Best Online Meditation Course

Best Online Meditation Course

Best Online Meditation Course

If you are reading this article, that means you would have already made up your mind and are serious about learning meditation. That’s great news! Because I think, you have taken life’s best decision.

Best Online Meditation CourseThat’s because Your life is about to witness extraordinary changes as in when you proceed with your practice of meditation. Your mental power will increase, so will increase your endurance, focus, confidence and thinking ability, and above all, you will function beyond emotions and ego.

You will become the master of your mind…

Remember, our thoughts are the most important and powerful tool you have, but our thoughts are like horses, if you have 5 horses pulling your chariot called a mind in 5 different directions, you will reach nowhere.

How To Use The Power Of The Mind? Read Here

You need to control them and instruct them to go in one direction. That is what meditation can do.

I am sure you know about those extraordinary benefits of meditations already if you still want to know more about it, I will add them at the end.

But for now,

Let’s explore 2 best meditation courses online, which are extremely well designed, and well structured. In fact, you will not only reap the benefits of meditation, but you can also become an excellent teacher and later can turn it into a profession.

And they are designed in such a way, that they can easily be called 2 of the most fantastic meditation courses for beginners as well. I would say 2 of the best-paid meditation courses online to be more specific.

So, what are the best meditation courses online?

2 of the best meditation courses are below…

  1. Ziva meditation online
  2. Live and Dare

I have picked the best of the best (As of now, these 2 are the best ones with awesome feedbacks), I am not going to confuse you with so many options. I will tell you in detail why they are awesome teachers and have great courses and what are they offering.

And I am also going to tell you why the first one is my personal favorite, how that’s is extremely unique.

So, what set these courses apart?

The first reason is that both have a personal story of trauma and suffering in their life before they embraced the practice of meditation. They learned meditation because they wanted to get rid of their problems, but later they became extremely successful teachers and now they are doing excellent professionally as well.

What does this tell you?

This proves that the practice of meditation is powerful, it changed their life from being stressed and unsuccessful to extremely successful individuals.

The same can happen to you as well.

Now, let me introduce you to both one by one.

Ziva Meditation:

Ziva meditation was established by Emily Fletcher, an extremely well-known name with extensive experience.

meditation courses for beginnersBefore being an awesome teacher of meditation, she was a stressed-out performer of Broadway, at 27 she was already going gray, suffering insomnia. She started underperforming at work and started falling sick frequently.

It was in 2008 when she was accidentally introduced to a powerful practice of meditation that cured her insomnia almost instantly, which left her astonished. This experience left a significant impact on her mind.

It was then, she decided to leave for India, it was in Rishikesh where she trained for 3 years to become a teacher.

In 2011, she opened the online meditation program, probably the world’s first online meditation program.

After years of experience and understanding her students, she realized that only meditation will not help to perform at the highest level of their personal & professional career. It was then, she designed the course with 3 powerful combinations of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifestation.

Her course is well designed, broken into segments, easy to adopt and can be performed from the comfort of your home.

The entire course is beautifully crafted and divided into the below segments…

  • Mindfulness: Which is day 1 to 3

This is where you learn about the difference between meditation & mindfulness and its healing impacts on your brain. You will also come to know about the best posture, you will be able to find out the best strategy to detox your mind, 4th state of consciousness, the relation between left & right brain, and many other fascinating aspects of being meditative.

  • Meditation: Which is Day 4 to 12

In this segment, you will learn deep healing meditation techniques and various powerful aspects of meditation. You will learn how to become self-sufficient and handle your emotions efficiently so that you know how to control your mind.

  • Manifesting: Which is Day 13 to 15

This is the most unique thing that I have ever seen offered with a meditation course. Not only meditation, but you also learn how to manifest your dreams. This is where this course becomes unique and awesome, not only you harness the benefits of meditation, you also learn how to become clear on your goals and achieve them.

Ready to manifest your dreams?

Download your manifesting quickstart guide here FREE!

I personally think this program is truly unique and is certainly well designed, Emily takes you through step by step on this self-transforming journey. Apart from the regular 3 offerings, there are big BONUS offerings that come to you completely FREE! Buy now and avail of all the benefits here!

A few of the examples are…

  • The Neuroscience of Stress audio: Hear Emily talking about how stress affects the brain and body. Understand why it’s not bad for you to get stressed, but it is horrible to remain stressed for a longer time.
  • ZivaSleeps audio guided visualization: Helps you fall asleep quickly and gives you much deeper and restful sleep.
  • ZivaRelease audio guided visualization: Learn how to unstress yourself in the right manner.

And there are many…go to her site and read now.

if you want to join click here and buy this life-changing course right away…

or if you want more assurance then take a test drive clicking here, get 3 days free access to unlimited mindfulness video training, guided visualization, learn the difference between meditation and mindfulness.

Hurry up! 3 Days of Unlimited Access!!

Test Drive Meditation for Extraordinary Performance, get it here.

# Live and Dare:

My 2nd favorite one.

“Live and Dare” was established by Giovanni Dienstmann. Giovanni is an author, a certified meditation teacher and speaker of repute.

His blog is one of the most visited meditation blogs on the planet. He is also the author of one of the best-selling meditation books called “Practical Meditation” (Buy from Amazon), available in seven different languages and is popularly called “The Meditation Bible”.

He almost became a Buddhist monk at the age of 19. What makes him one of the best teachers of meditation is that he is trained in 4 different ancient traditions like Zen Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga.

He is been practicing meditation for the last 18 years and follows a strict discipline every day, that involves getting up early at 5 AM, take a cold shower and then practice meditation for 2 to 3 hours along with the practice of Yoga.Best paid meditation course online

Below are some of the wonderful courses you must enroll:

Overcome Fear of Failure:

Do you lack energy? Are you feeling stuck and hopeless? Do you have too much negative self-talk going on? Are you suffering from low self-confidence?

It is primarily fear that is hidden underneath, anxiety due to an unknown fear, which you are not aware of completely. This fear happens in the amygdala of our brain, this fear runs through our subconsciously every time we try to make a decision, it happens all the time in every aspect of our life.

This is the root cause of all suffering in our lives, this blocks us from the path to success. This fear must be uprooted and thrown away.

But how do we do it? The solution is here, a 12 weeks program, but can be done in just 2 to 3 weeks if you like. Join now and become FEARLESS.

Master Your Mind:

Our mind is the most powerful tool that we humans possess, unfortunately, the mind is not our friend always. Most of the time, it acts as our enemy. If the most powerful tool acts against us, the very tool that we possess, do you think you need anyone else to destroy your life?

The mind is where you can find inspiration, happiness, solutions to our life’s problem and happiness.

But right now, anxiety is happening, sadness & depression, the false sense of pride, ego and all the other negative emotions are taking place and destroying our life, these are the termites of our mind, they need to be removed.

Don’t worry…

There is a solution, right away you can fix it…

Join this “Master your mind beginner” course right away now. Join now & get an instant discount.

Limitless Life Program:

This is the most extensive course that Giovanni has, this course includes all the courses that Live and Dare offer. This is like a beginner to advanced levels, like what Ziva Meditation has, one single offer which takes care of all the aspects.

Join from here for the limitless life course.

You can also click here and check all the individual programs he has to offer and choose the one that you like. Live and Dare have many courses ranging from $29 to $2500 (private coaching with Giovanni).

Both are extremely powerful online meditation courses, which will leave you with significant changes in your life, trust me…


Master Your Mind, Master Your Life!

Click here for an instant discount (Limited offer!)

Both are extremely powerful online meditation courses, which will leave you with significant changes in your life, trust me…

but if you are still apprehensive about joining them for some reason (I don’t see any reason), or you are concerned about the price point… (Ideally, you shouldn’t be, think about the massive change it will bring into your life!!)…Then I will give you another excellent option and that is Muse headband (Go to Amazon).

What is muse headband?

Muse headband works based on EEG technology, once you put this on your head, it measures your brain activity through the EEG (electroencephalography) sensors attached to it.

MUSE headband is touted to be the future of meditation by many, whether it should be or not, but this headband really works and does a fantastic job.

Now, that I have given you 2 of the world’s most powerful meditation program, let me tell you the extraordinary benefits of meditation.

How does MUSE headband work?

Extremely simple, do these 3 steps below…

  • Put the Muse headband around your head
  • Then connect it with your mobile via Bluetooth
  • Install the MUSE app
  • Put on your headphone
  • Play the music which will be sound of nature

MUSE starts reading your brain activity, if your mind is calm, then you will hear the sound of peaceful weather…

 If your mind is wandering, out of focus, or busy then you will hear stormy weather, which means you should focus back and calm your mind.

This technique to me is incredible. Every time you are disturbed, something will remind you to come back to the present moment.

MUSE is getting better day by day, they first came out with MUSE, then MUSE 2 and now MUSE S.

Below is a small comparison I prepared between the 3.

I am sure it will help you make the right decision while buying the right one…

Comparison between MUSE headbands

Why MUSE headband can be an excellent choice for you?

First of all, let me tell you, meditation is an extremely powerful tool, nothing comes close to it. Learning meditation properly from a trained teacher is entirely a different thing, the impact is just too extraordinary, and this can only be experienced.

MUSE headband is for those, who are new to meditation, mainly consider buying it from here, if you fall in the below categories…

  • If you are new to meditation, hearing it for the first time or still need more information
  • You need more time to get accustomed to the world of meditation
  • Not sure if he or she is a good teacher
  • You want to at least try something by yourself before you hire a teacher
  • You do not have a good teacher around you (You can join the online courses I spoke about)
  • You are not yet comfortable with the idea of meditation courses online

My best advice would be to sign up with the online meditation course, either with ZivaOnline or Live and dare, but if you are still apprehensive then the next best thing for you is MUSE headband

It’s light, handy, and you can carry it anywhere you want and just be meditative. This is by far the most effective tool in the meditation world.

You can buy these headbands from here (MUSE), updated one from here (MUSE 2) and the latest and most advanced one from here (MUSE S).

If you are just starting out, I suggest you buy just the basic one, it comes with only one feature, that it reads your brain wave and tells you about your mind, and I think it’s enough to start with. But in case if you are interested to measure all other aspects, please go ahead.

So, now that I gave you 3 amazing options along with the 2 best meditation courses online, go ahead and at least use one of them. And If you are still not convinced about why you should do meditation, then below are some of the facts to open your eyes.

Why you should meditate?
#1. 14+ % of Americans said they had mediated in the last one year:

This number went up dramatically from 4% in 2012 to 14% in 2017. A 2017 research done by Pew Research Center’s research suggests that this number might even be much higher. The fact is, people are embracing the practice of meditation more and more.

#2. The Increase in downloads of Meditation apps:

This CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report here talks about the sharp increase in the number of downloads of Yoga and meditation apps.

#3. Children in US is doing more meditation now:

This report here talks about only 0.6% of kids doing meditation in 2012, now that went up to 5.4% in 2017. That’s a significant increase and this number will just go up.

Now, let me talk about some of the findings from the Mind-Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School. You can read more about their research here

#4. Chronic pain is well managed:

Chronic pain patients lower their physician visits by 36%. The Clinical Journal of Pain, Volume 2, pages 305-310, 1991.

#5. 50% reduction in visits to an HMO after a relaxation-response:

This resulted in significant cost savings for the patients. Behavioral Medicine, Volume 16, pages 165-173, 1990

#6. 80% of hypertensive patients reduced blood pressure and medication:

16% of them were able to discontinue their medications. The source is Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Volume 9, pages 316-324, 1989

#7. 100% of the patients suffering from Insomnia reported improved sleep:

91% of them either eliminated or reduced the usage of sleep medications. Source – The American Journal of Medicine, Volume 100, pages 212-216, 1996

#8. Severe PMS have a 57% reduction:

Women with severe PMS had a 57% reduction in physical and psychological symptoms. Obstetrics and Gynecology, Volume 75, pages 649-655, April 1990.

#9. High school students exposed to a relaxation technique improved their self-esteem significantly.

Source – The Journal of Research and Development in Education, Volume 27, pages 226-231, 1994

There are 100s of shocking benefits, and all of them have been validated by the so-called modern science as well, otherwise, people from the east have always reaped these fantastic benefits of meditation.

Below are more information on the benefits of Meditation…

  1. Reduces or removes anxiety, depression and all other negative emotions
  2. You become FEARLESS but remain calm and peaceful
  3. Sharpens your mind and thinking ability
  4. Enhances focus & concentration like never experienced before
  5. Makes you resilient against pain and trauma, physical or emotional
  6. Broadens your mind and vision
  7. Makes you aware of your own self, helps you understand your own self clearly
  8. You become clear on life objectives and purpose
  9. Fills you with never-ending joy, motivation, and inspiration
  10. Reduces the urge of smoking and drinking
  11. You start thinking logically instead of being emotional
  12. Increases self-acceptance and acceptance of others
  13. Energy level increases by many times
  14. Keeps your blood pressure under control
  15. Heals your brain and keeps it in superb condition
  16. Because of its healing effects, the cure of many diseases can be accelerated
  17. Long life, without worry & tension
  18. You learned to live fully and consciously
  19. Improved memory and high intelligence
  20. Faster growth in new neurons & repair the damaged ones
  21. A dramatic decrease in stress hormones & cholesterol

And there are many that I could talk about.

So, please don’t waste your time anymore. Train the most powerful tool you possess (Click here), your mind, make it work for you and see how life starts unfolding magic for you.

It’s one precious life and we need to make the most out of it. Why sorrow and despair when we have a solution. Would it be wise to see the solution in front of us and still not exercising it??

Best Paid meditation course onlineBest meditation course online

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