reading the brainwaves. There are initial successes, but we still have a long way to go. Read more about this amazing stuff here, also you can watch this video.

Thoughts affect others experiment #2 – The invention of EEG machines led to the advent of BCI instruments.

What is BCI?? Read more here

In brief, BCI is a brain-computer interface, which is also known as the neural-control interface (NCI), and also as the direct neural interface (DNI). BCIs are used in a variety of forms, starting from playing simple games on your phone, turning the light on or off, or controlling the cursor or a prosthetic limb, etc.

In a way, you are transferring the neuronal energy to get some external work done, this itself is an early example of thought energy and its various applications. More researches are taking place to obviously make it much more dynamic and useful.

Thoughts affect others experiment #3 – Remember what I said, thoughts are, at a very basic level, nothing but electricity. If so this electricity can be altered, transferred and accessed.

Now, here is an excellent demonstration of how someone can just use his brain to control your arm, even though you don’t want to be controlled. Look at the demo here

Thoughts affect others experiment #4 – the University of Utah, in research tried translating thoughts to words. The team tested different words spoken by the volunteers, like “hungry”, “Thirsty”, “Yes” and “No”, etc.

The accuracy while capturing the “Yes” and “No” was 90%. But while distinguishing others, the accuracy was at 48%. More research is ongoing…

You can find more information here

Thoughts affect others experiment #5 – Russel Targ, American physicist, parapsychologist, and author who is best known for his work on remote viewing,  talks about remote viewing and ESP projects of CIA here. Do watch it for some amazing explanations and secrets.

In this video, he talks about solving crimes, finding out people using human awareness. And looks like there is the truth behind these, as Mr. Russel Targ is quite a well-known name.

Thoughts affect others experiment #6 – Dr. Garret Moddel, a quantum engineer at The University of Colorado, talks about his research on different mental phenomena ranging from telepathy to precognition, and mind-matter interaction. He also talks about the research done on remote viewing by his students. Read more here or if you like listening, click here.

Thoughts affect others experiment #7 – Mass transcendental meditation reduces crime in the USA?

Yes. The mass meditation program started in July 2006, when participants started assembling at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, to form a large group. By Jan 2007, they had 1725 participants, the square root of 1% of the US population. Media and the authorities were already informed about the same and informed that a significant decrease would occur in the reduction in crime.

This meditation program went on until 2010. A comparison of crime data of 206 urban areas between 2002-2006 and 2007-2010 showed a significant drop in crime rate, from an average of 21.2% to 18.3%.

An intense statistical analysis was undertaken. Various other factors like demographic changes, and policing strategies, economic trends, incarceration rates, etc. were looked at, but nothing could really explain the reduction in crime.Group Meditation

So, what is it? Is it the mental energy of calm and positivity caused a change in the environment or which we call consciousness, something which we all are part of, an underlying connection between all of us.

This idea, that we are all connected, or we are all fractions of the same cosmic consciousness, were spoken vigorously in all Indian traditions, many 1000s of years ago. The idea of making a change here and impacting elsewhere was possible.

Is that what is happening here…? You can read more about the research here

Thoughts affect others experiment #8 – Have you heard of the global consciousness project?

The global consciousness project is an international and multidisciplinary collaboration from scientists and engineers. The project is driven by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University, directed by Roger Nelson.

In this project, a tool called the Random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling, which produces completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. These RNGs are located in 70 different locations across the globe and then the data is sent back to the central archive, this is being done for the last 15 years.

After studying the data for many years now, it has been observed that, whenever there is a great event that connects people emotionally around the world, this random number generators start producing much more ordered sequences, suddenly the randomness is gone.

For example, an event like 9/11. A tremendous coherence was observed, after the news spread of the crash, as more people started tuning in and was stunned in disbelief, the sequences of zeroes and ones started becoming more orderly. Read more on their site itself on this project, you can also read the 9/11 analysis here.

If that confuses you, simply watch this video.

But, in all these what was more shocking was that an orderly sequence was observed even before the crash itself.

That means what?? These tell us something extraordinary. Does that mean the evil intentions were caught up in the cosmic consciousness already?? I will have a separate book or posts only on consciousness (will announce once ready).

So, as you see this is getting really interesting with each experiment I have listed here. These are people with great academic qualifications and years of experience in research…

Can we ignore?

I don’t think so, there are overwhelming proofs and indications towards this fact that we are all connected, there is a huge filed of consciousness which every one of us is surfing through, and our thoughts are continuously being reflected there, like our reflection on the mirror.

We are all connectedIf consciousness is like an ocean, then our thoughts are like boats and ships, millions of them are navigating through it, it is not surprising for them to meet each other on the way.

Apart from this scientific researches, there are many other daily incidents, that we generally overlook, may surprise us…

What about the forensic artists who draw criminals face on the canvas. They just do it depending on the description by the victim. How does the artist capture their imagination? This is a great example of telepathy, mind-reading, or thought transference. He must use his awareness and imagination to read your thought and then manifest it on the canvas.

Or how do you even realize that someone is staring at you from behind when there is no way you can see that person? Noted psychiatrist and author Colin A. Ross, M.D., has published his research work that supports a scientific hypothesis that the eyes emit energy. Many people have experienced this sense of being stared at and found someone was really staring.

I think that’s how the power of focus works or even the concept of the evil eye is true in that sense.

So, what do you think?

I think that there is enough to show you that our thoughts can affect others, can affect the environment around us. And this power of focus or thought energy can be used to either good or bad, both.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.

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