Best Paid Meditation Courses

Best paid online meditation course

Best Paid Meditation Courses

Best paid online meditation course

Meditation has become hugely popular for all the obvious reasons which you might be aware of and I am sure you came to this page because of the same. You surely want to take advantage of all the extraordinarily life-altering benefits of meditation.

In this article, I will talk about 2 wonderful meditation programs and the best part is that they are online meditation programs, extremely well designed, you can just be at the comfort of your home and follow them at your own pace.

Also, these courses are paid Meditation courses, if you are looking for FREE courses then this article is not for you, honestly, the free ones don’t work…

So, what are the best-paid Meditation Courses?

Before I tell you how and why I chose the below courses to be the best ones, let me answer your question.

The 2 best-paid meditation courses online as of now are…

But, why do I say they are the best?

There are numerous courses online these days… How would you even judge them?

Honestly, it’s a difficult question to answer, but we can use certain parameters to judge if a program is worthy or not.

If you ask me, I will look for the below traits while judging if a meditation course is worthy or not…

  1. Check if you have great feedback about the courses online
  2. Need to check the authenticity of the courses online from other sources like other articles, journals, other blogs, news articles, etc.
  3. Check the reputation of the teacher from various sources online like articles, journals, other blogs, news articles, and most importantly social media, etc.
  4. See what the course is promising to do, what is on offer? How is it going to help you?
  5. Check the about me page, you can sense a lot from there
  6. How experienced the teacher is? See if you can evaluate that from the site
  7. Does she or he have any personal story behind becoming a teacher? For example, Emily Fletcher herself suffered from chronic insomnia, and acute stress and she learned meditation to get rid of these problems and eventually became an awesome teacher and launched Ziva mediation online. It’s the same with Giovanni, the founder of “Live and Dare”.

These are the points you need to keep in mind while you search for a course that is effective and works 100%. don’t be so concerned about the price at the beginning itself, if you want an excellent product, you need to pay for it.

The most important point you must understand is that meditation comes with incredible benefits, and any amount that you pay for it, is honestly worth it…

… And if that comes from a course that is well established and has received incredible feedback from the clients, then there is no reason for you to think about paying the required course fee.

Meditation is life-changing, it can add so many incredible benefits to your life, check the below points

Look at all these amazing benefits you are going to receive, can you even equate all these benefits with a certain sum of money?

The best part is, the courses that I mentioned above, takes care of all the aspects that I just spoke about.

Let me tell you in detail…

#1. Ziva meditation online:

Best paid online meditation courseThis is my favorite one, and this is without a doubt, one of the best ones, and extremely unique.

I will tell you why it’s so unique…

Before that,

Let me introduce you to Emily Fletcher (Go to the “meet your teacher segment).

If you have not heard of her earlier, you must know this famous name (due to her amazing work) in the field of meditation.

Her life was not simple at all…

She learned meditation because she wanted to get rid of all the troubles she was facing. At 27 she was going gray, losing her sleep, being stressed all the time, she was not really enjoying her work at Broadway.

Somehow, in 2008, she got introduced to a powerful practice of meditation, that cured her insomnia almost immediately, that day after a long time, she slept extremely well, and that experience left her fascinated.

She made up her mind and then exactly the next year, she reached Rishikesh, India to learn these powerful practices. She trained hard for 3 years and became a certified teacher of meditation.

In 2011, she opened the world’s first online meditation program (She has studios in NYC and LA too for live classes).

If you want to stress less, sleep great and perform at the top of your game then Ziva meditation is for you.

This is course is a combination of 3 Ms…

They are Mindfulness, Meditation & MANIFESTING.

What is unique is the manifesting part. No other conventional courses of meditation will train you on this one.

When initially launched, this course had mindfulness and meditation only, but after years of teaching and understanding her students she realized that mediation alone will not help people to perform at the highest level of their personal and professional career. There is something unique would they need.

That’s is when she added the manifesting part.

In this segment, you will learn the real tricks of getting clearer on your life goals, and then you will learn all the fascinating techniques to achieve them one by one.

This is where the course gets extremely unique!

In brief,

Here is the break up….

Mindfulness (From Day1 to 3):
  • She teaches what is Ziva Technique
  • She teaches you about correct posture
  • She tells you how to find the right place of meditation
  • You learn the effective “unstressing” process
  • You learn what is mindfulness
  • 4th state of consciousness
  • Difference between mindfulness and mediation
  • Roles of your left and right brain

In this first step, you groom yourself to go to the next one, which is deep meditation. Without learning the first step properly, the 2nd one will be meaningless.

Meditation (From day 4 to 12):

The main course where you learn deep healing meditation techniques…

Below are a few things that you can expect….

  • Learn how to use the Mantra
  • How to handle thoughts
  • Guided meditation
  • 5 most common things that happen during meditation
  • Learn personal integrity & commit yourself for daily practice
  • Concept of creation, maintenance & destruction
  • Becoming self-sufficient

In brief, you are going to learn deep healing meditation, which will help you to sleep deep, recharge your brain real quick, like how you recharge your phone, detox your body, remove stress from the cellular level, fill yourself with an endless amount of energy and optimism.


Now that you have prepared your mind, it’s the most effective time to do the manifesting…

Below are some of the items, which you can expect in this segment.

  • Getting clear on what you want so that nature can deliver them
  • How to use the power of imagination effectively
  • 3 important steps to manifestation
  • Learn the art of detachment
  • Why meditation is a must for manifesting
  • Learn to celebrate success

Apart from all these, you get the cherry on the cake too…

  • The Neuroscience of Stress audio: Emily talks about how stress affects the brain and body and how meditation can get rid of them.
  • zivaSLEEPS audio guided visualization: Fall asleep quick and go deeper for more restful sleep.
  • zivaRELEASE audio guided visualization: Learn de-stressing process.
  • zivaPERFORMANCE audio: Learn how to perform at the top of your game.
  • zivaTRAVELS audio guided visualization: Learn how to reduce jetlag and just start quick.
  • Pep Talk in Your Pocket audio: Listen to this audio whenever you need inspiration. This quick (but powerful) pep talk is just the amazing booster you would need at times to get you going with full confidence.

In brief, this is what you get, this is way more than anyone will offer you. This is evident from the amazing feedback that she has got from her students.

And the people whose comment I see on the site, are authentic people, they do exist, you can search their names online, they are there. You can check all the fantastic feedback on her site here and also check the 5-star feedback she got for her studio classes here (73 5 stars out of 75 reviews).

This course is my number one personal recommendation. Sign up with Ziva Online and create the life you desire consciously.

# Live and Dare:

My 2nd favorite one.

“Live and Dare” was established by Giovanni Dienstmann. Giovanni is an author, a certified meditation teacher and speaker of repute.

His blog is one of the most visited meditation blogs on the planet. He is also the author of one of the best-selling meditation books called “Practical Meditation” (Buy from Amazon), available in seven different languages and is popularly called “The Meditation Bible”.

He almost became a Buddhist monk at the age of 19. What makes him one of the best teachers of meditation is that he is trained in 4 different ancient traditions like Zen BuddhismAdvaita VedantaRaja YogaMantra Yoga.

He is been practicing meditation for the last 18 years and follows a strict discipline every day, that involves getting up early at 5 AM, take a cold shower and then practice meditation for 2 to 3 hours along with the practice of Yoga.

Another important feature is that he has various courses designed for various purposes & for different needs at different various price points.

Best paid meditation programBelow are some of the wonderful courses you must enroll:

Overcome Fear of Failure:

Do you lack energy? Are you feeling stuck and hopeless? Do you have too much negative self-talk going on? Are you suffering from low self-confidence?

It is primarily fear that is hidden underneath, anxiety due to an unknown fear, which you are not aware of completely. This fear happens in the amygdala of our brain, this fear runs through our subconsciously every time we try to make a decision, it happens all the time in every aspect of our life.

This is the root cause of all suffering in our lives, this blocks us from the path to success. This fear must be uprooted and thrown away.

But how do we do it? The solution is here, a 12 weeks program, but can be done in just 2 to 3 weeks if you like. Join now and become FEARLESS.

Master Your Mind:

Our mind is the most powerful tool that we humans possess, unfortunately, the mind is not our friend always. Most of the time, it acts as our enemy. If the most powerful tool acts against us, the very tool that we possess, do you think you need anyone else to destroy your life?

The mind is where you can find inspiration, happiness, solutions to our life’s problem and happiness.

But right now, anxiety is happening, sadness & depression, the false sense of pride, ego and all the other negative emotions are taking place and destroying our life, these are the termites of our mind, they need to be removed.

Don’t worry…

There is a solution, right away you can fix it…

Join this “Master your mind beginner” course right away now. Join now & get an instant discount.

Limitless Life Program:

This is the most extensive course that Giovanni has, this course includes all the courses that Live and Dare offer. This is like a beginner to advanced levels, like what Ziva Meditation has, one single offer which takes care of all the aspects.

Join from here for the limitless life course.

You can also click here and check all the individual programs he has to offer and choose the one that you like. Live and Dare have many courses ranging from $29 to $2500 (private coaching with Giovanni).

Both are awesome courses, 2 of the Best Paid Meditation Courses online. Don’t waste your time, go join and start changing your life today.

Best Paid meditation course onlineBest meditation course online

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