Affirmations that work quickly

How To Create Affirmations That Work Quickly?

Do you want the most powerful formula to create amazing affirmations that work FASTER….?

If Yes, then read through this detailed guide on this topic. 

Honestly, many of us have the same question who is trying to find the correct method to it.

But, honestly, most of it what you find is nothing but the same old gibberish on the internet. It is the same method, the same principles…

Copy from someone else, alter it a little bit and then make a blog post. I see lots of them are writing about this topic without having no knowledge about the same subject.

And they pose themselves to be some sort of an expert. I read many of them and to my dismay…honestly, it’s pathetic….

If the purpose is to fill up a blog post, then fine, do it….

But, in this exclusive post, I will unleash the most magical formula of creating your own secret personal affirmations that will work quickly…

But, before I start with the science of creating the most powerful affirmations, let me give you my own super powerful affirmations that I use daily, every now and then…

And they are below…

Money affirmations that work fast:
  1. Each and every action that I am performing every day is taking me towards wealth.
  2. There is enough wealth in this world, and I can have my share too.
  3. Why can’t I have money? I do not see any reason at all.
  4. Am I undeserving? no way. I am an extremely deserving and worthy person.
  5. Am I not worthy? Yes, I am remarkably worthy. I behave like a worthy and erudite person.
  6. How can I become wealthy? I am asking this question to my self every day and figuring out what my qualities are and how I can convert them to wealth ideas.
  7. I believe that I am worthy, I believe that I am wealthy, I believe I can and I will not stop till I reach my goal.
  8. I know I will reach my target because I work relentlessly day and night for it.
Health Affirmation:
  1. I take care of my body and my mind every day.
  2. I love myself and others.
  3. I am respectful to others and people have high regard for me too.
  4. When I walk on the street, people look at me in awe and respect.
  5. I have a big heart and an open mind.
  6. I am disease free and have strong immunity.
  7. I never feel sick or distressed.
  8. I never feel anxious or depressed about anything. I know everything is just extraordinarily great for me.

These are some of the most powerful affirmations that I have built using the same scientific principles that I am going to talk about. I use them daily and they have done a marvelous job for me.

But, please understand, these affirmations are like antibiotics, they are not going to take you out of your trouble in a day, you got to take them for few days to eradicate the infection, depending on the type and veracity of the infection, the doctor will suggest you the course,

Similarly, affirmations have to be used daily, regularly…and you know what you can use them throughout your life…even when you feel they are not required…

So, spend little time and read this post completely, as I am going to dish out some of the most thrilling scientific concepts of neurology and human emotions, which you must know before you understand how affirmations work…

So, how to create Affirmations that work quickly?

There are 12 awesome steps and you must know about them in detail in order to work your affirmation real quick…

And they are…

  1. Identify which area in your life needs improvement
  2. Accept the negative situation
  3. Create a desire to change (I need statements)
  4. Add purpose to that desire
  5. Add determination and will to achieve that desire (I will statement)
  6. Behave as if you have achieved the desire (I am statement)
  7. Add power words to your affirmations & visualize them while you speak
  8. Silence your conscious mind, become meditative and quite
  9. Repeat it 108 times for 30 days
  10. See images or read motivational quotes (most effective strategy is having powerful posters in your bedroom/living area/etc.)
  11. Ask yourself questions and answer them positively 
  12. Make your affirmations dynamic


I will talk about these steps in detail. But, before that let us focus on a few scientific concepts…

And they are….

  • #1. Why our Biochemistry is the slave of our thoughts?
  • #2. What are Mirror neurons & how do mirror neurons work?
  • #3. What is Neuroplasticity & how can it help?
  • #4. Brains pattern matching ability (The most fascinating aspect of our brain)


First, let me define what is positive affirmation??

Positive affirmations are basically a series of positive thoughts or statements, which have the power to generate an incredible amount of positive sentiments & inspiration within us.

Can the positive affirmations be so powerful? Do positive affirmations work??

Yes, they do work and can be extremely powerful.

Positive affirmations are made of words…

And words can be powerful (if you choose them carefully).

Words have meaning. And those meanings evoke certain emotions in us when we speak or hear them.

We use these words and meanings in our daily life to convey our emotions, we communicate with the world through these meanings and words,

Each and every word that we speak or listen to has the ability to generate emotions within us…

Why do you feel motivated when you hear an inspiring speech?

Human history has numerous people as examples, who have inspired humanity just by their speech, galvanized thousand for freedom fights, or for war…

whatever the reason may be, the thing is, careful selection of words combined with the right emotional energy can motivate us for achieving higher purposes.

Words we speak represent our desires, or our emotional status and our intentions…


But how can words have such power to generate emotions within us??

The answer is hidden within our biochemistry.

Our Biochemistry is the slave of our thoughts ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

Our biochemistry is like a mirror, it reflects exactly what you think. Any idea that you conceive in the mind will have reciprocal feedback from your biochemistry.

For example,

If you have a depressive thought in your mind, your body will slow down, your mind will be cluttered, and you will lose the ability to think anything clearly. There will be a sudden spike in the cortisol level in your blood and in the brain, which will invariably create a depression in the entire system.

At the same time, if you think yourself as a happy & wealthy man, your brain will send communication to your body to manifest the same, in turn spiking up the level of happy hormones (Serotonin, Dopamine, etc.).


Crucial point is, that our biochemistry does not have the power to judge…

It does what it is asked to do. It is the belief or thoughts that we choose, drive our biochemistry either to a positive or negative outcome.

That is why it is important that we keep ourselves surrounded with positivity, be it positive self-talk, listening to inspiring speeches or reading stories of grit and determination, etc.

Now, let’s come to one of the most startling discoveries in neurology…

And that is Mirror Neurons

What is Mirror Neurons? And, how do Mirror Neurons work?

Mirror neurons are the same set of neurons which fire up both when a human being performs an action or observes another human being performing the same actions.

Basically, these neurons mirror the behavior…

…For example, a certain set of neurons fires up, when you play tennis. The same set of neurons fire up when you observe someone playing tennis too (obviously it depends on how engaged you are with the game)

This happens more powerfully when you watch a movie. You become one with the protagonist, without ever being conscious about it. You feel sad when he feels so, you feel angry when he feels that way…


That’s an amazing example of how mirror neurons work.

And, that’s a great reason, why a fantasy might seem so real to you. If you visualize yourself to be wealthy, successful, the mirror neurons will think as if that is happening in reality…

…and, in response to that, your body will activate the necessary biochemistry to make you feel wealthy and successful, that means brain firing up its large network of neurons, initiating neuron to neuron communication via its neurotransmitters, activating a large scale of hormones and chemical activities, basically driving your entire energy system towards making that belief a reality….

And, all this is happening without you being aware of it…Focused attention to one day of your life, will tell you how.

Whether, it is reading a depressing news article, watching TV series filled with violence and depression, or it might be your own internal belief which thinks, you are not worthy enough…

You are being bombarded with negative thought patterns all the time. A victim who is unaware of his biochemistry, how every moment he is paying a heavy price for it. How his bio-chemistry is working to make it real, eventually manifesting it in this reality…


If you heard of the fancy term called “Law of attraction”, then that is what I am talking about.

Now, let’s talk about neuroplasticity, another important aspect of our neurology…

What is neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brain to produce new neural pathways, based on our external experiences. Our brain is flexible even we have turned adult, it does not stop growing. It still has the ability to support a new belief system by rewiring our brain.

But, it works on repetition…

If you keep repeating a thought saying, “I am wealthy & successful”, enough number of times, your brain invariably creates new wiring to support the new thought.

For example,

Think about taking a new route to work, the first day, it will feel strange to you, there will be a lot of inner resistance to it, you will feel seriously uncomfortable about it…

On the second day too, you will feel like rejecting it and taking the same old route to work, as that feels much more comfortable thing to do…

But, probably on the 3rd day, there will be less resistance…

In a few days of forcing that new habit, you will see, eventually, the resistance has gone away completely, and it will become normal just like an old habit.


It is the repetition that works….

Now, let’s talk about another astonishing fact about the human brain…

And, that is the superior pattern matching ability that our Brain possesses.


Our brain is a fascinating machine with an unmatched pattern matching ability.

This keeps happening all the time, again we do not pay attention to it consciously, you may call this some sort of coincidences, or some sort of synchronicity, whatever it is, our brain does work in a mysterious way, beyond our understanding.

Again, let me give you an example…

Say, you have a strong desire to buy the newly launched Volkswagen car, for a few days now, you have been completely taken by that idea, so involved that you talk about that car to your colleague, you often check the image of the car, or read about its specification…

And then suddenly you start noticing the same Volkswagen frequently on the streets.


How does it work!?

It is not that they fell from the sky. But, somehow you get to see them.

That’s a mystery, no one really knows completely, but one aspect of this is our brain’s pattern matching ability. Whatever thoughts it conceives, it takes it as an important command, and start finding the same pattern in the outer world.

If you think, you are not worthy, your brain will always try finding events, occurrences in a way that will reciprocate that belief, eventually making you think yourself an unworthy person.

At the same time, the opposite also is true. If you think you are worthy, you have the ability to be successful and wealthy, your brain will match the same pattern and invite those opportunities to you.


So, in brief, what we learned so far is below…

  • Repetition is a powerful exercise, if we keep repeating affirmations, our brain will support that with new neural pathways, due to Neuroplasticity of our brain
  • We can also put the “mirror neurons” at work using powerful words in our affirmations, and also make use of creative visualization to evoke strong emotional responses to activate similar biochemical responses within us.
  • Intense repeating will ensure the brain’s pattern matching ability to kick in and find similar opportunities & events in the outer world.


 If you have understood so far, very clearly there are 2 important ingredients that your affirmations must-have…

  1. Repetition
  2. Strong Emotions

The, most powerful fact being the emotional quotient.

What will happen to you, if tomorrow morning suddenly you wake up and find 1 million dollars in your account??

Imagine that excitement, thrill, and joy…just imagine that for a moment now.


That is exactly what we need to do with our affirmations…

Now let’s talk about, how to create Affirmations that work quickly?

The list below has steps that are extremely important. Getting your affirmations working is like growing a flowering plant. Before you plant the seed, you need to create the right condition…

That involves preparing the soil with the right amount of manure and water and make sure it receives an opportune amount of sunlight. Without them, the plant will never reach its final potential.

We will use a similar strategy for our affirmations too. Before we use positive affirmations, we will create necessary conditions so that the affirmations work faster.


Below are the 12 compelling steps, that will help to make affirmations work faster.


#1. Assessment or Identification of the problem:

This is the first step towards creating the necessary environment.

Get a pen and a notebook (Use a beautiful planner instead). Think and write down your problems one by one.

Do not hurry up, be calm and note down as many as issues that you have currently in your life. Be honest, do not be shy or guilty. It can be anything, even a dark secret that no one knows.

The key is to be very honest with yourself. No one is going to see what you write, the idea is to identify the problem areas of your life first. Without knowing what the issues are, what will you work upon?


This is the most crucial step based on which you will formulate your affirmations.

For an example –

I am not happy with my financial situation.


I feel anxious & depressed most of the time.


I have low self-esteem, I am not happy.


Writing helps establish a deep connection with the inner you…

To make it most effective, gift yourself an amazing goal planner from here. (You can also check this advanced one here)


#2. Acknowledgment of the problem:

Once you identified the issues, it’s time to acknowledge them. This is the 2nd step which you must perform to create the right mental field on which you can sow the seeds of positivity.

Acknowledge the issue. Instead of avoiding the issues that plague your life and unnecessarily worrying about them, you must acknowledge that they are present in your life. They do pose a challenge to you and you need to overcome one by one.

Stay calm, review each statement that you have identified one by one, and accept them.

It is a powerful and crucial step. Please understand that these challenges that you face are part of you at this moment, they are part of your reality. Only by accepting them wholeheartedly, you can work upon them.


If your statement at the identification step is “I am not happy with my financial situation.” Then you must utter the acceptance in your mind and say “I accept this situation, I know I am not doing good financially, but it will change, I will work towards it become financially strong.”


# 3 Use statements of Desire:

This is the first step towards manifesting anything, incredibly powerful.

Desire is the key. It is the desire to achieve something that sets us on a journey . It was the human desire to be on the moon, which landed us there. who even thought that it was possible even 10 years before that.


…the mars land rover!! How was it even possible?

Everything happens twice, once in the mind and then in the reality ~ Robin Sharma Click To Tweet

Desire is a powerful phenomenon. Desire can even move a mountain. Now desire can be a right one or a wrong one, and there are many examples in the history, history of conquests, war and bloodshed, world domination, etc.

But, it is the desire where everything starts. Before there is an idea, there is a desire.


How to create a statement of desire?

Use “I need” in your statements…

Like “I need to create a huge amount of wealth for myself”..or “I need to bring prosperity in my life”..etc.

The word “need” signifies desire…

This is on the contrary to what those so-called self-proclaimed Law of attraction gurus are telling you…

They strongly advise you against using statements with “I need” per these Gurus, using “I need” statements invite more sends a signal of poverty & destitution to the universe it seems!!

This is what they are telling you, some of the most bizarre, strange and pathetic advice that you can follow.

You must use them, to create desire. These 2 words “I need”, are unbelievably powerful, the moment you utter them, it sends the signal to your brain asking it to treat it with utmost urgency, in turn, neuronal messaging and activating the bio-chemistry to rush towards that goal.

Use them, preferably in the morning to set the intention for the day. Most importantly, if you want them to work effectively, write them down (Use goal planner, BUY now from DailyDesigner) instead of speaking them.


#4. Add purpose to your desires:

Purpose gives wings to your desire.

What is the purpose of your desires? Give a purpose, otherwise, it will never work. Visualize the purpose.

You want to buy the newly launched red Volkswagen, but why?

Because you like the way it looks, you feel good when you see it, you would love to seat inside it because the dashboard looks so attractive & premium or probably you like the sound of the engine, etc. Just visualize them…


That’s the purpose you want to have the car.

So, setting a purpose for each of your desire is an important activity

Use a great looking planner (Check these gorgeous planners), write your desires and then write your purpose very clearly underneath every desire…

Setting purpose adds tremendous clarity to your mind, a powerful step, shouldn’t be missed.


#5. Produce strong determination & will using affirmations:

Yes, this is another mighty step. This is again on contrary to what all the so-called LOA experts are telling you.

Too many videos on YouTube and too many articles out there, teaching you how to use “I am” affirmations, and why you should never use any affirmations in the future tense.

One of the so-called experts explains the reason behind it. That person says, our brain understands everything in the present tense it seems, that is the reason, the future tense does not work…

There is no further explanation, what a strange logic this is!!

Another expert advice against saying anything in the future tense, like“I will be wealthy”. As per him, it means you intend to be rich in the indefinite future which may never come. “I will be wealthy” sounds like you are hoping to be there, or a desire you have but not sure when it will happen?

Wow…I was amazed when I read it, and was wondering what in the world are they talking about?

Only ignorant people like them, who do not understand the power of human emotions, talk like that.


Read the below 5 sentences and tell me what’s wrong with these?

“I will be wealthy”

“I will never lose”

“I will prosper”

“Nothing can distract me from the path of success”

“I will not stop, till I meet my desire”

These affirmations are in the future tense, they do not start with “I am”, and they do contain negative words like “Nothing”, “Never”, “Not”, Etc.

Aren’t they powerful statements??

These sentences start with “I will”, Will signifies determination, it signifies resolve. When you say I will, it’s the human will on the play, human ‘will’ is boundless, human ‘will’ has the ability to produce limitless possibilities.

When you say, “I will be wealthy”, you are telling the world, that you are determined to be one. You will do whatever it takes to be wealthy, you will put all the effort to be there.

Determination to do something is one of the most powerful positive sentiment ~ Rushal Click To Tweet

Repeat those sentences with I will and see how the sense of determination surrounds you (Remember the biochemistry).

So, go ahead, charge yourself with determination and grit…use them frequently, remind yourself of your goals.

To accelerate this further, let me introduce you to an incredible method, something which I have used frequently, and I still use it every now and then to reap awesome benefits.

I call this “Mirror Meditation” (I wish I could patent this term).

Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself, look into your own eyes, and then start uttering these statements of determination. Keep your focus intact, on yourself.

“Energy flows, where focus goes” ~ Rushal Click To Tweet


Looking into your own eyes and uttering those statements of will and grit, is like channelizing a stream of energy of positivity to your own self.

This is an extremely powerful step…must not ignore…

Perform this every day before you start your day, while you are getting ready for work…etc. Start your day with those powerful intentions.


Click on the image if you want to buy some of the world’s best motivational posters and printed accessories.

#6. Create satisfaction, confidence, and worthiness:

Use “I am” statements to create a sense of achievement and worthiness. Take advantage of mirror neurons, add a little bit of imagination when you use the “I am” statement.

These statements are in complement with the “I will” statements. Follow them in order, first you create desire (I need), then add determination to achieve that desire (I will) and then behave as if you have achieved them (I am).


Say, “I am extremely wealthy” or “I have incredible financial success”, “my bank balance is growing exponentially”, etc.

Say these to yourself at bedtime, just before you go to sleep, lying down when you are almost relaxed…try to imagine the meaning of the words. When you say, “I am wealthy”, see yourself smiling, see a huge check, see yourself buying something that you need, or gifting someone something nice, etc.


This is a powerful trick, do this at bedtime when the mind is relaxed, and the conscious mind is almost asleep (at theta state, this is the most potent time)…subconscious is more accessible…


#7. Invigorate your statements with Power words:

Use power words (How power words can impact?). Power words are words that have strong emotional sense associated with it.

Words like,

“insane”, “Mysterious”, “Powerful”, “beautiful”, “Incredible”, etc.

The advertising industry uses these words like fish baits to sell their products to you, which generally you don’t realize.

Use the same technique for yourself…again remember bio-chemistry… A strong emotional response is what is needed.


#8. Utter your affirmations silently:

Utter your affirmations silently and not loud.

The most effective way to get the affirmation to reach your subconscious mind is to utter them slowly, silently and with conviction.


Avoid clutter, chaos, and distraction of mind. Affirmations work quickly when the brain is at THETA state.

To achieve THEAT and silence your conscious chatter, get yourself a mediation corner at home. Create a space where you can seat every day and spend some time in silence.

That will help you to focus on your goals, find out the opportunity area, and create necessary affirmations.

#9. Use powerful posters with motivational quotes:

Check out some of the world’s most powerful motivational posters here, get some of them, and keep them in places where you can see them frequently, like in your bedroom or in the hall, etc.

Visit my shop here right now and check these Lion Quotes posters (Jaw-droppingly motivational), which will fire you up right away.

Look at them every night before you sleep and once you get up.


#10. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat:

Remember neuroplasticity!!

Yes, repeat your affirmations. Say “I am rich and prosperous” 108 times. Indians chant their mantra 108 times, from ancient times, because 108 times is supposed to reprogram your mind completely if you do it daily for a month.

But, how would you keep count of 108??

Get this wonderful mala here.

#11. Ask Yourself Questions and Answer Them Positively:

Ask yourself questions and answer them in a positive manner. Asking a question is one of the most powerful and effective subconscious mind programming methods.

Questions intrigue your mind. more neurons are fired when you ask a question instead of a straight, simple positive affirmation statement, no matter how much ever power words you use there. Questions are too damn powerful when compared to normal sentences.

A Question hijacks your brain completely, it has been proved by science beyond any doubt, that the entire cognitive machinery is sort of taken over completely just to resolve one single question, triggering a mental reflex known as “instinctive elaboration“.

So, add questions to your daily affirmation practice, pose a question, challenge yourself. Let me tell you, you will find mysterious solutions and answers to your problems and questions, which you never thought existed. The solution to your problem is already there. It’s a matter of seeking and that seeking is possible only when you start asking questions.


“Am I unworthy?” No, I don’t think so. I come from the same divine force that everyone else is. That means I am equally worthy and deserving.

“How can I become wealthy?” There are definitely many ways, it is possible. I am almost there to figure out a solution.

#12. Make Affirmations Dynamic

As in when your situation changes, so change your affirmations. They can never be the same, keep changing them, keep talking to yourself, asses your situation, find new needs and change them.

Your brain loves new things, new situations, and new thoughts…


These steps are extremely effective, I use them personally all the time, whenever I face trouble or challenges in my life or I need to get something done effortlessly…


In short, how to make affirmations work faster??
  1. Add visualization,
  2. Add strong emotions,
  3. And add repetition to your affirmation.
  4. And add questions to your life


It will work!!! Do this for 30 days and see how surprisingly miraculous your life will become…



~Related Questions~

Do money affirmations really work?

Yes, they do work. They are like any other affirmations which work based on the scientific principles that I have already spoken above in the article.

Repeat your affirmations, create need and determination and evoke strong emotions which will eventually help guide you towards that direction.

Repeating it rewires your subconscious mind


Does listening to affirmations work?

Yes, listening to affirmations can have the same effect as speaking them.

In fact, I personally feel listening to them is much more effective than speaking, because, speaking them requires a certain kind of effort, while listening is effortless, which in turn makes it super easy to focus on them.

When you have a one-pointed focus listening to those affirmations, it becomes easy for them to reach your subconscious and rewire it with those positive beliefs. Make sure you have absolute focus while you listen to them.


How long does it take for affirmations to work?

There is no definite answer to this. It depends on multiple factors like what type of mental make-up you got. Ask yourself what type of person you are, are you towards the depressive side? Or are you generally hopeful?

Depending on your mental structure, it will work.

But, if you follow the principles mentioned in this article and make sure you follow an intense daily routine, a lot can change in your inner mind in just 30 days.


So, what do you think about my write up? Did you enjoy reading it? Do you agree or disagree? Please comment below, in whatever you think.

Also, let me know, on what topics should I write next?

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