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Law Of Attraction: This Jaw-Dropping Ancient Secret Can Change Your Life Today!

The universal law of Attraction:
Are you new to the Law of Attraction or hearing this term for the first time?

….Don’t worry, whatever the case may be, this amazing website is going to change your life for eternity… I am going to explain to you, how the concepts of LAW of ATTRACTION works, through stories & examples…

A humongous amount of effort has been put into making this site, the content and the writing…this is like a well-crafted book…the goal is to tell you about the endless possibilities of life and how you can tap into this endless sea of energy…


What are you going to learn today?
  1. How to invite personal growth and success into your life.
  2. How to take inspired action, attract wealth & financial abundance.
  3. How to start living wonderfully & manifest your desires.
First thing first,

Let me tell you, I do not consider myself to be a law of attraction guru, I am rather a commoner like you, who had his fair share of struggle in life. I was like a ship without a compass, directionless in the middle of a stormy ocean. Life was incredibly miserable for me, indeed. 

But life changed, it took all the amazing turns since then, left that menacing monster of negativity behind somewhere, far away.

But how?

Stay with me as I slowly unveil this sweet secret today. Take full advantage of this, as I am here to help you to find the unlimited potential hidden within you.

So, is it possible to change our lives?

YES, it is possible, no matter whatever situation you are in right now, it can change, quickly.

Law of Attraction is a human principle, it applies in the world of thoughts and spirits, just like the Law of Gravity works in the world of objects.

You can change your life of “darkness and thunder” to “brightness and wonder”.

But How?

I am so deeply in deep shit, you know? I am so lonely and have no money, I don’t know what I am doing! I don’t know why all these are happening to only me? Am I the only one chosen for all the deep, dark shit in life? Why I get stuck in the muck, all the time. Why me, GOD, why, why? Why no one cares for me, no one loves me, etc., etc., the never-ending saga of bullshit.

Agitated, impatient and directionless. That’s the narrative of your life. Tormenting, isn’t it?

But hey, listen,

I know the feeling. I’ve been there.

You are not alone, there are millions like you.

Makes you a little happier now?

So, how do we change this antsy situation? Million-dollar question.

Let’s start with the Law of Attraction before we proceed any further.

Now, what is this damn thing? Law of attraction!! Sounds like some funny clown?

Some magic wand, that you wave and manifest wishes?

Or is it some exotic spice that transforms your Jambalaya called life from a bland dish to a yummy cuisine?

Check this out:

According to this law, everything that happens to you, bliss or anxiety, ecstasy or agony, joy or misery, you are attracting them all the time, unknowingly though. Simply put, like attracts like. Positive energy creates a more positive outcome and similarly, negative energy manifests more negative results.

Positive energy = All positive thoughts and feelings or emotions like happiness, joy, bliss, confidence, serenity, gratitude, grit, feelings of euphoria, etc., etc.

Negative energy = All negative thoughts & feelings like worry, anxiety, depression, sadness, being selfish & jealous, irritations, etc.

You encounter situations, created by your own emotions, Oh! You creator, be mindful of your creation.~ Rushal Click To Tweet

Food for thoughtsFeeling good is a very powerful state of mind, which is great in attracting the best into your life? There is an entire page dedicated to the same.

[Important thing to note]: There is nothing called instant manifestation, people who promise you that, is actually talking rubbish. You can obviously manifest your desires, you require patience and a strategy, and dedication to this art. 

Why do you think some people are so easy in life? They don’t seem to push things hard, yet they attract the best of the best in life. They make things look so easy. Look around a little, you will find out this sort of people, they seem to be at ease all the time.

Then there is another kind, who seems to put so much of effort, but, alas, nothing much gets yielded. Success seems to be a mirage and yet to be unfolded.

Why does this happen?
Let me tell you a story, of a person, who was always wary||Wary of his existence, he was dazed and confused||Out of focus and bemused. ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

One of my friend, quite close to me and very thoughtful, but not confident enough, depressed and anxious, seems to be confused most of the time, could not succeed much at the workplace. Though he had a better solution for all the problems in his job, he could not find enough confidence to articulate his mind. He was closed and hardly communicated and mingled with others apart from only select few.

Food for thought: Limiting beliefs is cancer to mind. Almost all parts of our life including financial abundance are connected, to how we think. It starts happening at our childhood. The first condition to start your manifestation process is to open your mind and see life as an endless possibility. Everything is possible and available for you, you got to allow it into your life. It’s an art, and you need to learn it.

Whereas, another friend who joined a year later, the same workplace with mediocre intellect, but, was very confident about himself. He had great energy and communicated well and built a network of people in no time.
Eventually, he, who joined a year later and one grade lower than the other, climbed up the promotional ladder and became part of the executive team in a few years.

So, what is the difference?

Two different mental states manifested two different outcomes. This is a classic example of the law of attraction, though, it’s happening unknowingly in these cases.

In the above story, two different minds are like two different nations.

In one where there is absolute control over sense and emotions like the government is in absolute control of law and order.

Another one is like a frail yellow leaf on a branch of a tree.

What happens? Chaos, mayhem, strife, and turmoil? This is the mental state of humanity now for most of us.

Every human being in this world manifests his or her own reality, unique, individual and self-created.

Our life or our reality is our making. We create what we think, our thoughts & feelings are again based on our belief system.

Most of our belief system is directly connected to our growing up time. What we see around, what we hear from others, our parents, our neighbor, school, religion, culture, the food we eat, all these are information, and all these create our belief system or the master program which is hooked to our subconscious mind.

So, you are nothing but information or rather more specifically, it’s like a computer program. You got this program at your sub-conscious mind, dictating you all the time about how to behave and you are unknowingly following it either for your good or bad.

This slavery can be banished, just by realizing this simple truth of life.

Still not convinced?

Let’s look at Van Gogh’s (1853-1890) life, hailed as one of the greatest painter ever born. He created more than 2000 works of art within a short span of time. His influence in the world of art has been remarkable, and even now many generations of artists have been mimicking his style.

How was his life though?

He lived a miserable life, moved from places to places and tried different professions, tried finding solace in alcohol and in brothels, but somehow nothing could make him happy.

He was very poor in managing his own finance and was ever dependent on his brother Theo. At a later stage, he became too erratic and started harming his own self.

Finally, at the age of 37, he shot himself and died. According to Theo, Vincent’s last words were: “This sadness will last forever”.

But what could be the reason for this? What does change us? Some become happy & successful, some become ugly and miserable.

Is it destiny??


Let’s look at his childhood:

He was born on 30th March 1853, in Brabant, Holland. Vincent Willem Van Gogh was the son of a Protestant minister, Theodorus Van Gogh. Exactly a year before his birth, his mother, Cornelia, gave birth to an infant, also named Vincent, who was dead upon birth. His grieving parents buried the child and set up a tombstone to mark the grave.

As a result, Vincent Van Gogh grew up near the haunting sight of a grave with his own name upon it.

Disaster. Isn’t it? How ridiculous and nasty cant it be?

Just imagine, there is a tomb in the backyard of your house, and your name is on it. While playing at the backyard, every day you happen to see yourself as a dead man. A sensitive mind of a child can be greatly disturbed, this is enough to cause irreparable damage.

This is what happened to Van Gogh. He was already a dead man before he could even grow up. This depression became part of his persona and later it found expression in many ways, which eventually led to his suicide.

This is a classic example of the Law of attraction. He, himself manifested all the negativity in his life, without realizing it.

But, you might say, no, how is he responsible? It was his parent’s contribution. Yes, that’s right, but when you grow up to be an adult and realize that the problem lies within you, irrespective of who gave you, you own it and fix it. That’s being enlightened. You do not blame, you fix the issue. Blaming does not help, fixing does.

You gotta own it and say it’s my problem because you cannot go and fix your parents or your past. In this case, you will have to hold yourself responsible, even though you know, you did not create the problem, but you are carrying that problem, so you got to unburden it.

Anyway, now, let’s look at Oprah Winfrey’s life.

Oprah needs no introduction I guess. She is known for her award-winning talk show named “Oprah Winfrey Show”. This was the highest-rated program of its kind in history. Now, she is one of the richest African-American and also a great philanthropist.

But she had a very difficult childhood. She was born in poverty, was raised by her grandmother on a farm in rural Mississippi. Also, she was repeatedly molested and sexually abused by people whom her mother trusted. These happened when she was living with her mother. Her mother did all odd jobs, and hardly had any time to supervise her.

At the age of 14, she became pregnant and delivered a child who died.

A horrible childhood, isn’t it? But, how did she overcome all these and became a billionaire and very successful on her own right?

What were those qualities that did not break her at all, unlike Van Gogh? What is so amazing about her mind?

Let’s observe a few very interesting facts about her childhood again.

Her grandmother taught her to read at a very early age, in fact when she was around 2.5 years old. According to Oprah, it was “outlet to the world” and also “the door to all kinds of possibilities.”

When she ran away from her mother’s place due to sexual abuse, she was sent to live with her father. Tennessee. A strict disciplinarian who demanded a great deal more from Oprah than she was accustomed, he helped to inspire her self-confidence and self-discipline. She became an honors student, joined the drama club, student council, and was chosen as one of two students in the state to go to the White House Conference on Youth.

So, the courage, self-confidence, and discipline, were fed to her at the same time in her childhood. All these qualities along with the craving for knowledge, became part of her program, the sub-conscious program.

No wonder, why she was able to overcome all the challenges in life and become what she is today. Her life is also a great example of the Law of attraction. She manifested positivity and became a better person.

So, please understand, that the Law of attraction is not some out-worldly stuff, this is in human nature, it’s a universal law that works all the time. Only when you become conscious of it, you can make it work to your advantage.

Stop blaming external situations and revisit your belief system and see its origin and change it, if it is creating obstacles for you.

So, what is happening with the Law of attraction nowadays?

Firstly, the law of attraction has become a tremendous phenomenon over the years. There are numerous blogs, websites talking about it. Everyone seems to be an expert on the Law of attraction. There are people, who are selling those special Law of attraction courses which promise to change your life. There are even videos, where someone explaining how he or she manifested a house or a lot of wealth.

The way I see things happening is that there is a tremendous focus on the material pursuit of life. How to have a lot of money, a great house, great girlfriend, these are the only focus.

This is my objection,

Is life all about money, house, girlfriend, etc.?

Are we not making life such a narrow concept?

Can you guaranty that once you have all these, you will be happy forever?

How many wealthy people are happy in this world?

Fact of life is that happiness cannot be bought, the process of a great life starts from within. What you have does not matter, but how you think or react to a problem of your life determines the quality of life.

Do I sound like, I am against money?

Money is important, it can help millions, every human on earth should make enough money so that they can take care of not only themselves but many others in need. But, only money cannot guarantee a wonderful life. 

Where did the concept of Law of Attraction come from?

The idea of the Law of Attraction is derived from the principles of the Law of Karma.

Karma was mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures which dates back to 4000 years before any so-called modern religion was even formed. This concept later was adopted by many other cultures and religions.

Karma means actions or results of a person’s action. Each action has an outcome or reaction and this goes on and on, this is the nature of the cosmos. We human beings experience just this, cause and effect, we act, react and feel the consequences.

Here is an example:

Imagine, you were trekking and wanted to reach the top of the hill which looks to be a very promising place from down below. Finally, as you climbed up the top of it, you suddenly discover yourself standing amongst 100s of hills around, with their heads glittering in the rising sunshine of the early morning.

Immerse yourself with the process of life, tune into yourself, all the worries of past & future will just dissolve by itself. Start living, right now, today.

So mesmerized by that profound silence and spectacular beauty, you scream in ecstasy. You scream and say, “I love you”, the mountains yell back to you saying, “I love you” too. I am sure somewhere in your life you would have experienced this echo effect.

This applies to our life as well. Decide, what you want to give out to the universe. You get what you give, you manifest your actions. That is the Law of Karma. If you scream at it saying, “I hate you”, the mountains will give you the hatred back.

The law of attraction is a constrictive concept of the same. The Law of Karma heavily emphasizes the intent part, vs. Law of attraction emphasizes on the outcome.

For example:

You want to be rich, this is the outcome. But why you want to be rich is the intent?

Intent could be either you want to provide education to poor people or you want to use that money to buy a gun to kill someone you resent.

Law of karma will come in to play as per your intent, consequences will catch you. The Law of Attraction has already played its part to make you rich.

How do you use the Law of attraction to manifest your desires? What are the prerequisites of it?

Can you use your mental power, power of intent to manifest your desires?

Yes, we can.

Let me tell you a story again, this time, it’s a true incident.

In 1831, a batch of soldiers was marching across England’s Broughton Suspension Bridge. The bridge broke apart, throwing all the men into the water. Later, they were advised against marching over a bridge again.

This is called resonance. Any object has its own frequency, any force that matches the frequency of the bridge or the object amplifies the vibration. That’s the power of oneness.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” – Nikola Tesla Click To Tweet“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein Click To Tweet

Align yourself with the Divine or Universe.

Just imagine, you are driving down that winding highway, with full energy and enthusiasm with your friends or family. Now, you felt like listening to your favorite music channel, but you don’t know the right frequency to tune into. You kept trying and trying, ultimately got irritated and frustrated, but could never catch the right one.

This is exactly what is happening with us human beings. We are all out of tune, depressed, frustrated, and anxious.

So, the first condition is to create oneness with the universe, oneness with the divine. The process of unification starts from within, oneness with your own self because we are the small physical manifestation of the same universal energy. We are just a medium through which the universe becomes conscious.

So, look within, not anywhere else. Unify with your own self and resonate with the universe .

Now, the time has come for you to choose your reality.

You want to crash or skyrocket?

You want to crumble and stumble? Or you want to galvanize your life force and jolt your consciousness and fire up your life?

You landing up here itself is an example of the Law of Attraction. I know you want to change

Before you travel any further, read this amazing Huffington post article written by Srinivasan Pillay, CEO of NeuroBusiness group and award-winning author, where he talks about scientific evidence and researches that has gone into it.

Let’s think sincerely:

We are all born in this world in a particular situation. We cannot choose how and where we can be born, isn’t it? This is not in our control.

But, the real enlightenment is to understand the reality we are in, how much is in our control, and how many of them are not .

We can decide upon our actions and our reactions, isn’t it?  We can do this by having control over our emotions, the negative ones, which I spoke about at the beginning.

Start asking these below questions today,

Who are you? What do you like the most? What inspires you? What fills your heart with bliss? What makes you agitated or frustrated?

This will help you to understand your life’s purpose. Then set up goals based on that purpose, and next, go about achieving it. That’s what life is, manifesting your desires. This is called being self-aware, living life consciously.

This is what law of attraction is all about, it is not about sitting in one place and imagining what you want in life.

NO, you will never manifest your desires. Taking action is an integral part of the Law of attraction strategy, but that action will not be some mundane ones, instead heavily fueled by your desire and purpose.

So, start finding out what you want, why you want and then automatically your inner being will take you down the right path, it will make you to act, therefore the concept of inspired action is all about your love and passion to do something.

If you love to do something, you will take inspired action. Confidence will just happen instantly, you will not need to search for it.

How to Manifest your desires using the Law of Attraction?

As I said, earlier, LAW of ATTRACTION is not an alien technique, but very much a human nature .So, before you could master the law of attraction, you should know how our mind works, and how we manifest our thoughts & feelings in the external world. How do anxiety, depression and all other negative emotions work?

Again, there is nothing wrong being rich or affluent, but, money or external pleasures will give you only momentary happiness. If you do not know how to handle yourself, you will be always incomplete, no matter what you have.

An important thing to know: Have you heard of a vision board? Vision board is an excellent tool to manifest your desires, your dreams & goals. Learn more about vision board & other techniques on this page, if you want to accelerate your manifestation process

You can never be happy with millions of dollars if you are depressed, anxious, can you?

The next page of this blog, talks about the secret of mind, how to make it work for us, not against us.

Knowing our thoughts & feelings is like knowing ourselves. When we have the ability to identify our negative traits, only then we will be able to work on it. Best of Luck. 

You can either go to this page and learn more on the mind (I suggest, better you do) or travel to this page to know how to attract what you want.

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