Benefits of Thoughtless Mind


The Eternal Benefits Of Having A Thoughtless Mind

There are incredible benefits of being thoughtless. When I say thoughtless, I mean a silent state of mind, where your awareness is completely on, but there is no thought at all. Is it possible to achieve that state? And, what could be the benefits of being thoughtless?

Are you curious?

Keep reading, as I am going to uncover some of the most exhilarating scientific facts on this subject.

But, Before I go deep, let me quickly tell you about some of the most amazing benefits of being thoughtless below…


What are the benefits of a thoughtless mind?

Being thoughtless has excellent benefits mainly for your brain, and then everything starts from there. A healthy brain is of utmost importance of having a healthy mind, and that, in turn, helps to boost your immunity, increasing your energy level, clarity of mind and numerous other ways it impacts you positively.

In brief, the benefits of the thoughtless mind are below…

  1. Huge relief to the brain and the mind from being overloaded
  2. Increased level of Focus
  3. Deep healing of the body and mind, and better immunity
  4. Excellent stability of mind, clarity, and state of happiness
  5. Sharper thinking & creative ability
  6. Reduction of ego & negative thoughts like anxiety & depression

Now, before we go further, let’s understand the definition of a thoughtless mind.

What is a thoughtless mind?

Think a little deeper, is it really possible to have a thoughtless mind? Because the moment there is a thought, there is mind. Because thought occurs in the mind, if there is no thought, that means there is no mind at all.

So, being thoughtless means, you are at a no-mind state. You are simply a witness, you are just witnessing, you are aware of what is happening around you, but there is no judgment within you.

It’s a non-judgmental state of witnessing. That is what being thoughtless is all about.

But, why and how thoughtless mind is so beneficial? How does it really help us?

Let’s understand that in detail below…

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Power of thoughtless mind:

As I said if you are thoughtless, then there is no mind. But, to make it easy for you, we will refer it as a thoughtless mind here.

Now, what is mind? To keep it easy, Mind is the cognitive output of the brain. When we refer to the mind, we refer to all the cognitive functions that originate from the brain, like perception, thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, joy, etc.

Everything is processed in the brain!

That means your brain does the humongous amount of work every day. Not only the mental functions but the brain, in fact, also maintains all your bodily functions, your heart rate, body temperature, etc. your sleep cycle, memory, how you should react to a situation, the list is endless.

Now apart from all the regular and important functions, add mental stress to it, add mental distraction, worries, insecurities, etc. That means more work, more stress to the mind and that has to be handled well by the brain, otherwise, your system will stop working.

***Hear the sound of nature below. The gentle sound of the Ocean (White noise) will silent your mind and renew your brain.

This proves how powerful your brain is, and how much work it does every moment!
Our brain is the most sophisticated gadget in the known universe ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

The brain is the most powerful tool in the known world, and if you know how to use this tool properly, it can do fascinating stuff for you. The possibilities are endless, it can make you the greatest painter of the world or a thinker, or an entrepreneur, owner of a startup, or a rich investor…

But all we need to do is, take proper care, use it when you need it, and use it well. It’s like your car.

You don’t use your Chevrolet SUV for transporting garbage, isn’t it? You use it to travel with your family, rather. Transporting garbage is not good for your SUV.

Similarly, do not use your brain to transport garbage of negativity, rather use it to do things that will enhance your life. This will make sure your brain is in incredible health.

Thoughtlessness is just that awesome tool, if practiced regularly for some time, it can help you achieve that state of mind.

To give you more perspective on how complex the brain universe is, here are few numbers proven by science…

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Did you know the following?
  • Our brain carries only 2% of overall body weight.
  • Uses 20% to 25% of total calories
  • And 25% of our body’s oxygen.
  • the brain has 86 billion nerve cells or neurons (12 times the world population)
  • there are 100 trillion to 1 quadrillion connections between all these neurons.

Can you imagine these numbers? The only perfect comparison would be the universe along with all the stars.Brainwaves

This shows how incredible the energy need could be. All these are needed to perform these mega-events that is happening inside your brain, every single moment throughout billions of neurons.

So, our aim should be to keep the burden low, by removing the other unnecessary activities.

Now, let’s go one by one on the benefits of having a thoughtless mind, in brief.

What are the benefits of a thoughtless mind?

Huge relief to the brain:

I have already spoken about the amazing amount of complex work our brain does every single moment. So, the most important objective should be to keep our minds away from depression, anxiety, and other negative thoughts.

Because depression is dangerous for your brain, Depression kills our brain. Most importantly the hippocampus region gets affected negatively, which regulates memory and stress managing hormone called Cortisol.

Too much Cortisol in your brain, for a longer period, can damage your Hippocampus and reduce the production of new neurons or neurogenesis.

Neurogenesis is a process where new neurons are born, not only it is must for the brain to work perfectly, but also extremely important for introducing new ideas or creating new neural pathways in the brain, in another term which is referred to as the subconscious mind programming

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The exact opposite happens when you are happy and joyful. Happiness hormones boost your brain’s neuronal growth. There are many of them, Serotonin, dopamine, and Acetylcholine are the few major ones.

They help regulating happiness, sleep, generates pleasures & motivation, maintains memory, logic, and focus, etc.

So, how thoughtlessness can help here?

The moment you silence the mind, you take away all the negative thoughts, which are the major part of your daily stress, and this has an incredibly calming effect on your brain. Your brain frequency comes down to a lower range, which is ideal for healing, not only neurogenesis accelerates, but the repair of damaged neurons also takes place at a rapid rate.

Excellent quality of focus:

Thoughtlessness stops your mind from wandering. Your mind wanders from one thought to another; therefore, the mind is often compared to a monkey, the monkey mind is not in one place.

The moment you stop the monkey mind, remove those thoughts, your mind becomes still, like a lake with still water, without ripples. There is no distraction anymore, your mind then turns to one-point, single-minded focus to only one thing at a time.

Deep healing & stronger immunity:

Happiness boosts your immunity and healing ability. There are many ways to increase happiness, but the quickest possible way is to silence your mind. Within a few moments, suddenly you will find how the inner joy and bliss rises and fills you up.

The moment all the chatter of your conscious mind goes off, you start feeling extremely relaxed and happy. And that relaxed state of mind boosts the level of happy hormones and heals your brain, mind & body. (Read about positive impacts of happiness on immunity?)

Excellent clarity of mind:

Clarity of mind is proportionate to its ability to focus, and focus depends on how great your mental health is. Clarity of mind is thus directly related to how calm the mind is.

A stormy mind is like a stormy ocean. If your ship is caught in the midst of an ocean, you will either loss direction or it might wreck your ship completely.

A calm mind is focused, and a well-performing machine which can think faster and better. People with this type of mind are extremely visionary and can think through future events.

ZenSharper thinking, creative ability & imagination, vision:

Thoughtlessness is a meditative state, or you can say the purpose of meditation is to silence the mind.

Meditativeness reduces your brain frequency; few moments of silence can even put you in Theta level (Deeply relaxed, inward-focused).

The low ranges mean extreme healing for your brain, this is when you get a chance to touch your inner universe. This is the time when intuition awakens, imagination & creative thinking becomes stronger.

Reduced ego and removal of excessive attachment:

As the brain gets calmer and calmer, ego reduces, so reduces the excessive attachment with thoughts or with any other matristic pleasure, the main reason for human misery.

The lesser the attachments are, the lesser the distraction is, the better the focus would be, the better the chances of being successful.

These are the 6 incredible benefits of a thoughtless mind.

But, how to become thoughtless? An incredible post very soon!!

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