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Let’s Embrace Life Today…..

Create abundance, prosperity, joy and fulfillment

If you truly want something and your intentions are driven by strong desires, then the entire universe will conspire with you to get you there.

Who am I?

I am Rushal, from India, the land of great spiritual tradition and ancient wisdom, the land which gave birth to great seekers and masters, who devoted their life in unearthing the secret of this reality and enlightened humanity at various times.

My Passion, Mission & Intention:

…Intentions are important, they are extremely powerful & can transform your life.

But, how many of us are aware of this incredible fact, the magical power of intentions […if set consciously]?

How many of us are even clearer about our life goals? How many of us have an unclouded vision or at least an idea, which you can call as your life?

Let me ask you, what is your purpose in life? How do you want to live or what specific goals you want to achieve?  What is fulfillment? What is true freedom?

Or, the most POWERFUL question…..


Have you ever asked yourself these simple […yet life changing] questions?

….if you have not, then start asking from TODAY…as, asking these questions will change your life forever…


You are not going to have this life for eternity…..you are a mere mortal…you are going to die one day, just like a white hibiscus falling from its bud at the evenfall…this is the truth of all truths….

The absolute one,

Life ends just like everything else ends, nothing is permanent….

So, make it wonderful, worthwhile, add glitter and sunshine..bloom and sparkle…

This is what I want to achieve through my blog…….

We must understand, that this world is just too big, beyond any measure, we are just too insignificant…

Just imagine yourself on this planet, how big you are??

Go to mars and see the planet, how does it look? like a dot probably…go further away..how is it from Jupiter? then Pluto, now go out of the solar system and see the galaxy, go further away, the galaxy will become a dot….think about the entire universe now…what’s your existence??!! Nothing but a tiny speck of dust….

So insignificant we are, then why worry?

Why are we all caught up in this vicious cycle of immense misery & pain? From morning to night..we are all driven…we all wake up every day, get ready and go out to do what we are supposed to do….without even knowing really what we do…

There is something lacking, something is missing, we are still not happy, something inside is telling you something, but not sure what is that thing…

cause we do not have time to listen to ourselves…we are all busy….

But, for what??

We are all restless, unhappy and distressed…we are all driven…we are in the rat race,

but going where??

…and then ONE DAY, when the twilight creeps forward…like the hyena on a hunt….when, we are nearing the end..the regret grips us…the sadness surrounds us…realization of what we could have done better arises in or mind….but, it’s too late…Alas, life is wasted…

What a brutal waste of an invaluable life..a priceless gift…

Do you want your life to be the same?

Let’s change this TODAY……Let’s take the most beautiful turn, and head towards the most scenic spot…

This is my mission, intention, and passion…..

This is what I want to do, this is my purpose in life. I want to reach out to millions, inspire as many as I can.

Through this blog, I want to reach out to you & inspire you to uncover the endless possibilities that life can offer. I want to help you to achieve remarkable success, financially or spiritually, fulfill your wishes and desires.

My Vision:

I have the vision to make this blog as the world’s biggest blog on health, personality development, Law of attraction and mind-related matters.

My Authority:

I do not call myself a Guru or an expert…

Rather, I am just another commoner like you…I had my fair share of struggle..there was a large phase of time in between, when I lived in extreme poverty, not knowing what’s going to happen next….

There was no direction, no light in the sight, like a sinking ship in a stormy ocean….

But, life has been a great teacher…and this is what I am going to share through this blog…if I can change, then you can too..

I want to share what worked for me with millions of people in this world and help live a better life. I sincerely hope that this blog helps you or your family or friends.

Please leave a comment/advice/suggestion/criticism in the comment section. You can also share any problem or challenges of your life with me, I will always try helping you.

And, also please share this site, if you think, my writing had any impact on you in any way, or if you have learned anything new today….

Thanks and best of luck on this life-changing journey……?

To start with here is a step by step guide on how to unlock your mind to propel yourself to success….but, before this, I would suggest you start from this page

Personal life:

Happily married, and have one son, currently working with a IT company, but have plans to pursue a career in writing, otherwise, in my free time, I read and write contents, research, learn and then try to bring you some awesome contents that can help everyone, else, you can find me in nature, talking to birds, walking on beaches, immersing myself in the waves, talking to different people and learning more about life. I feel great & enjoy small moments in life.

Please share this site with others, if you think I could help you in any way…


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