The Most Powerful “Manifesting Money” Mantra

Manifest Abundance. Increase Self-Esteem. Transform your life

The Most Powerful “Manifesting Money” Mantra


What is the most powerful money manifesting mantra?

In fact, I will add a bonus and give you 2 of the most powerful money mantras that the world has ever seen. These are 2 Sanskrit abundance mantras from ancient India which are extremely powerful and shockingly effective. They truly are the best money magnet mantras, which has benefited me personally and brought lots of financial success in my life.

Before further mumbo jumbo, let me reveal the ancient secrets. Here are the 2 most gorgeous abundance mantras…

1st powerful money magnet mantra: || Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namah॥

2nd powerful money magnet mantra: || OM GUM Ganapataye Namah ||

What is interesting is that these mantras have been in use for 1000s of years, as it is, unchanged, (please note that India is one of the oldest continuing civilization) which makes them incredibly energized.

And the energy is incredibly powerful…

I have been a personal benefactor of them because of the way it has changed my life. My life was in shambles of despair and hopelessness at a certain point, I could even hardly afford my 3 times meals, and was surviving doing all odd jobs and I thought this is how it is going to be.

But one fine day, I remember having a conversation with someone, who was my friend’s friend, who came over to see him. He was doing well in life, had a steady well-paying job in a famous media house.

I was asking his help for a job, I desperately needed someone’s help. He did help me with a few references, most importantly he boosted my confidence with positive talk. And that is when he introduced me to 2 of these mantras.

It is not that I did not know of them, people in my family have been chanting them infrequently on a certain occasion, and also because I was born Hindu, I did have knowledge about them. But, he explained to me the science behind them.

I felt so intrigued that I wanted to know more, and also, wanted to see what happens if I chant them regularly…

So, my research started from there and that is what exactly I captured in this post…

If you are someone like me, who needs help in his or her financial state, then you have arrived at the right place!!

These 2 mantras alone are so powerful, that they have the power of all the other techniques like affirmationscreative visualizationsubconscious mind programming, and the law of attraction, etc. combined. And as in when you read this post you will come to know why…

No, I am rejecting them. They are wonderful tools too if you use them properly. I have used them too in my journey of life…

But, unlearn them for the time, to learn something new…

Let’s learn these money magnet mantras in detail!

Number 1 powerful money mantra:

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्मयै नम:॥

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmaye Namah॥

Phonetically, it is “Ommmm Shrimmm Hrimmm Shrimmm Maha-laksh-mi na-ma-ha”

This mantra is dedicated to the Goddess of Wealth named Lakhsmi. Lakhsmi is the embodiment of wealth and prosperity, a very important and significant one in the Indian pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.

Let me break down the mantra for you…

OM = OM does not have any specific meaning. OM is the primordial sound of the universe, this is an extremely powerful vibration which has major health benefits. You can read about the life-changing benefits of chanting AUM here in this guide.

SHREEM = SHREEM is again a sound, this is called the “Bija” sound. Bija means seed, or the key sound to access the energy of Lakshmi. When you chant Shrim, you assimilate the same energy in you. It is also associated with third eye chakra.

HREEM = HREEM is pronounced as Rihm, is also a Bija sound. Many experts consider Hrim on per with OM. Hrim is the sound of higher consciousness. Hrim sound promotes healing and creativity.

Mahalakshmi = Another name of Lakshmi. Maha means supreme or all-powerful.

Namah = It’s a way of paying respect

In brief, the meaning of the mantra is “Oh Goddess Lakshmi, I bow to you and pay my respect, please bless me with your energy to attain all my financial goals”.

If you find the mantra to be lengthy and difficult to pronounce, you can simply chant “OM SHREEM”.

Now, the 2nd most powerful money manifesting mantra:

This is another powerful money magnet mantra, and in fact most widely chanted mantra. This mantra is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the famous Indian elephant GOD, known as obstacle remover or the remover of EGO. He is also associated with arts and sciences, knowledge and wisdom.

Ganesha is invoked before any new beginnings, be it a new business, or buying new stuff, or even in spiritual progression.

The mantra is …

ॐ गम गणपतये नम:॥

“OM GUM Ganapataye Namah”

Phonetically, it is “Ommm Gummm Gana-pata-ye na-ma-ha”

The sound GUM is the Bija sound or the key vibrations to assimilate the energy of Ganesha.

You can invoke this mantra to open the door to financial opportunities and remove any obstacles from the path of success.

This is my personal favorite, and I chant it 108 times, whenever I feel stuck in my life and need a quick solution. Ganesha can be invoked whenever you are in confusion, or you have difficulty to achieve something, or when you need to break the mental blockage, remove doubt and ego.

You can simply chant “OM GUM” if you find the complete mantra to be difficult.

I will tell you more on those mantras and how to chant, or how to prepare yourself for them at the end of this article…

Before learning that, there are 3 important questions you must know about…

  • What is Mantra?
  • Why mantras are so powerful?
  • What is the difference between Mantra and Positive affirmations?

Let’s start…

#1. What is Mantra?

Mantra is a Sanskrit word. Man means Mind and Tra means Tool, which essentially means mantra is a tool to access your mind.

1000s of years ago, in ancient India, these mantras were being used frequently. Learned people from those times, understood the importance of looking inward and see what is happening inside…

Cause, it is the inside what reflects at the outside. It is your internal thought process, your state of being or feelings which determines what will happen at the external world.

You choose to see what you want to see ~ Rushal Click To Tweet Man often becomes what he believes himself to be ~ Gandhi Click To Tweet

So, it is of great importance that we fix the conflict which is ravaging our internal world, then the external outcome will be fixed by itself.

That is the purpose of a mantra, to heal us from inside. And that is done by invoking specific energy, desire, intention or purpose, or even by activating our energy centers, etc.

Now, there are 1000s of different types of Mantras from India, used for a specific purpose. And those purposes can be things like…

  • Spiritual success,
  • Invoking specific energy within you,
  • For emotional balance,
  • Removing specific ailments from the body,
  • Removing fear, depression, ego, all types of mental ailments,
  • Or for manifesting wealth and prosperity,
  • And various other purposes….

But, how do mantras work?

They work in different ways, by activating our senses through sound and vibrations, or through meaning and intention, or by activating the energy centers in our body. We will explore more with the next question, before that let us define what mantra is, in short…

What is the definition of mantra?

Series of words or a sound which is repeated or chanted over a specific number of times, with a specific intention, is called Mantra.

#2. Why mantras are so powerful?

There is a whole lot of science behind this…

Mantras didn’t happen in just a few years, instead has 1000s of years of inner science behind it, which happened with keen observation of our relationship with nature, how our mind, body, and senses function, etc.

Generally, there are 3 main aspects of Mantras and they mainly are…

  • Impact of the language, Sound and vibrations
  • Meaning of the mantra
  • Power of Repetition

Impact of the language:

Any sentence in Sanskrit or specifically a mantra when spoken or chanted sounds like a poem. That is the beauty of Sanskrit language, the greatness of this language is that its rhythmic & extremely poetic, and most importantly it has an incredible vibrational quality.

Sanskrit is more than language, it’s like a collection of sound, and we all know that sound creates vibrations.

Vibrations have the ability to change things at the atomic level, if you know a little bit of physics, you know it’s true.

The entire universe is in fact, created out of vibrations or it is a combination of different types of vibrations. The human body is no different, every organ in our body has specific vibrations, our energy centers or chakras represent certain types of vibrations.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” – Nikola Tesla Click To Tweet “Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein Click To Tweet

Ancient Yogis and Gurus discovered the importance of sound, and while in deep meditation they found out specific vibrations which can activate certain areas of our body and specific energy centers (Chakras). This is why Mantra chanting feels so good, it literally transports you to the world of sound and profound music, transcending all boundaries of human emotions, all judgments that we carry, to a pure sense of being.

A great example of this would be the sound AUM or “OM”. This is pure vibration, does not hold any specific meaning, instead, it is identified as the primordial sound of the universe.  Every Indian mantra starts with the sound of “OM”.

The sound of OM has unimaginable health benefits, both mental and physical. Read this amazing guide on OM to uncover 11 extraordinary benefits.

Apart from OM, there are many other vibrations like GUM (in Ganesha mantra), Shrim and Hrim (used in Lakshmi mantra), and others. All the 7 main Chakras (Energy Centers), in fact, have an associated sound with it, when chanted, they activate the respective chakra.

For example, LAM is for the Root chakra, VAM represents Sacral chakra, etc.

Meaning of mantra

Meaning or the intention of the mantra is highly important (be it a sentence long mantra, or just the sound), once you understand the meaning or the intention, you will know what purpose that mantra is chanted for.

For example, now you know the meaning of Lakshmi Mantra, you know that it is the money mantra to become rich. So, when you chant it, you would know your purpose of chanting. If you do not know the meaning of the mantra, even if you repeat your chant 1000 times, it will have no effect.

Meaning gives the purpose, and when you chant continuously it is the purpose that your mind fixes its focus on and that, my friend, is crucial to subconscious mind programming.

Power of Repetition

Repetition is another extremely crucial factor. In general, the mantras are repeated 108 times. Now, for a beginner, it can be a lot, but please understand that the repetition technique is extremely helpful for your brain.

A new habit is always formed by repetition, your brain rewires due to constant repetition of something. Many of our habits, either good or bad, are formed because of repetition, knowingly or unknowingly.

Another powerful aspect of repetition is, that it helps to sharpen your focus immensely. A one-pointed, sharp focus has numerous strong benefits as I mentioned already that its important for subconscious programming & brain training. Otherwise, an unbroken and unwavering focus helps you to become more productive, and it is also imperative for a healthy brain.

Why 108 times?

There are many reasons, and math behind it, which is not possible for me to answer in this post completely. But in brief, in ancient India, Astronomy, Astrology, and spirituality were intertwined and what is so mind-boggling that, 1000s of years ago they could accurately figure out the distance between Sun and the moon, the moon and the earth, etc.

What is interesting is that the diameter of the sun multiplied by 108 gives you the distance between the earth & the sun. Also, the diameter of the moon multiplied by 108 gives you the distance between the earth and the moon.

And that is almost accurate. As per the modern calculation, suns diameter is 864340 miles and earth diameter equal to 12742 miles. 864340/12742 = 109.16, almost accurate. The total distance between Sun and Earth is 92960000 miles, which is again 107.56 times than the Sun’s diameter.

Isn’t it interesting?

These are the few reasons, or probably one of the many, that the chanting 108 times became a norm. I will write more on the same on a different post.

#2. What is the difference between mantras and affirmations?

There are huge differences between the two, they are as different as the sky and the earth.

I have been seeing lots posts and the articles on the internet about these two, there are people writing on this topic and talking about them as if they both are the same thing, whereas, there can be no comparison at all. They have no knowledge either about the science of Mantra or their origin and purpose.

Mantras are highly effective and way more powerful than positive affirmations. Affirmations do not carry the vibrational or the rhythmic quality that Mantras carry. Also, a specific mantra, say for an example the Lakshmi mantra for wealth manifesting, has been chanted for centuries, in fact, 1000s of years from ancient times.

So, they are well energized, in fact, numerous people around the world are probably chanting the same mantra at the same time as you are chanting, that makes mantras all-powerful.

Now, as we know the power that the mantras have if chanted correctly, we must know the correct process and create an ideal environment where we can effortlessly slip into meditativeness. A powerful positive environment makes the mantras all the more powerful. Below are the 7 steps by which you can create an energetic environment around you, infuse it with absolute calm, peace, and serenity.

So, How to chant mantras correctly?

Chanting these “money manifesting” mantras correctly is important beyond doubt, otherwise, they are not going to yield the desired result. So, keep the below steps in mind whenever you are planning to chant these mantras…and they are…

  1. Peaceful surroundings
  2. Seat properly
  3. Silence your mind
  4. Visualize the deity and the purpose
  5. Offerings
  6. Talk to the deity
  7. Chant 108 times

These are extremely effective and highly suggested for you. let me explain them in brief…

1. Peaceful surroundings:
Silence in the external world is important to concentrate on the job at hand, a prerequisite for a calmer mind. Find a place where you have least noise, any sort of distraction, keep your phone on silent mode. Sound of nature is preferable.

2. Seat properly:
Seat comfortably, with your spine erect. If you find difficulty, take the support of a pillow, or a gorgeous meditation cushion or a chair.

3. Silence your mind:
This might be difficult depending on the mental state of yours or what you are going through in life. Take a few deep breaths, take it slowly, hold it for a few moments and leave them slowly. The entire focus would be on the breath at this moment. Feel how the chest and the abdomen in inflated while breathing in and then how they deflate while breathing out. Do it for a minute or so, this will help to reduce the conscious chatter from your mind. The brain frequency will slowly start reducing.

4. Visualize the deity and the purpose:
Envision the deity, it’s too effective, when you envision the deity, it immediately triggers your brain, and invokes the same energy that the deity stands for. Sometimes imagination becomes a hurdle because it takes a certain amount of brain work to do that, which goes against the idea of silencing the mind.

That’s why Indian’s prefer looking at the Idol because it takes away the necessity of imagination and directs that effort towards your focus. Some of the best statues of Lakshmi and Ganeshas are available on Amazon, you can definitely check them there, especially the bronze ones are of absolute beauty.

5. Offerings:
This is an important aspect and quite scientific. This is the step where you start initiating a relationship with the deity. From an Indian or Hindu perspective, they are not GODs, in fact, the concept of God is entirely different here.

They are more like our family members, like our parents. That’s why Indians address Lakshmi as Lakhsmi Ji or Mata Lakshmi. “Ji” is the Indian equivalent of “San” in Japan, it’s the respect that you attach when you address an elderly person. Mata Lakshmi is like Mother Lakshmi.

The difference between common people and these divine beings are just this, that they have gone beyond the limitation of being of human beings whose blessings we seek to become successful in our life. 

So, offer the deity with flowers (of different colors and smell), nice fragrances of different kinds (incense sticks), offer them food (Fruits/Sweets/Etc.), use the handheld bell (Ghanti) for soothing sound and talk to her about your intention, start having a conversation with her.

If you notice, there are 2 objectives here, while performing all these, you are actually creating an amazing environment for yourself. Through these activities,  you are activating all the 5 senses. Your eyes feel so pleased when they see a variety of colors, then the nice soothing smell of incense, the calming sound of Ghanti which activates your hearing, the fruits that you offered and then when you eat them after your prayer, etc. are different ways you prepare yourself for the next step.

6. Talk to the deity:
While offering, you should also start conversing with the deity. First tell her, what you want to achieve, seek her blessings, request her to send her energy and affection to you. This is very important, in fact scientifically if you look at it, this is the step where you are setting the intention. 

It is not only conversing with her but also conversing with your own self, through her, a small example of mid programing. Chant 108 times: But, how to keep the count. That’s why you should have a wonderful mala bead.

7. Chant:
Start chanting the money manifesting mantra now for 108 times, for 30 days continuously without stop. Ideally, it is said, if you do this for 108 days, even the most impossible dream can become a reality.

Start your practice today and comment below for any help or suggestions.

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